June, 2019

Kisling Nestico & Redick is Akron’s Top Injury Law Firm

Kisling Nestico & Redick opened their law firm in 2005 and, as they say, the rest is history. The firm is now one of the most well-respected law firms not just in Akron, but throughout the state of Ohio. They’re such a trusted name that the firm now has 10 locations scattered about the state.

These offices employee more than 30 attorneys and 100 legal experts who work hard to get justice for injured clients. Over the years the law firm has recouped over $450 million in damages for injured clients and they have the aggressive fighting style that can help you get the cash needed after an accident.

Kisling Nestico & Redick provides expert representation to clients who’ve been injured in almost any type of personal injury accident. Although most common injuries and mishaps occur as a result of a car accident, trucking accidents, workplace injuries, assaults, and many other types of personal injury can leave a person with overwhelming medical bills, the inability to work, and other mishaps that turn life upside down. When it comes to making sure that injured people get their voice heard in court, Kisling Nestico & Redick knows how to go the extra mile to take care of their customer’s needs.

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Jeremy Goldstein: Helping the Mentally Challenged Through the Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein is an experienced American lawyer, and he is known for his philanthropic activities that aim to help people who are in need. One of the most recent events hosted by Jeremy Goldstein happened last May 21, when people from the upper classes were invited for dinner. The event, entitled “Mental Illness: You Are not ‘A Rhone,” was attended by a huge number of participants, each pledging their own financial assistance to the Fountain House, an institution helping people who are having problems with their mental health. The event happened at the Nomad Hotel Roofdeck, and the tickets cost $5,000 each. The event lasted for four hours, and the guests were given fantastic meals.


Jeremy Goldstein chose the Fountain House as the beneficiary for the event. The institution has been around since 1944, and people who are suffering from mental illness are being treated inside the institution for decades. He believes that mental illness is still a major problem faced by millions of Americans today, and the public must be enlightened about how they should treat people who are fighting these conditions. One of the main goals of the Fountain House is to assist people with mental illness on how they can buy their own home, or how they can be accepted in a job interview. The institution wanted to see these people to triumph and become successful in life, and they helped millions through the years.


The goal of the organization to help people with mental illnesses caught the attention of Jeremy Goldstein, and for so many years, the institution benefits from the donation given by good-hearted individuals who are attending lavish dinners organized by the lawyer. Jeremy Goldstein is an alumnus of the New York University of Law, and he is the founder of the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. He focuses on providing legal services to those who are working in different financial institutions, and he aims to help the business sector in facing their legal problems. The last decade has seen a drastic transformation in the career of Jeremy Goldstein, as he became the official lawyer for some of the largest corporate transactions in the business sector.


He represented some of the top American companies, helping them in securing transactions with their business partners. Aside from his services offered to the largest companies in the country, he is also adept in public speaking. He provides tips and tricks on how entrepreneurs should deal with different transactions, and how they can overcome any legal problems with the help from professional lawyers. The choice to help the Fountain House is his personal preference, and Jeremy Goldstein said that he is affected by how the society looks at the mentally challenged, and he thinks that helping them financially would alleviate their status.


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Gustavo Martinez: An Insight into The Marketing and Advertising Industry

The present world of business and entrepreneurship largely depends on marketing. When you apply the right ideas and strategies to marketing, then the success of sales will be guaranteed.

Having been in the industry for more than 35 years, Gustavo Martinez is the icon of marketing and advertising. He is the brains behind some of the legendary adverts and the growth of the well-known household names for marketing firms.

His well-versed skills, creative strategies have enabled him to be able to lead significant firms in business and create household names. Gustavo has also been the CEO of some of the top marketing firms like J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, President of McCann World-group as well as the mighty Ogilvy and Mather.

Consultation as a Tool in Business Growth through Marketing

When you are a consultant, you become a reliable high-end service provider who is trusted to provide useful and productive strategies at an operational level. Consultancy and marketing have worked in hand for decades to increase sales through better sales.

Gustavo points out that the basis of any marketing firm or agency is built on creativity.

The named is a different approach from other industries, which mostly are based on a repetitive routine that can be refined and perfected.

As a marketing consultant, you will have to get used to evoking the raw creative side. Most minds that go with the spirit of exploring consultancy tend to rebel against the usual routines that are ruled by 9-5 environments; which is the idea on which marketing is built on. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Ideamench and Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

When it comes to marketing consultancy, Gustavo believes that the advert is a reflection of the product. While the two balances, they are influenced by streamlined user experience, analytical insights and the use of technology

The Future of Marketing and Consultancy

Gustavo believes that success rates will be increased through the use of total marketing strategy optimization that is to be developed.

This approach will deviate from the traditional trial and error analogies applied to start-up businesses in the marketing and development of the product. This means that brands and marketers strategies that have guaranteed success.

Internet of Things and Marketing

Most of the people in the marketing and advertising industry mostly overlook the impacts that can be created by what we term as the internet of things. The internet of things detects how an idea is pitched to the target market and where it can result in more significant impacts. It gives you all the knowledge you need to know about the products, the risks, and the prospective partners you can approach with absolute accuracy.

Today’s ere is run by the internet, but we fail to realize the infinite possibilities that can be used to shape the marketing and advertising industry

Learn more about Gustavo Martinez:

Q&A with Gustavo Martinez, Marketing and Advertising Consultant


Toyo Setal’s Impact on Brazilian Business

Toyo Setal is one of the first Brazilian engineering companies in history to become as influential and impactful upon the global market as they have been. Because of all they have done for the individuals around them and for the world at large, they have been recognized on numerous occasions with awards and words of thanks. Part of the reason they are able to maintain the level of integrity they currently possess is simply because the hiring process is so strict. Within their walls, only the people who are truly dedicated make it. That is not to say that working with them is intended to be difficult, but Toyo Setal wants to make sure that just anyone cannot make it into their business. This allows for them to have such a stronger value for integrity.

In the real world, there are a lot of businesses that do not have the public at heart. They do not create things for the sake of the people who buy them; they create things for the sake of the profit they will make. Toyo Setal has worked throughout their entire business lifespan to counteract this condition that seems to torture so many different corporations across the world. Because they have been so dedicated to eliminating this problem from the world, the entire industry of business in Brazil has shifted towards becoming more friendly towards consumers and welcoming to new business owners.

The reason they have been able to impact so many lives is not because they were born into success. The team which comprises Toyo Setal, on the contrary, is a rag-tag team of people from various spots on the social ladder who formed together as a result of their universal love for engineering. This is, after all, the core subject of their business, and it has been their goal ever since they were founded to attract other businessmen of the same mindset as them. Clearly, they have been able to do this, as they have remained relevant in the modern world to this day. Brazil’s future is much better off with Toyo Setal involved.

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Bhanu Choudhrie, Millionaire Businessman

Born in India, 1978, Choudhrie is the founder of C&C Alpha Group, a family run company that deals with investments in healthcare, hotels, and many more. In one of the interviews he was in, he talks about his desire for opportunities and some of the tips for first-time entrepreneurs. Bhanu Choudhrie says he went to London rather than working in the United States because he realized there was an opportunity with new business ventures. In 2008, Bhanu Choudhrie won the Asian Entrepreneur of the Year award, and he says that he was very exhilarated to receive that award bearing in mind that he was an Asian receiving an Asian award. He says that it felt good having opportunities in his home country, learning, establishing businesses, and socializing with people.

Bhanu Choudhrie says he does not have a specific area of interest from the company’s many investments and admits that he gets pleasure from all the areas the company has invested in. When asked about joining the New Century Bank Board in the United States, he says that they felt that financial services needed attention and that it was the right way of getting into community banking. Mr. Bhanu Choudhrie says that according to Hindu philosophy, it is believed that the more one gives, the more one receives hence he feels that it is important to give back to the community and that it involves taking care of others among other charity activities. He continues to say that he loves art and Asian art for that matter.

The reason is that he likes to boost and appreciate local artists. When asked about investing in Bollywood Production, Bhanu Choudhrie says that he has a filming and distribution company to help numerous people with numerous abilities and great potential in the filming industry. He is asked about his secret to success and goes on ahead to say that it is through working hand in hand with one another and offering support to one another in the business industry. As for the young entrepreneurs, he says that there is an opportunity for them and that they can succeed.

Jingdong Standard For Online Shopping By The Commitment

CEO Richard Liu founded JD.com in 2014.JD.com is China’s largest retailer and its largest overall retailer. It is also the most prominent internet company in the country. The company is technology-driven and has invested in developing a highly proprietary technology platform which supports its growth and helps in providing value-added technology services.

JD.com has set the standard for online shopping by the commitment to authenticity, quality, and broad product offering from fresh food to electronics and cosmetics. It provides consumers with an entertaining online retail experience. This is facilitated by the company’s content-rich and user-friendly website and mobile applications. The company provides a wide range of goods and services at competitive prices, which are delivered fast and reliably.

Its business and marketplace has grown and the number of products offered through online sales and direct sales to meet the high demand of Chinese consumers. It has brought the first of 2019’s kiwifruit and apple harvests from New Zealand to Chinese consumers. This has brought about stronger relationships with market leaders such as Zespri and Rockit Global Limited.

More than 300 million consumers are familiar with the high-quality kiwifruit and large sized apples and are increasingly buying the produce. Data has shown that the majority of all fruit sales on JD’s platforms in the year 2018 were due to overseas fruits.

Buyers of the imported fruits are mainly younger middle-class consumers whose primary focus is their health and nutrition. In 2018, the sales of New Zealand –produced fresh food grew by over 80% on JD. Kiwifruit is New Zealand’s single biggest export all over the world, and China is ranked as the top market. The local industry provides up to 18000 jobs in New Zealand, and there are about 2600 growers.

The first set-up of a flagship store by Zespri on JD.com was in 2017. It expanded its cooperation with JD whereby it included selling through 7FRESH. This enabled the global exporter to leverage the numerous capabilities offered by China’s most prominent and advanced e-commerce cold chain logistics Network.

JD has made sure that China can easily buy the highest quality fresh product as Chinese consumers’ appetites for fresh food grows.

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Article Title: How JD.com Grand Tokaj Partnership Will Revolutionize Delivery Of Wine Products In China

Grand Tokaj partnership with JD.com is the latest partnership in the world of e-commerce. In the last 36 months, the Chinese company has signed different deals with companies around the world — with the sole purpose of improving the quality of shopping experience for its customers. The Hungarian company (Grand Tokaj) is synonymous with quality wines, and this partnership will give customers more options when buying for wines in JD.com. According to the management of the Hungarian company, JD.com represents what the company has been looking for — a modern company with access to millions of customers across Asia. Pundits believe that this is the start of a brilliant partnership between the two companies.

After signing the deal, Grand Tokaj experienced one of their most successful receptions in Asia. During the launch close to 500,000 followed the proceedings and therefore making history as one of the most watched signing events. Many business journals have viewed this reception as a good footing in the vast wine market. JD.com also points out that the first ten hours; the Hungarian wines experienced unusual traffic from the buyers. The management of JD.com points out that this kind of reception is new and it is an indication that Grand Tokaj products will soon become the most preferred wine brands on their website.

Some of the reasons why Grand Tokaj opted to work with the Chine entity include the following. First, JD.com was the missing link between the company and the vast Asian market. It is the dream of every wine company to access a broad market, and in this case, JD.com was the perfect company. Second, Grand Tokaj understood that the Chine market needs a company with better structures and modern approach to customer service. Over the years, JD.com has revolutionized how customers access companies’ representatives, air their views, and complain. With these structures in place, Grand Tokaj Company is set to revolutionize the wine market in China.

In addition, the company has other avenues of distributions, especially for alcoholic brands. JD.com is one of the few companies in the world that utilizes both offline and online distribution channels. According to the management of this e-commerce company, the Chinese market needs the two distribution channels.

To Read More Click The Link : www.cnbc.com/quotes/?symbol=JD

Serge Belamant’s Contributions to Development of Blockchain

The use of cryptocurrencies is gaining prominence around the world. Some of the people who have had significant contributions during the development of the currencies include Vitalik Buterin and Satoshi Nakamoto. According to Serge Belamant here have been many positive developments in the industry over the years. For example, the value of the currencies increased significantly in 2017 and was estimated to be more than $800 billion. According to some economists, they are essential for global economic disruption. However, some have a different opinion about cryptocurrencies.

Some experts in the field argue that blockchain can thrive even without crypto. Serge Belamant has played a vital role in the development of technology. Some of his work has earned him global recognition. However, he is still not as popular as Bitcoin and Ethereum. The innovation is commonly defined as ledgers, which are inter-linked and encrypted for security purposes. Each ledger contains the time of each transaction and any other crucial data.

Initially, the technology was introduced to increase transparency and security of financial transactions, which have an estimated value of over $100 trillion annually. Most of the systems used in different financial institutions around the globe have become inefficient. For example, you may have experienced a hard time when trying to send money from one country to another using the current systems. Blockchain technology was introduced to solve that problem by facilitating transactions to any part of the world conveniently.

The technology is also expected to benefit other sectors of the economy. For example, it will be used in things such as smart contracts, reducing the costs of labor in different organizations, and the delivery time to the markets. It is also expected to facilitate the management of supply chains.

Serge Belamant developed several blockchain technologies earlier in his career and holds patents for the innovations. Several organizations hired him to use his skills in developing blockchain applications using smart cards. In 2001, Serge Belamant came up with a secure gaming system that facilitated gaming in hotels and other avenues. He installed a memory card which would be used to store all crucial information about the games.

Contact Serge Belamant: clearvoice.com/cv/SergeBelamant

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