Tidy Up Your Email Inbox With Unroll Me

Are you getting tired of email overload? Do you get too many emails yet you hardly need them? In this age of digital marketing, it is easy for someone to find your email and sign you up for a subscription. This means that you will be getting daily messages that you did not ask for. It becomes annoying when these messes are too many that you can hardly stand them. Sometimes, they make important emails invisible and so, you have no option but to find a way to tidy your inbox. You can easily do that by using a service called Unroll Me.

Organizing the inbox

Unroll Me works behind the scenes by checking every message that arrives in your inbox. They classify these messages to identify the ones that come from subscriptions. In addition to that, they will sort them according to the send and the number of emails that you receive. You do not have to do anything once you are logged in because it happens automatically. What you are required to do is to sit back, focus on your work, and wait for a report from the service.

Giving you Roll Ups

Roll Ups are reports that the service provides you after finishing a scan. They represent the results of a digest of your emails. These reports are usually sent to your inbox every day, and they will indicate how many emails you receive on that day. You can schedule the time when to receive these Roll Ups and customize many other things. By looking at the reports, you will know the actions to take. For instance, you can easily see messages that have come from sources you do not want to associate with and therefore, you can do away with them.

Sometimes, message overload can affect your work. It can make you miss an important appointment just because there were too many messages and you did not see the one that invited you to the meeting. If it is a business, it means that you will lose customers, partners, or other opportunities. Instead of going through all that trouble, you can use Unroll Me and have some peace.


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