Sharon Prince Makes An Impact With Grace Farms

Over the past few years, Sharon Prince has been on a mission to foster more education and a deeper understanding and appreciation of nature. She’s done this by establishing Grace Farms, a community center and cultural institution set on over 80 acres of land. With the location, Ms. Prince has helped to revitalize much of the region while helping to educate the countless visitors that the center receives every year. However, much of what Sharon Prince is known for may not be because of her customer service; instead, it may be the extensive positive impact that she’s had on the environment in the region. Chief among this would be the plant life and wildlife that’s now seen across the area.

This is because Sharon Prince and Grace Farms have spent a significant amount of time reclaiming the meadows and other areas across the 80 acres that the land is set on. As a result of this, now only has the fauna flourished, but so have a variety of species that were once native to the area and that have come back. The includes the likes of over 80 species of birds, many species of native bees, and fluttering butterflies. The majority of this has been done by actively encouraging biodiversity in the area, as well as severely reducing peoples’ impact on the area.

Having said that, there are one species of bird that has returned to the area which many are especially proud of; the Kestral Falcon. This species was on the Connecticut Threatened and Endangered Species List up until recently. However, thanks to the efforts of Sharon Prince, Grace Farms and a few other figures, the Kestral Falcon has now being taken off that list. This is because the bird has been known to thrive around Grace Farms, as well as in a few other areas that have been rejuvenated.

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