April, 2019

Kisling, Nestico & Redick Law Firm Philanthropic Activities

The corporate world is always encouraged to take part in activities of giving back to the community. Kisling, Nestico & Redick, a law firm based in Ohio is a perfect example of firms that offer help to their neighboring community. The firm works tirelessly to provide legal services to those who have suffered or have been impacted by personal injury accidents. The law firm has vast experience in providing exceptional legal services to Ohio residents. The firm has experienced tremendous growth due to its strong desire to serve its clients with humility, respect, and dignity.

Prior to providing quality legal services, the firm also offers philanthropic efforts to the neighboring communities. Recently the firm managing director, Rob Nestico steered a donation of food to Greenbriar middle school. According to the attorney, the food will go a long way in helping kids during the spring break. Kids who came from underprivileged families will, therefore, have adequate food.

The law firm donated ready and preserved food. The donations included cheese, bread, fruits, peanut and 60 grocery bags filled with macaroni. To ensure that they offer their donations to the most deserving kids, they contacted the school district director to direct them to the most deserving school.

Just a few weeks after donating to kids of Greenbriar school, Kisling, Nestico & Redick law firm took another mighty step of serving the community children in need of help. The firm did this through its KNR cares about helping kids in need campaign. They planned fun activities for the kids by organizing a team to take part in the portage lakes polar bear jump.

This event started way back in 2014. The event kicked off with 70 participants who were brave enough to take a plunge in icy waters. This event supports charitable activities such as supporting foodbank. The main aim of the event is to raise money for the food bank and solve hunger problems in Ohio.

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Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western is a company that focuses on developing, acquiring and exploring oil and gas domestically. They’re the Managing Venturers of Joint Ventures also known as Oil and Gas General Partnerships. They are based in Dallas and since being founded in 1970 have placed their business primarily in the Gulf Coast Region with reserves in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Colorado. With the leadership of their President and CEO Matthew Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western has been able to turn more than $14 million in revenue every year. They manage more than 70 employees and plan to continue their expansion.

In the areas where these reserves are located Gulf Coast Western has drilling programs and have every intention of expanding their campaign as aggressively as humanely possible within the coming years. They want to take advantage of positive expansion opportunities in the explorative and developmental of oil and gas. Their biggest focus is the geologic and financial success of their Partners which is why they work so hard to find areas that meet their strict geological and geophysical criteria. They’ve been building a reputation based on hard work and results, but they also do their best to build as much mutual trust and respect with their Partners as they possibly can. They remain transparent in their relationships and maintain an open line of communication that their Partners have come to expect from their company and they have been doing so with pride since 1970. It doesn’t seem that they have any intention of ever straying course; only becoming more and more expansive in their ventures to develop oil and gas nationally. Fleeger’s leadership will ensure Gulf Coast Western continuing to see a great deal of progress in their near future with the oil and gas industry.

Agera Energy Won’t Let You and Your Energy Down

A utility company that specializes in natural gas supply and electricity services that are very accommodating and cost-effective is known as Agera Energy. The aim of the company is to be your guide in saving and using energy in the proper manner. Learn more about Agera Energy at Crunchbase.

It will empower and educate you in making the wisest decisions when it comes to your energy supply and services. Agera Energy values customer service and to them, it is all about the kilowatt hours. The company has been recommended by residential owners and small and big business owners for the way they handle energy supply and costs. Agera Energy’s well-trained professionals know that energy is a huge expense especially to homeowners and business owners which is why they value their customers by giving them the cost that they truly deserve. Follow Agera Energy’s profile on twitter.com.


Agera Energy saw the opportunity to be different from other natural gas and electricity suppliers, trusting them to do all the responsibility is the key.

Learn: https://www.glassdoor.com/Overview/Working-at-Agera-Energy-EI_IE986739.11,23.htm

Ashley Lightspeed: Building An All-woman Venture Capital Empire

Much of the success seen throughout the technology start-up industry has primarily been due to the services of venture capital firms. Venture Capital firms are often the number one route that start-ups take in order to gather enough funding. Although at first seen as a risk, Venture capital firms have certainly seen the benefits of their investments. One of the leading figures in the venture capital industry is Ashley Lightspeed, one of the high ranking partners at Lightspeed Venture Capital. Although very humble about her career, Ashley Lightspeed has worked with a number of large venture capital firms, many right after earning her degree from Duke University. We recently sat down with Ashley Lightspeed to learn more about her career and life as well. See articles at bostonglobe.com

Where did the idea for Lightspeed Venture Capital come from?

According to Ashley Lightspeed, Lightspeed originated from simply not having the time to work with Thumbtack (Her former employer) as a full-time employee due to her enrollment at Stanford. Furthermore, Ashley did not want to quit and therefore would work on side projects to maintain that presences in the field. One day, however, one of her former colleagues recommended her service to various companies. Long story short, she would end up creating a whole company that was just meant to be a part-time job.

How have you made your ideas possible?

Ashley states that having an architect as a father certainly helped her in figuring out the best way to build on an idea. The motto goes, measure twice, cut once, a philosophy that she still utilizes till this day. Ashley goes on to say that although different to architecture, her version of the saying is practice through prototyping a product and finding how it will be presented to the public. Only after all the test and data have concluded a positive factor will the product be release.

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Steve Lesnard, Leveraging Digital Marketing

The onset of digital mediums and networks has revolutionized the world of marketing and created better and more improved ways of marketing. Many brands and business utilize digital marketing to improve their organizations and increase their sales; however, not all do it correctly. A lot of the marketing strategies used by brands for digital marketing are counterproductive and unsuccessful. Luckily, Steve Lesnard provides insights on how one can leverage digital platforms to advertise their brands successfully. Stevel Lesnard strongly encourages brands to focus their strategies on the consumer and not the product. The marketing of the product should be centered on the customer and the consumer benefits that they can get from the product.

Steve Lesnard recommends two main principles to use when coming up with marketing strategies.

  1. Simplify to make it memorable

Marketing strategies need to exude simplicity and convey a message for consumers to remember. Brands that come up with complex marketing strategies for digital platforms often become unsuccessful because the message gets lost in translation. For instance, the slogan should be simple and easy to remember. One exceptional example is 10k songs on your phone by iPod which is their marketing slogan. This slogan not only relays the consumer benefits of purchasing an iPod, but it is also simple. It taps into the emotions of consumers and provides them with a set list of music to listen to on the go.

  1. Bring it to life

The marketing strategy needs to be real to be believable. Making the product real is done by bringing it to life. Steve Lesnard strongly advocates for the use of videos for bringing products to life. For example, Yeti positioned their products in the lifestyle of their ambassadors to show their consumers of its benefits. Through the videos, they were able to show how their products could cool and warm water for you at the comfort of your home. There are plenty of other creative ways that one can bring a product to life one of them being through the use of testimonies.

In conclusion, when looking for a marketing strategy, it is important to ensure it relays customer benefits and is creative and simple.

Sharon Prince Spearheads Grace Farms Vision to Stimulate New Perspectives

Grace Farms is characterized by serene landscapes of rolling vistas, scenic backdrops and surprising natural wonders providing its visitors with a masterful natural experience. Helmed by Sharon Prince, it seats on a 80-acre of land aiming at inspiring thoughtful introspection, garnering unexpected outcomes, insightful conversation, and bringing people from all walks of life together. Through Grace Farms’ Nature initiative, Earth Day is an annual event held to promote awareness on the importance of restoring wilderness, maintaining ecosystems as well as infrastructure to allow native species to thrive in their habitats, and developing sustainable environments for wildlife.

Grace Farms also boasts Habitats and Home workshop designed for parents with children between the age of three and ten. Children get a chance to learn about animal communities and how animals build homes.

The new kind of space has more than 75 species of birds. It offers visitors an opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of different native birds. During its Earth Day celebrations, it promotes face-to-face communication which is often lost in the busy life of the modern world. People celebrates the natural wonders during the event and patrons will participate in the memorable day.

Recently, the President and Founder of Grace Farms Foundation, Sharon Prince, shared her thoughts about the unique space through the foundation of the blog. She shared ways the foundation is bringing real change to the world through propelling education, conversation through design, insight, relationship with nature, as well as a symbiotic flow. She described Grace Farms as having an open architecture seating on an 80-acre expanse extending to cue discovery. The restored meadows, native habitats, more than 80 sighted birds, and roaming pollinators inspires a sense of awe. The foundation aims at stimulating new perspectives through an environment which combines different aspects of outdoors and indoors to cultivate a peaceful as well as welcoming environment for all.

For More info: ncadvertiser.com/tag/sharon-prince/

Talkspace significance to the health sector

Talkspace is a method used to enlarge treatment operations by creating sufficient communication between the patient and the specialists. The program links the ill to the health specialists through online conversation. By doing this, the stigma of treatment is broken and permits clients to operate on their own conditions. In case you are a licensed specialist, you can sign up an agreement segment in the program and indicate your available period. From there, you will be linked with clients in your smartphone.

Read more Talkspace reviews at mishvoinmotion.com

Marriage counseling is a service that specialists are given to handle among many more. The clients need to sign up to the program and pay for the services. They are then connected to their therapists in the shortest time possible. Confidentiality is a critical aspect of treatments and their patients. Talkspace sessions are fully compliant with encrypted links between the two participants. Online teletherapy is beneficial in that the client is free to communicate his emotions without fear. It is easy for patients to change their therapists online than physically. The suitability of the telemedicine program can maintain patients due to the services offered.

Majority of clients return when in need to be assisted in their conditions. Furthermore, it saves time and cost of both parties to meet and communicate in the offices. Besides online sessions, Talkspace has adjustable communication like text messages. For those who do not have internet access, they can get services through their devices. Both the client and patient can send each other audio messages in order to understand each other. The program is among the easiest methods for clients looking for mental assistance. Clients who have used the session are grateful since it made a positive impact on their lives. This method requires to be utilized in another health department to ensure they improve their services.

Read more: https://www.talkspace.com/blog/2015/10/how-to-find-a-therapist-online/talkspace-reviews-screenshot_275h_jr/

Taking A Look: Unroll.Me

In this particularly fast-paced world email has become one of the fastest ways to keep in touch with people. One of the things that people like about email is that it can be sent and received in a moment’s notice. People and businesses receive a few to hundreds if not thousands of emails each day. One of the things that overwhelm a person is the amount of junk mail that can pile up. Lianne Cassavoy took a look at Unroll Me and she gives people an honest take on the service.

She says that there are many things to like about the service and one thing that could be improved. She says the way the service works is by scanning an email to look for subscriptions the person has. This initial scan of the account only takes a few minutes and can be completed quickly. She says the service works for Gmail, Yahoo, and Google right now but more services may be added in the future.

One of the things that Lianne really liked about the service was that she could schedule when her daily email can come. This can save people and businesses a lot of time rather than going through an exhaustive list. One of the things that she found was that some of her colleagues’ emails were being put in the subscription the service can be told to place those emails in the inbox.

She says that if you have more than one email each one has to be put in separately to Unroll Me. This way the service can determine which accounts the user has are still active. One of the things that can be improved on the service is the list of emails. There should be a priority list so people can find the email they need quickly rather than sorting through hundreds at a time.

She says the service has promise but it needs to be able to keep priorities in place. If the kinks can be sorted out in the coming months Unroll.Me is a service that could really come to the forefront of battling junk mail.



The Way to Select Your Business Newsroom Hosting Partner

Do you’ve got issues with your newsroom which you’re not able to care for? Utilizing a media web page organizing pro can deal with the storage, safety, data transfer as well as hardware conditions which can be challenging for you and your staff to handle.

Possessing an organisation newsroom hosting partner can see to it your media page is working good, present as well as secured. Below are Points You need to think about when taking into consideration Picking a hosting vendor:

There are a great deal of organizing newsroom providers around.

Think about the Purchase Rate. Compare prices supplied by different service providers. Select the one which offers you the most effective deal and also matches your spending plan.

What to think about include:

Customer Solutions

When meaning to discover an individual to handle the hosting of this newsroom, contemplate how you’re able to search for aid when challenging issues with your page. Are they offered online chat, e-mail or phone? What hours may they be accomplished?

Because internet features 24 x 7, your website, specifically your media web page can encounter issues which you can not take care of by yourself. Exactly how can you handle damaged down or down times?

Your hosting company should be able to inform your site visitors in advance of foreshadowing scheduled web server maintenance. An organizing company that does not check out notifying the consumers can obstruct your general organisation enterprise. It might cause sales loss and the customer’s trust fund.

Must you require assistance on unique hours of surgical treatment, you require to consider looking for hosting companies that could assist you during these times. Some free and also very low price holding companies do not have a conversation or email solution.

Having somebody to assist you and also respond to the troubles you’re encountering can affect your business. Ensure it is a factor to consider while seeking a holding firm.

Security of this Web server.

Amongst the very best a lot of factor to consider if you’re looking for a newsroom organizing spouse is its stability. You do not desire to collaborate with an organization with no safe and secure web server and may place your websites and site at stake.

You may take a look at organisation evaluations and also opinions to recognize just how they achieved on various other services who sought their services. Examine their portion downtime. Remember your newsroom must have 99.9 percent uptime.

The normal downtime needs to be simply 40 mins every month, which is 0.1 percent downtime. Ought to they go down between 1 to 2% downtime, there is something wrong with their host. They might be encountering hacking efforts or having personal concerns they discover it tough to settle.

Downtimes can influence your small company, so see to it that the server has a server that is secure. Do not just select a company you do not comprehend.


An additional crucial to think about when choosing a holding partner on the media page would certainly be the top quality and also accessibility to host software application. Though you do not want it today, you can take a look at a need in the future.

Contemplating a future need is essential in deciding on a holding firm. As an instance, you could be interested to have your newsroom simply for your press release service. Yet eventually, you could include points like websites.

If you select a hosting company with important characteristics, you might then on incur additional expense for needing various other applications for your website. That is the reason it’s best to go for a service that uses extra features as well as solutions. If you take place to want them, you may conserve on your own a couple of bucks than acquiring a totally brand-new package.

As an example, Internet Hosting Center offers BoldGrid site builder which might be availed at no excess rate. It is an application which allows anyone to create and also take care of a website successfully, even if you do not have an understanding concerning it.

It’s additionally crucial that you select a host with the very best functions, such as simultaneous info publishing, automated social sharing, as well as integrated protection.

Why does Jason Hope support anti-aging research?

Jason Hope is a futurist, author, and philanthropist. As a futurist, he is able to predict the technological innovations of the future. As an author, he has published an eBook that educates the people about the internet of things. Jason also loves helping the less fortunate in society. He has worked with various organizations that are interested in using technology to make human life better. There are technological innovations that if accomplished can help the people to live better lives than ever seen before. One of such initiatives is anti-aging research.

Rejuvenation technology

Jason Hope is supporting rejuvenation technology. He believes this technology has the potential to change the way people approach the treatment of old age diseases. These are diseases that make it impossible for human being to live a healthy and happy life until demise. Many people in the retirement age are suffering from numerous old age diseases. The diseases include Alzheimer’s disease, Parkison’s disease, cancer, diabetes, and others.

Any human being who is facing such diseases is likely to lead a miserable life. Unfortunately, this is a stage that almost every human being has to go through. Old age cannot be alienated from old age diseases. In most cases, they came as a package. These diseases lower the quality of life making affected people lead miserable lives at a time when they should be enjoying their retirement.

Anti-aging research

Hope is interested in addressing this issue. He believes that every human being deserves an opportunity to live a better life even in old age. To eliminate old age diseases, then human beings must deal with the cause of these diseases. Jason Hope with the help of SENS Research Foundation, a nonprofit research organization, currently carrying out research that could see the lives of the people change. They are looking for an anti-aging drug that will stop or slow the aging process in human beings.

Jason Hope is hopeful such a drug could be the best solution to the challenges that people are facing with old age diseases. Such a drug will bring quality into human life and even make it possible longer lifespan for human being possible.


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