Betsy DeVos Remains Opposed to Decision to Rescind Federal Transgender Policy, But Maintains Her Cool During the Announcement

Many people know of Betsy DeVos as a publicly polite political leader. However, what they may not know is that there’s a lot more to her than what meets the eye. Ms. DeVos is also a fighter – a political pit pull of sorts.


Ms. Betsy DeVos is President Trump’s education secretary, who kept her cool when President Trump rescinded a federal transgender policy.


Under the Obama Administration, the previous policy allowed transgender students to use the same school restrooms that were associated with their sexual identity. However, during the Trump Administration, this, along with other policies created division among the Trump Party.


Ms. DeVos was in opposition with President Trump and resisted signing the new federal order. She, being an advocate for fairness within the educational system told President Trump that she was not comfortable with the revocation of the transgender bathroom order.


The Obama Administration’s position was initially rejected by the education department along with top officials from the justice department. These civil rights officials insisted that non-discrimination laws require that schools are to allow students of transgender sexual orientation to make their own choices when deciding on which bathroom to use. However, it’s been said that the order was not properly devised. It was also their belief that it lacked the due order with regards to the primary role of the state and the local school districts who are in fact responsible for establishing such educational policies.


Ms. DeVos showed no public sign of disagreement with President Trump. She gracefully participated in the announcement of the new policy that was rescinded by President Trump. However, she is an advocate of charter schools and relently fights against anyone that opposes her position. She’s also been known to go to bat for students when it comes to protection from areas associated with harassment of any sort, bullying or any form of discrimination.


Ms. DeVos was born into her family’s fortune. She uses it – at times- to assist with her political efforts when attempting to pass legislation and various policies within her home state of Michigan.


Ms. DeVos has been known to accomplish the goals that she sets, uprooting lawmakers who have been in opposition with her, and has been relentless when fighting for various causes within the political arena.


Betsy DeVos was born into a wealthy Prince conservative family. She was raised in a Dutch community and attended a Christian Reformed church located in Holland, Michigan, which is close to the Lake Michigan shores. She has been known by residents of her hometown as being both generous and pragmatic. Her dedication to education has often resulted in her being referred to as President Trump’s very controversial education secretary during her political efforts.


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