March, 2019

Embracing Her Funny Side

This past March 2nd, Rebel Wilson celebrated her 39th birthday. But this birthday was special. Some of her best friends surprised her with a day of cake making and catzercize, a new form of exercise.

Ms. Wilson posted videos on her personal Instagram page showing videos of her and her friends dancing and showing off their cat costumes. The cat costumes were related to her newest film about to be released.

The movie Cats, coming out later in 2019, is just one of a long line of movies that Rebel Wison has been part of. She is probably best known for her role as Fat Amy from the Pitch Perfect movie series. Her confidence and her funny nature really made her shine in that role. But Pitch Perfect was not her first role.

Rebel Wilson was born in Sydney, Australia, and she was a very shy child. She was so shy that her mother forced her to go to an acting class hoping that would help. Rebel slowly found her voice and decided to make a change after reading a book when she was fourteen. Read more: Isn’t it Romantic Trailer | Glamour and Pitch Perfect for Rebel Wilson | VanityFair

The book she read stated that a person’s character finalizes right around the time a person turns fifteen years old. Because of this, she decided to join the debate club and to speak up more often.

During her high school years, Rebel had a teacher that gave her a push to join a creative competition. This is where she started to shine. To this day, Rebel gives some credit to this teacher for her encouragement.

Rebel has always been a funny person. It is just part of who she is, but she never set out to be a comedy actress. That sort of happened on its own. She was always heavier set, and her size drew some laughs. She decided to roll with it, and it paid off in a big way.

Before coming to the United States, Rebel was in two Australian films and had some success. In 2010, Rebel ventured to the U.S. She was thirty years old. Rebel’s breakout role in the United States was the highly successful movie, Bridesmaids. This served as the launching pad for more and helped her secure her infamous role in Pitch Perfect.

Rebel Wilson has always stood up for what she believes in, and she has always been herself. She has seen great success with her outlook on life, and it looks like that will only continue with her new movie coming out later this year. She has a great following and a huge group of friends behind her. Her latest Instagram post shows that, and it will be amazing to see what she does next.

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Ara Chackerian, The health innovator

Ara Chackerian is a well-known businessman and philanthropist. He is based in San Francisco, California and he sits on boards in the bay area. Innovations are being encouraged at this moment when there is an economic expansion, and Ara feels that the new people in the field are well equipped to meet the innovation need. Ara Chackerian is a health innovator, and his innovations are always community-based. Investors, however, won’t have enough faith in the health startups for the uncertainties of losing their money.

Ara Chackerian realized that the health sector needs more technological improvement to improve the patients’ outcome. Ara and his longtime business partner, have invented a transcranial magnetic stimulation mental health solution (TMS). This invention will help with the outpatient psychiatry space. The investors were shocked and pleased at the same time with this great invention.

TMS was invented as the third pillar in treating major depressive disorder after the two known components: therapy and talk. Ara and his partner wanted the patient to feel more comfortable when undergoing treatment. The TMS invention        was to provide serenity and relaxation to the patient as it is essential for patients with psychiatric disorders. Currently, they have built seven facilities in San Francisco and Sacramento.

Ara is an environmentalist and also believes in youth development and empowerment. One of his significant action is the sustainable teak farm in Nicaragua Limonapa Teak. He embraces agricultural practices that enhance the local environment rather than destroy. The farm has also created a lot of job opportunities for the youth of the society, and the jobs are well paying.

Ara believes that digital healthcare is one of the uprising trends. He thinks that telemedicine and health-related issues apps, using complex algorithms, will play a significant role in reducing the number of depression related cases.

Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda recently completed an interview about his work with his company KOI IXS. In his interview he talked about the things that he does on a daily basis as well as how he has helped himself and the company become successful. He talks about how this company changed his life and how he used it to change the lives of others. This article is going to give you a look into that and so much more.

Edwin Miranda starts every day out by checking his emails. He always wants to make sure that he is doing everything that his clients need from him so checking his emails from clients every morning keeps him on top of things. He also has a daily meeting with staff first thing every work morning to make sure that everyone stays on top of things.

Predictive Marketing is something that really excites Edwin Miranda. Technology is something that is constantly changing. Technology is helping companies be able to predict the results of their sales and this is very exciting to Edwin Miranda. Edwin Miranda always trying to do his very best for his clients. He stays passionate about his job and this helps him to become successful.

Edwin Miranda is a hard-working entrepreneur who will not stop until he becomes successful. He has worked at a few different companies before settling on creating his own company KOI IXS. Edwin Miranda worked as hard as he could to make sure that KOI IXS became successful. He wanted to see the company succeed and grow. Edwin Miranda was already pretty successful when he started up KOI IXS but his success really took off when he started the company. Edwin Miranda and KOI IXS are going to continue to grow and gain success for many years to come.

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Neurocore Opens New Career Paths

Neurocore is providing jobs in the field of neuroscience. Timothy Royer has eight Neurocore centers that use Neurofeedback technology to treat mental health problems without the use of prescription medications. As the public, scientist, and medical professionals realize the benefits of applied neuroscience new jobs open in the field. College and High School students that interested in biology may want to look into a career in Neurotherapy, an alternative version of biofeedback that uses an EEG to view brain activity. Not only can Neurotherapy help alleviate some mental health conditions it can enhance memory, focus, and mental acuity.

It takes numerous people in different staff positions to help give clients the Neurocore experience. Before a client steps inside one of Neurocore’s training centers, staff must answer client questions, schedule appointments, and make sure that a clients insurance will cover Neurocore therapy session. There are many positions available for people seeking employment — staff position range from the receptionist to clinical specialists. Neurocore offers its employees flexible work hours, good work environments, and comprehensive benefits.

Isabel dos Santos Contributions and Achievements

Isabel dos Santos is the richest woman in Africa with numerous accolades attached to her name due to her numerous achievements and contributions to society. She is the daughter of former Angola President José Eduardo dos Santos which positions her as a person of significant influence.

Her education background highlights her competency having graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electric Engineering from Kings College in London. Furthermore, she is a successful entrepreneur with a diversified investments portfolio.

Her career began as a project manager where she grew her skills and registered her truck company. She further invested in various businesses in different sectors such as energy, media, and entertainment where she amassed her wealth and built her name as a businesswoman. Isabel dos Santos has offshore investments that have facilitated her telecommunication business called Unitel.

Isabel dos Santos involves herself in philanthropic activities and charity in Angola. Also, Unitel has been at the forefront of corporate social responsibility. She is actively engaged in education programs, entrepreneurship and women empowerment.

Recently, she was involved in the European Parliament as a lead policymaker on issues affecting Africa’s Development. She highlights the main problems which hinder growth such as illiteracy, poverty, and overpopulation. She anticipates that with the rapid technological advancement in Africa, information will quickly be accessible leading growth.

Isabel dos Santos is an active participant at United Nations where she has been recognized for her empowerment projects to women across Angola. She advocates for teaching women business acumen skills and educating them on their human rights. This is because it will have an impact on a society perspective.

Isabel dos Santos also advocates for commercialization of agriculture since it is among the top economic activities in Africa. In her statement at the European Parliament, she highlights that Africa lacks sufficient planning in its commercial activities which lead to poverty (Linkedin).

She states that the digital shit will result in better life quality especially in agriculture where there will be massive production costs cuts that increase profitability levels. Isabel dos Santos is an inspiration to the African women who look up to her for advice. She is a pacesetter in the digital shift, and her efforts are admirable.

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Paul Mampilly, an Investment Advisor

Paul Mampilly currently works at Zilch Technologies; he is an investment advisor. Paul helps individuals discover valuable investment opportunities; he gives tips on how to work on these investment opportunities. Paul has worked for several leading organizations during the time he has been in the finance sector. He has worked with organizations such as Deutsche Bank and ING. Paul’ s work with various firms helped him gain experience and become an expert in his field of work. Paul’s skill gained him recognition and fame. Paul Mampilly is helping investors not only in person but also through his newsletter that provides investors with his investment insight.

The newsletter gives information on upcoming investment opportunities and also offers his financial tips on suitable investments one should venture into as business personnel. During a recent interview, Paul talked about the finance industry and its growth. He spoke on common mistakes that most entrepreneurs make will carrying out investments. One mistake he mentioned is putting all your money into one venture; this is risky since in case of failure one would have lost all his money at once. Paul Mampilly encourages entrepreneurs to invest in many businesses at once to increase their chances of making profits out of an investment.

In the case of investment failure, the industry, personnel will have another investment to fall back on. Another mistake investors make is carrying out very large investment in a particular business idea which will lead to significant losses in case of failure. Entrepreneurs also fail when choosing an appropriate time to carry out a successful investment. Paul Mampilly encourages investors to invest when market prices are low; this is when operations in the stock market are not running accordingly. Most business personnel do not consider this and end up using a lot of capital in a single investment. Paul Mampilly’s looks up to Elon Musk of his guts. He started Tesla despite all the limiting factors at that time in history. Paul has an MBA from Fordham University that he has maximumly used in the finance sector. His excellent success is attributed to his hard work and commitment.

Jason Hope; Preparing for IoT Era

The internet of things is a new technology that is gaining prominence in all parts of the world. With the changing technologies, we are now in a new era where electronic devices will be able to connect to the internet and communicate with each other without the need of a human user. What this means is that going into the future, electronic devices will be able to operate and do tasks on their own. Some of these tasks are those that have been done by human users. Although the internet of things is a relatively new concept, many companies are trying to adjust their plans to fit into the benefit that it will create.

Already some companies in the airline industry have identified the benefits they can accrue from investing in IoT, and they are aggressively pumping money into research that will allow them to develop products that are in line with the future technology. About Jason Hope is one of the people who has done exemplary well in spreading the word about the internet of things. He has tried as much as possible to educate the business people on how they can prepare themselves for the coming changes. From his business analysis, the era of the internet of things will come with so many changes that it will alter the way we are used to doing things. From household chores to industry operations, the internet of things will influence how tasks are performed.

Therefore it means that any business that would like to exist in coming years must align itself with this technology; otherwise, it will be rendered obsolete. Jason Hope has already published an eBook available on Amazon which contains information on the internet of things. Any person who is interested in learning the most basic information about IoT should find this eBook valuable. Jason Hope is a renowned futurist and philanthropist. He has earned and the futuristic title due to his ability to predict future technologies. Jason Hope holds a master in business administration from W. P. Carey School of Business. From a young age, he has always wished to become an expert investor in financial matters. Today, he is educating people in business on how they can prepare themselves for changes in technology.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong, a Leading Innovator in E-commerce

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the chairman, CEO, and the founder of the Chinese leading e-commerce retailer, He built this company from scratch, and it is currently worth $57 billion while Liu’s net worth is estimated at $11 billion as reported by Forbes. He attended the Renmin University and graduated with a degree in sociology in 1996. During his studies at the university, he spent most of his time learning programming as a freelancer. After his degree, Richard Liu joined the China Europe International Business School to pursue an EMBA. Upon graduation, he joined the workforce in a Japanese health products firm where he served as director for computers and a director for business during his two years in the company.

After resigning from formal employment, Richard Liu started a restaurant and a health products enterprise, but both businesses failed tragically. In 1998, he set up a retail store in Beijing selling computer parts and electronics. He named this store Jingdong. His company saw massive transformation and rapid growth. By 2003, the business had grown to twelve stores spread across the major cities in China. However, this growth rate faced a significant threat during the SARS epidemic. The outbreak forced both the staff and the consumers stay indoors leading to the closure of the business. This made Richard Liu reconsider his business model.

In 2004, Richard Liu Qiangdong unveiled This was an online version of his physical retail shop, a platform the allow customers to order and get goods delivered to their preferred locations. This online platform received a massive welcome in China, and by 2005 Liu had closed all the physical stores to focus on the e-commerce platform where he sells a myriad of high-end consumer products together with electronics. has claimed its online presence in the Chinese market by focusing on high-quality products and world-class customer care services. The company has attracted internationally recognized companies and shareholders such as Walmart. The partnership between the two is mutually beneficial and has dramatically increased’s stake as well as promoted China’s experience in luxury and modern fashion. The rapid growth of this company coincides with that of Alibaba, their fiercest e-commerce rival.

Agera Energy Information

Agera Energy is one of the leading suppliers of electricity and natural gas in the United States. They serve for; residential, large and small business, and for industrial customers. Agera Energy takes pride in training some of the greatest sales associates in the industry. Agera aims to guide each customer to find the greatest energy plan at the best possible price. Agera Energy strives to be different from any other energy supplier. They noticed many customers underserved by their providers and they wanted to be different. At Agera Energy you are not just treated as a customer, but you are cared for and served differently than any other utility providers.

This company began in 2014. Agera Energy started this company at a time when they were needed the most. It was truly the perfect time to start their company. It was the dead of one of the worst winters in a long time and energy was in high demand. Many underserved customers were desperate for a change. They were looking for something new and Agera Energy wanted to be the one to change it all. They created an amazing company with employees that care greatly for their customers. They are their to listen and guide each customer through their decision making process to find what’s best for them. Agera Energy has more than 1.8 million customers to this day. They are gaining 600,000 loyal customers a year, and they’re continuing to grow. They put their customers first and it has made a large impact on the company’s success.

Sussex Healthcare Focuses On Continuous Improvement

Sussex Healthcare has always been focused on improving their services; after all, one of their main philosophies have been to never be left behind by other healthcare providers. Because of that, they’ve always sought to be as innovative as possible and to lead by example constantly. With that said, the company has recently been looking at what makes Sussex Healthcare stand out and what they could do to improve; furthermore, they’ve been looking at any weaknesses that they may have and improving these significantly.

This is because the management at the company has always been looking for ways to affordable, high-quality healthcare services and support to their clients. Much of the improvements have been led by Sussex Healthcare’s highly-trained staff. According to COO Steve Whittingham, each member of staff know how much of a difference the company makes to its clients; he also noted how proud everyone at the company is to serve the medical and physical needs of their patients. As such, any improvement to the level of service that the company can provide is extremely welcome. Read more health news about Sussex Healthcare at

However, Mr. Whittingham noted that this kind of change doesn’t come overnight; having said that, Sussex Healthcare has been continuously improving its services ever since being founded. The changes haven’t been well-received by everyone, though; as Mr. Whittingham has noted, many believe that the improvements and changes must mean that things were being done wrong prior to the changes being instituted. This couldn’t be further from the truth; however, that doesn’t mean that services can’t be improved upon. This is why Mr. Whittingham has placed a lot of emphasis on communication with everyone in the company.

The COO also noted that this had been something that has been important with Sussex ever since it was first founded. Because of that, management, staff, and patients at Sussex Healthcare communicate regularly so that everyone is aware of any upcoming changes. Furthermore, it’s also clear as to how this will affect patients and how it will be beneficial to everyone involved. Because of this, according to reports, many of the changes have been instituted without many hiccups and have been as smooth as possible.

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