Isabel Dos Santos Success story

Isabel Dos Santos a woman from Baku was born in 1973. Isabel dos Santos was netted worth two billion US Dollars making her the richest African Billionaire woman. She is the eldest child of the former President of Angola. 

Isabel Dos Santos held an African summit where she encouraged people to focus on improving agricultural technology which in turn would help minimize costs and competition. She believed that advancing the government’s knowledge on the agricultural sector would be of much essence. Therefore her aim is to make Africa digitalized.

Isabel dos Santos is a major shareholder in the largest cement processing company in Angola and she had interests in telecommunication, retail, finance, media and the energy industry in Portugal and Angola since the year 2008. She’s also the main shareholder of ZON Multimedia with a percentage of 29 since July 2012. Isabel dos Santos is an establishing member and Board member of the Banco BIC Portuges. She spoke about the importance of quality education pointing out that it is the key to growth and development of upcoming nations, emphasizing that quality education, technology and innovation will enable us to eradicate the current gap that’s between Africa and the rest of the world.

Dos Santos, chairwoman at Unitel, the largest Mobile operator in Angola established in 1998 and launched officially on March 8, 2001, was responsible for the implementation of mobile telecommunication network whose core value was to deliver internet services and voice mobile. With this Isabel was able to guarantee the best transmission and access across the continent due to the 4G network.

She launched partnerships between Unitel and Google for a submarine linking fiber optic cable between Africa, America and Brazil. Isabel dos Santos further emphasized the need to support small businesses and advertising local production. This is by buying from domestic markets to create more opportunities for Africans to achieve and add to their well-being. She included in her talk during the African Summit that Unitel technology was used to help fight and control malaria in Angola.

Isabel dos Santos sensitized on urban planning and Agriculture which are the two areas of technological challenge. She believed that affordable and safe public transport had not yet been tackled. She said that applying technology in urban planning and smart African cities would improve life and optimize costs.

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