Marketing Consultant Gustavo Martinez

Gustavo Martinez is a consultant who specializes in marketing. He helps businesses develop advertising campaigns to market themselves more effectively. His career spans over 30 years as both a marketing professional and a consultant. Prior to becoming a marketing consultant, Gustavo spent a number of years as a top executive.

When he worked at top advertising firms such as J Walter Thompson, he served as its chief executive officer. Along with working at J Walter Thompson, Gustavo has also worked at other top marketing firms such as McCann Worldgroup, Olgilvy and Mather, Price Waterhouse and Henkel.

When describing his current occupation as a consultant, Gustavo Martinez has said that he is really a contractor who provides services to other companies. These services are mostly advice and strategies that companies need to follow in order to reach their goals. However, Martinez has said that consulting has been the main aspect of advertising services.

In the advertising industry, professionals are consultants who provide advice and direction for businesses that are looking to put together marketing campaigns. As a result, consulting has been the most time tested way of working in the marketing industry of over 100 years. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

According to Gustavo Martinez, creativity is the most important part of the advertising industry. All marketing professionals need to use their creative mindset in order to help businesses devise solutions. With creativity, advertising professionals will be able to evaluate issues that a company is facing with their marketing and then come up with unique solutions. This approach differs from other occupations that usually require more repetitive tasks.

Gustavo Martinez is a self described workaholic as he works very long hours on a typical day. He gets up early before 8AM and has his first meal of the day. After eating breakfast, he then reads about business related news as well as checking his newest emails. At around 8AM, he heads to work at his office and stays there until about 9PM.

On some days, he may stop working earlier at around 7PM. With these long hours, Gustavo devotes his time to providing his expertise and guidance to both marketing professionals as well as companies that are in need to organizing more effective advertising campaigns.

When it comes to growing his business, Gustavo believes that a company needs to focus on hiring the most talented professionals. Since marketing is a results driven occupation, it is important to hire individuals who have demonstrated a proven ability to get positive outcomes for clients.

Therefore, Martinez often recommends a rigorous recruitment process in order to bring in the marketing professionals who will help the firm provide the best possible service. The hiring process is very similar to professional sports as it usually entails looking for the most talented professionals available and then hiring them.

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