Gustavo Martinez: An Insight into The Marketing and Advertising Industry

The present world of business and entrepreneurship largely depends on marketing. When you apply the right ideas and strategies to marketing, then the success of sales will be guaranteed.

Having been in the industry for more than 35 years, Gustavo Martinez is the icon of marketing and advertising. He is the brains behind some of the legendary adverts and the growth of the well-known household names for marketing firms.

His well-versed skills, creative strategies have enabled him to be able to lead significant firms in business and create household names. Gustavo has also been the CEO of some of the top marketing firms like J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, President of McCann World-group as well as the mighty Ogilvy and Mather.

Consultation as a Tool in Business Growth through Marketing

When you are a consultant, you become a reliable high-end service provider who is trusted to provide useful and productive strategies at an operational level. Consultancy and marketing have worked in hand for decades to increase sales through better sales.

Gustavo points out that the basis of any marketing firm or agency is built on creativity.

The named is a different approach from other industries, which mostly are based on a repetitive routine that can be refined and perfected.

As a marketing consultant, you will have to get used to evoking the raw creative side. Most minds that go with the spirit of exploring consultancy tend to rebel against the usual routines that are ruled by 9-5 environments; which is the idea on which marketing is built on. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

When it comes to marketing consultancy, Gustavo believes that the advert is a reflection of the product. While the two balances, they are influenced by streamlined user experience, analytical insights and the use of technology

The Future of Marketing and Consultancy

Gustavo believes that success rates will be increased through the use of total marketing strategy optimization that is to be developed.

This approach will deviate from the traditional trial and error analogies applied to start-up businesses in the marketing and development of the product. This means that brands and marketers strategies that have guaranteed success.

Internet of Things and Marketing

Most of the people in the marketing and advertising industry mostly overlook the impacts that can be created by what we term as the internet of things. The internet of things detects how an idea is pitched to the target market and where it can result in more significant impacts. It gives you all the knowledge you need to know about the products, the risks, and the prospective partners you can approach with absolute accuracy.

Today’s ere is run by the internet, but we fail to realize the infinite possibilities that can be used to shape the marketing and advertising industry

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