Learn More About Liu Quiangdong, CEO of JD.com

Liu Qiangdong founded JD.com and grew his company to become the biggest IPO of 2014. He stressed good customer service from the start and made a pledge to make positive impacts through business.
After university, Liu Qiangdong worked for the herbal supplement company, Japan Life and climbed the corporate ladder to become the Director of Computers and Service.
Soon after, he ventured out with his own company as an entrepreneur. This venture was successful from the beginning and he continued his success when he turned his brick and mortar business into an online company.
Eventually, this company became JD.com and has a large drone fleet that is used for deliveries, he has continued to provide excellent customer service and is able to provide this top service to over 300 million customers.
JD.com is planning to grow it’s service area to Thailand, Southeast Asia, Europe and more.

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