Ara Chackerian, The health innovator

Ara Chackerian is a well-known businessman and philanthropist. He is based in San Francisco, California and he sits on boards in the bay area. Innovations are being encouraged at this moment when there is an economic expansion, and Ara feels that the new people in the field are well equipped to meet the innovation need. Ara Chackerian is a health innovator, and his innovations are always community-based. Investors, however, won’t have enough faith in the health startups for the uncertainties of losing their money.

Ara Chackerian realized that the health sector needs more technological improvement to improve the patients’ outcome. Ara and his longtime business partner, have invented a transcranial magnetic stimulation mental health solution (TMS). This invention will help with the outpatient psychiatry space. The investors were shocked and pleased at the same time with this great invention.

TMS was invented as the third pillar in treating major depressive disorder after the two known components: therapy and talk. Ara and his partner wanted the patient to feel more comfortable when undergoing treatment. The TMS invention        was to provide serenity and relaxation to the patient as it is essential for patients with psychiatric disorders. Currently, they have built seven facilities in San Francisco and Sacramento.

Ara is an environmentalist and also believes in youth development and empowerment. One of his significant action is the sustainable teak farm in Nicaragua Limonapa Teak. He embraces agricultural practices that enhance the local environment rather than destroy. The farm has also created a lot of job opportunities for the youth of the society, and the jobs are well paying.

Ara believes that digital healthcare is one of the uprising trends. He thinks that telemedicine and health-related issues apps, using complex algorithms, will play a significant role in reducing the number of depression related cases.

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