The Sacrifice And Hard Work Of Dick DeVos Have Continually Paid Off For The City Of Grand Rapids

There aren’t many people in the world who make countless sacrifices in order to serve the greater good. Dick DeVos is one of these people, and he has been working to improve his hometown of Grand Rapids and the state of Michigan for a good portion of his life. About three decades ago he had caught wind of a plan that was being considered by the public in Grand Rapids. The plan would approve the building of a sports and convention arena near the downtown part of Grand Rapids. While this may not have troubled others, DeVos was keenly aware of the problems this could cause for his city.


Dick DeVos made a decision to begin a lobbying effort to shut down the construction of the arena. In the past, he had been a witness to a similar disaster that had affected the city of Detroit. The city had decided to build the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills. This could have been great for the city and its sports teams, but it ended up being a huge problem when the Lions and Pistons vacated Detroit. DeVos did not want this same kind of thing to happen in Grand Rapids, and he wasn’t going to back down until he had helped to put a stop to it.


One of the positive side effects of the efforts of Dick DeVos was that a group of business leaders came together to help the city. The group is known as Grand Action, and it has taken part in the construction of many of the most important buildings in Grand Rapids. The DeVos Performance Hall and the DeVos Place Convention Center are in place because of Grand Action, and many other buildings have been built thanks to their efforts.


Dick DeVos is also responsible for bringing in Southwest Airlines to the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. It was him who made the phone call to the CEO of the airline company to convince it to stay in Grand Rapids. He didn’t just talk the company into staying; he convinced Southwest to run nonstop flights out of the city’s airport. Dick DeVos also created the West Michigan Aviation Academy, which is ran right on the grounds of the very same airport. The school now serves 600 students who are all eager to learn more about what it means to succeed in the aviation industry. DeVos is a pilot, himself, and his enthusiasm for aviation is said to be contagious.


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