Rebel Wilson’s Societal Rebellion Got Her to the Top

Rebel Wilson was born in the ‘ghetto side’ of Sydney in 1980. She has three siblings-Ryot, Liberty and Annachi, their parents being Beagle breeders. She is known as Fat Amy in the favorite film, Pitch Perfect, and is known for her brilliance, humility, and confidence.

However, Rebel was not always intelligent as a young girl and suffered from a social disorder that resulted to unusual shyness, and although there were hints of humor in Rebel Wilson, it took time for her to decide to face the world boldly finally.

She found out that people’s personalities grow and solidify at 15 years of age. So, she struggled to participate in activities that made her speak more. She became a member of debate clubs as she had decided that it would be wise to find a character before time ran out.

Her drama teacher in high school, Mrs. Bowmaker encouraged her to participate in creative competitions that were based on improvising and performing, despite Rebel’s awkwardness in socializing. She thanks her drama teacher for the push as she is sure that without her, she would not have made it the far she has.

In school, they were encouraged to work for the careers of their dreams and go for whatever they wanted to achieve in life. Her experience in High School empowered her very much as a girl who later grew to a woman now stands up for herself and other people. Read more: Rebel Wilson on Winning Battles Producing Films | Vogue and Pitch Perfect Star Rebel Wilson Talks Clothing Line Secrets | Today

Her career as an actress started as a malaria hallucination while in South Africa. She saw herself receiving an Oscar Award, and when she went home, she turned this bug into reality by enrolling at the Young People’s Australian Theatre, while also studying at the South Wales University.

In the beginning, she did not have an interest in comedy, but as she performed stage roles that were serious people kept laughing. She got frustrated and the more she acted, it seemed to get funnier for the people. So, she grabbed the chance thrown at her, as she thought that people found fat to be funny scientifically or weirdly. So, her game plan to use this card in her acting career became her breakthrough in Hollywood.

Rebel Wilson retained her uniqueness despite having crossed into the US from Australia. She says this is what makes her different from the other comedy actors.

Rebel had already established herself a name in the film industry back home, in films such as Bogan Pride and Pizza before moving to Hollywood at the age of 30. She struggled to overcome the hurdles that came her way, until she was a success across the world. Rebel Wilson admits that it is incredibly challenging to work in an industry that is dominated by males. She, however, says that there is always a way out.

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