Gulf Coast Western

Gulf Coast Western is a company that focuses on developing, acquiring and exploring oil and gas domestically. They’re the Managing Venturers of Joint Ventures also known as Oil and Gas General Partnerships. They are based in Dallas and since being founded in 1970 have placed their business primarily in the Gulf Coast Region with reserves in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Colorado. With the leadership of their President and CEO Matthew Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western has been able to turn more than $14 million in revenue every year. They manage more than 70 employees and plan to continue their expansion.

In the areas where these reserves are located Gulf Coast Western has drilling programs and have every intention of expanding their campaign as aggressively as humanely possible within the coming years. They want to take advantage of positive expansion opportunities in the explorative and developmental of oil and gas. Their biggest focus is the geologic and financial success of their Partners which is why they work so hard to find areas that meet their strict geological and geophysical criteria. They’ve been building a reputation based on hard work and results, but they also do their best to build as much mutual trust and respect with their Partners as they possibly can. They remain transparent in their relationships and maintain an open line of communication that their Partners have come to expect from their company and they have been doing so with pride since 1970. It doesn’t seem that they have any intention of ever straying course; only becoming more and more expansive in their ventures to develop oil and gas nationally. Fleeger’s leadership will ensure Gulf Coast Western continuing to see a great deal of progress in their near future with the oil and gas industry.

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