Simple But True: Entrepreneur Nina Vaca Believes In Being “The Best At It”

She learned the value of hard work long ago as her father pursued three jobs to take care of their large family. Her father and mother had arrived in America from their native Ecuador in the 1960s “with a suitcase and a dream.” Mr. Vaca used to tell Nina as a young girl that if she was going to do something, to be the best at it. That is how Nina Vaca has approached the world of entrepreneurship, and it has served her very well.

Today, Nina Vaca is the CEO and founder of Dallas-based Pinnacle Group. The company is well-regarded in the industry for providing workforce solutions and high-end IT services to famous global brands.

She believes in giving back to her community and to points far beyond. Nina Vaca is brilliant at leading the way and bringing opportunities to others. For instance, last September, the Nina Vaca Foundation, in partnership with the Rotary Club, celebrated the opening of Villa de la Alegría in her home country of Ecuador. Her organization welcomed 40 families into their newly built residences.

In 2016, Ecuador had suffered one of the largest earthquakes in its history. By participating in a fundraiser triathlon, Nina Vaca raised $100,000 for Ecuadorian charities.

In addition, Nina Vaca has been a strong voice for women and minorities in business. The city of Houston named her “Woman of the Year” by Solo Mujeres Magazine last March. Nina Vaca has also been recognized as one of the “50 Most Powerful Latinas.”

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