Steve Ritchie Has Grown Alongside Papa Johns

Papa Johns is a huge international pizza company that has restaurants in all different parts of the world that most have at least heard of, even if they haven’t yet enjoyed their pizza. Steve Ritchie is a long time employee at Papa Johns that started at the company working the phones at minimum wage. Move forward roughly 22 years and Steve Ritchie is the new CEO for Papa Johns.

Steve found his way into the CEO position after the departure of the company’s former leader and so far he is doing an excellent job, especially connecting with the community. Steve has spent the majority of his life in Kentucky, where he was born and currently lives with his family in Louisville.

Steve didn’t join up with Papa Johns with no goals in mind, he had a very specific goal to rise up the ranks and eventually own his very own restaurant as part of the franchise. After joining the organization in 1996, Steve worked hard over the next 10 years and by 2006, he was able to become a franchise owner, while still working with the company.

From 1996 to present, Steve has taken on many different positions at Papa Johns, including manager and delivery driver. Steve even took the time to work at multiple companies for a few years while climbing up at Papa Johns. In 2014, Steve took up a promotion at Papa Johns and became the COO.

Not only is Steve Ritchie on a mission to bring Papa Johns to a higher level in the restaurant world, but he also plans to build up his own franchise chain across the country as well. Over the past two decades, Papa Johns has been named one of the best pizza company’s in the United States more than 16 times. The company is still steadily expanding as well and has more than 120,000 employees working all around the world at several thousand restaurant locations.

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