Steve Lesnard, Leveraging Digital Marketing

The onset of digital mediums and networks has revolutionized the world of marketing and created better and more improved ways of marketing. Many brands and business utilize digital marketing to improve their organizations and increase their sales; however, not all do it correctly. A lot of the marketing strategies used by brands for digital marketing are counterproductive and unsuccessful. Luckily, Steve Lesnard provides insights on how one can leverage digital platforms to advertise their brands successfully. Stevel Lesnard strongly encourages brands to focus their strategies on the consumer and not the product. The marketing of the product should be centered on the customer and the consumer benefits that they can get from the product.

Steve Lesnard recommends two main principles to use when coming up with marketing strategies.

  1. Simplify to make it memorable

Marketing strategies need to exude simplicity and convey a message for consumers to remember. Brands that come up with complex marketing strategies for digital platforms often become unsuccessful because the message gets lost in translation. For instance, the slogan should be simple and easy to remember. One exceptional example is 10k songs on your phone by iPod which is their marketing slogan. This slogan not only relays the consumer benefits of purchasing an iPod, but it is also simple. It taps into the emotions of consumers and provides them with a set list of music to listen to on the go.

  1. Bring it to life

The marketing strategy needs to be real to be believable. Making the product real is done by bringing it to life. Steve Lesnard strongly advocates for the use of videos for bringing products to life. For example, Yeti positioned their products in the lifestyle of their ambassadors to show their consumers of its benefits. Through the videos, they were able to show how their products could cool and warm water for you at the comfort of your home. There are plenty of other creative ways that one can bring a product to life one of them being through the use of testimonies.

In conclusion, when looking for a marketing strategy, it is important to ensure it relays customer benefits and is creative and simple.

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