Jeremy Goldstein: Helping the Mentally Challenged Through the Fountain House

Jeremy Goldstein is an experienced American lawyer, and he is known for his philanthropic activities that aim to help people who are in need. One of the most recent events hosted by Jeremy Goldstein happened last May 21, when people from the upper classes were invited for dinner. The event, entitled “Mental Illness: You Are not ‘A Rhone,” was attended by a huge number of participants, each pledging their own financial assistance to the Fountain House, an institution helping people who are having problems with their mental health. The event happened at the Nomad Hotel Roofdeck, and the tickets cost $5,000 each. The event lasted for four hours, and the guests were given fantastic meals.


Jeremy Goldstein chose the Fountain House as the beneficiary for the event. The institution has been around since 1944, and people who are suffering from mental illness are being treated inside the institution for decades. He believes that mental illness is still a major problem faced by millions of Americans today, and the public must be enlightened about how they should treat people who are fighting these conditions. One of the main goals of the Fountain House is to assist people with mental illness on how they can buy their own home, or how they can be accepted in a job interview. The institution wanted to see these people to triumph and become successful in life, and they helped millions through the years.


The goal of the organization to help people with mental illnesses caught the attention of Jeremy Goldstein, and for so many years, the institution benefits from the donation given by good-hearted individuals who are attending lavish dinners organized by the lawyer. Jeremy Goldstein is an alumnus of the New York University of Law, and he is the founder of the Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. He focuses on providing legal services to those who are working in different financial institutions, and he aims to help the business sector in facing their legal problems. The last decade has seen a drastic transformation in the career of Jeremy Goldstein, as he became the official lawyer for some of the largest corporate transactions in the business sector.


He represented some of the top American companies, helping them in securing transactions with their business partners. Aside from his services offered to the largest companies in the country, he is also adept in public speaking. He provides tips and tricks on how entrepreneurs should deal with different transactions, and how they can overcome any legal problems with the help from professional lawyers. The choice to help the Fountain House is his personal preference, and Jeremy Goldstein said that he is affected by how the society looks at the mentally challenged, and he thinks that helping them financially would alleviate their status.


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