July, 2019

Sergey Petrossov and the Amazing JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov

Personal jet travel may today appear to be an extravagance that is intended to be delighted in just by the world’s one percent, yet that is a situation that could, before long, change if Sergey Petrossov has anything to say about it. JetSmarter, an application that enables its clients to book personal jets, has been depicted by numerous individuals as the “Uber for private jets”. Be that as it may, this JetSmarter strategy is special in its own way.

Sergey Petrossov has a point that while ride-share companies should be given acknowledgment for bringing a distinct advantage in the industry, the sheer scale, unpredictability, and coordinations engaged with booking a personal aircraft experience alternate class through and through. Petrossov reviews how in ’09, he attempted to book a personal aircraft for him and companions, and after that encountered a long, obsolete procedure that included a great deal of desk work, agents who were essentially enthusiastic about making bigger edges in gain but not a ton of straightforwardness. It was in this manner in an offer to change, or rather, disturb the customary traditional fashion of handling this type of transaction that associates created JetSmarter. Based on the manner in which it has been gotten in the market, JetSmarter unquestionably appears to have accomplished its established objectives. He truly admires the simple things in life and that is why he based his model on one of the most successful companies of this entrepreneur with innovative technology and helpful services alike.

Bhanu Choudhrie Of C&C Alpha Is An International Investing Expert

Bhanu Choudhrie was born in New Delhi, India, and has grown into a successful entrepreneur, business leader, and philanthropist that has traveled around the world. He founded C&C Alpha Group, a middle market investment firm that specializes in aviation, banking, real estate, hospitality, and healthcare. Through his agency, Bhanu is able to help companies mature and build the necessary funds through strategic investments to become major corporations.

Bhanu’s academic career ranges from Harvard Business School to Boston University, and he started his career upon earning his International Business and Marketing degree at JP Morgan. This was a valuable internship for Bhanu Choudhrie, but it was ended in 2000 when he moved to London from the United States in order to help develop a startup company in the family, C&C Alpha Group. Nearly two decades in the running and C&C Alpha is still going strong as Bhanu Choudhrie leads as the CEO.

C&C Alpha is not the only company that Bhanu Choudhrie has founded in his career, he also founded Alpha Aviation Group in 2006 as a subsidiary to C&C Alpha. As a partner of Prescient Systems & Technologies, Alpha Aviation Group aims to fill pilot roles in the aviation industry through dedicated training at modern facilities. Alpha Aviation, under the direction of Bhanu, has formed a network of partnerships around the world with a number of commercial airlines, including Boeing, Cebu Pacific, Airbus, Jet Airways, VietJet Air, Air Arabia, and more.

As a dedicated achiever and the director of several companies, Bhanu has never been afraid of hard work, but he has also taken the time to surround himself with valuable support systems. Bhanu works closely with his family, and he built relationships with a number of business professionals, which has helped him create strong management teams. A strong management team can take investments further and running longer investments becomes more viable, which has been a common tactic for Bhanu as an investor over the years.

For details: www.behance.net/bhanuchoudrie/

Raffaele Riva and Concentration

Raffaele Riva, in a nutshell, is an angel investor who resides in action-packed New York, New York and London, United Kingdom at the moment. He’s a consummate professional who has tackled all sorts of startup organizations throughout his vocational journey so far. He proudly hails from the United Kingdom. He finished a number of educational programs in the London, England region prior to getting an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree from the University of Oxford’s prestigious Saïd Business School.

Riva has a penchant for speedy rising. He has a penchant for jumping out of his cozy bed prior to the darkness ceasing. Once he rises, he takes the time to stroll over to a local coffeehouse. After he gets to the establishment, he assesses any and all email messages that have come his way overnight. This gives him the opening to officially commence work. He collaborates with a number of Chief Executive Officers and companies that are in settings scattered all around the planet. That’s the reason that starting prior to the rest of society works out so favorably for him all of the time.

Riva in the past was a highly ambitious person. He always took a fast-paced approach to going about his career. If he could adjust his attitude back then, he would. He believes that it would have been advantageous to behave in a more measured manner. This individual has a knack for preparing for all kinds of situations in this life. Exhaustive preparations are an innate thing for Riva. They always have been, too. He has the cooperation of superb professionals who do what they can to keep his obligations on track. They do what they can to assist him with the handling of his time as well. Riva is an investor who prioritizes concentration.

Betterworks Offers Way To Continuously Provide Feedback To Employees

Managers should use “The Golden Rule” when giving feedback to employees. Many managers are reluctant to give feedback and many employees don’t want to hear it. However, it’s a necessary part of the manager-employee relationship.

Many employees only hear feedback on their performance a few times a year. A better method for managers is to provide continuous feedback to employees as this leads to better motivation and job performance. If a manager rarely provides feedback it leads to fear on the part of the employee as they have no idea how they will be judged.

Betterworks Continuous Performance Management Software Solutions is a way for managers to keep on top of providing feedback to their employees. This software helps managers from annual or semi-annual reviews to a system of providing regular performance evaluation. This gives managers a way to transparently communicate progress and make sure everyone is aligned on top priorities.

The Betterworks Continuous Performance Management® solution helps managers give high-quality and timely feedback to the people under them in an organization. It also provides a way for coworkers to request and share feedback. The software tracks metrics that help to easily identify teams and individuals that need a manager’s attention so they can get back on track.

Betterworks software also helps eliminate bias from the employee review process. Even bias that isn’t intentional is harmful to people and organizations. Among the types of bias this software helps eliminate are recency bias, gender bias, and recency bias. This leads to a positive company culture in which people of every background can thrive.

Learn More About Betterworks – Objectives and Key Results 

Mark Holyoake Has Made a Name in New Zealand Sports and Competitions

It has always been lucrative to be physically fit for all human beings. Physical fitness is, however, a journey that calls for hard work and dedication. There are various competitions where people show the world the activities that they have honed through intense training. Mark Holyoake is among the international athletes who have honed their skills.

Mark Holyoake has attracted attention from all over the world for his incredible gymnastic skills. Besides, he has also owned and runs several gyms based on the CrossFit lifestyle. That has earned him a great name in entrepreneurship. Mark studied at Auckland University, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Sport and Exercise Science. He joined the Tri-Star Gymnastics Club and started a part-time job as a personal trainer. Mark used his skills in sports and his commitment to success to encourage and inspire most young members.

Mark originated from New Zealand, where he was born in Wellington. He developed passion in gymnastics while at eight years of age. Mark had a successful career in gymnastics and gave it all he could. Mark created a balance between sports and education. In 2005, he participated in the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships and emerged position 25. In 2006, he participated in Commonwealth Tournament and became number 11. Mark Holyoake acquired this level of achievement due to his hard work and commitment. He consistently practiced for at least 30 hrs — a week which saw him to position four during the 2010 Commonwealth Games.

It was still in 2010 that he made another incredible achievement that saw him in the Guinness World Record Book. Mark broke the record of the most leg rotations while on Pommel Horse. He managed to make 65 rotations in one minute. Mark then chose to retire from gymnastics to pursue other alternative careers as an entrepreneur. He has a good set of skills that he acquired as a personal trainer and an excellent education background that could help him pursue other professional endeavors. Mark started working as a full-time personal trainer and finally chose to establish his workshop for gymnastics and weightlifting.

For details: angel.co/mark-holyoake

Stratford Shields Interview

Stratford Shields is a Managing Director at Loop Capital Markets , which is a Public Finance Investment Banking group that is based in Chicago, Illinois. Stratford covers some of the major clients.

He starts his morning off really early in his office. He spends a lot of time thinking about his clients and ways to strategize for each client he has. He tries to find ideas that will benefit them. He tries to find ideas that worked best for previous client. The strategies vary from client to client.

A healthy habit he does to enhance his productivity is to read up on current events. He wants to keep up to date on what’s going around in the world. This helps him keep up with his clients. He believes he wouldn’t be as productive if he didn’t read and keep up with the current events.

In a busy world, Stratford tries many ways to keep organized. One of the ways he stays organized is by staying on top of things and paying attention to little details. He also pays close attention to the needs of each client; an he continuously follows up with them in order to stay up to date on their needs. A large portion of his ideas come from. He skims through the pros and cons of their ideas. He uses several web services regularly to help bring his clients ideas to life.

His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, is that it is very important to know your clients. Knowing them is a crucial part of success, You must learn the reasons why they want to do business with you. Especially with smaller firms. It’s important to also be realistic. You will always want to do business with clients that value your ideas. Knowing your clients can make or break your business.

Matt Fleeger and Values

Matt Fleerger and How Virtual Reality is Providing a Window into Betterment for Mental Health

Matt Fleeger would know that there is no denying that healthcare has benefited significantly from technological advancements in the past few years. Whether it is in the field of diagnostics or medicine, you have technology to thank for the wondrous ways people can get treatment for an array of diseases.

But technology is not just limited to PET scan machines or concocting chemotherapy medication. Due to the work of countless researchers, it is now making strides in the treatment of mental illness as well.

Matt Fleeger and Virtual Reality is Opening a Window to Mental Wellness

It was not so long ago when the “health dangers” of virtual reality (VR) were all over the news. In a world where VR products were to rule the holiday shopping lists for years to come, claims of their disadvantage on human health were also abound.

While very few of these claims were true, most of them were based upon projections and not real-world results. But as one goes about new technology, people went into all kinds of hypothesis to outline how dangerous VR tech could be for the human race.

Nonetheless, buyers kept snatching VR items off the shelves, while stakeholders kept investing into the latest VR technology to unlock further advancements and use cases in a variety of situations. After all, the possibilities of the experiences that VR brought to the table were practically endless. Who could pass up the opportunity to see what VR could do beyond the world of entertainment?

See Matt Fleeger knows that new technologies can create value in other fields but also quite literally in the fields of oil as well. If the right technology comes along it could always do wonders.

An Interview with Gustavo Martinez

Former CEO of the J. Walter Thompson Worldwide marketing firm and WPP plc, a large multinational advertising and public relations firm based in London, Gustavo Martinez is a firm believer in the importance of sustaining and acknowledging acquired talent and innovation in the cruel world of marketing and advertisement.


In his 35 years in the industry, Martinez not only led the aforementioned advertising firm giants, but he also became the front of McCann Worldgroup, an American global advertising agency; and Ogilvy and Mather, an award-winning New York city-based British advertisement and PR agency. His presence and knowledge in advertising as literally felt worldwide.


His success came to such a state as a consequence of his work-oriented beliefs, wide marketing knowledge, and novel ideas. First and foremost, he believes that creativity is the foundation of all advertising agencies and marketing firms. Although that is wide knowledge, Martinez says that it is the understanding of what creativity is for an artistic individual and how to utilize this understanding in the most optimal way. In this regard, consultancy-based work is the most effective for such creative geniuses as they tend to work well in free-spirit environments rather than in processes that are rigorous, standardized, and offer little to no room for originality. According to him, it is important for any advertising company to keep its employees in their imaginative and inspired mindset. In order to do this, leaders must always acknowledge their team members’ abilities, talents, and contributions. People always strive in an atmosphere where they are appreciated.


Gustavo Martinez iterates the importance of the people who work around him and with him by including them in his creative process. According to him, ideas come to life and projects get done when people like what they do. In his experience, when individuals enjoy their work, they tend to produce wider and more inspired ideas. He would always put his team members in projects that they like rather than assigning them randomly just for the sake of finishing a task.


Apart from being an advertising and marketing consultant, Gustavo Martinez also considers himself as an entrepreneur and somewhat of a philanthropist. He believes that in order to strive as an entrepreneur, one must always be an active listener and a generous person. For Martinez, charity is an essential aspect of life; but more importantly, it should be done out of genuine kindness and desire to help. In some cases, charity performed under reasons other than kindness is already advertising. When the two mix up, it merely becomes a status signal and oftentimes, the brunt of bad results are the charity recipients.


Currently, Gustavo Martinez is pre-occupied with his UV Business Acceleration project – a project that aims to increase the success rates of startups. He is also interested in the “internet of things”, a process that heightens how things are done and how efficiently it is executed.


Follow Gustavo Martinez on twitter.


Isabel dos Santos; the Richest Woman in Africa

Many women in Africa are slowly embracing the business industry. Gone are the days when only men used to dominate different business fields. Currently, women have become more versatile and are making a significant impact in placing the continent on the overall global map. One such a successful businesswoman is Isabel dos Santos. She is the eldest daughter of Jose Eduardo dos Santos, Angola’s former president who served the country for more than four decades. During his business tenure, Angola witnessed progressive economic growth. He made Angola renowned for mining and agriculture and was loved by many citizens during his rule.

Influential Father

Isabel dos Santos has always been considered her father’s favorite. Jose Eduardo introduced her daughter to the business world, and she became better than the master. Isabel is a keen entrepreneur who has mastered the art of service delivery for better results. It is in this faith that her father appointed her to head different organizations while he was still the president. More recently, before her father’s retirement, she oversaw Angola’s mining sector. Isabel conducted a series of benchmarks with critical stakeholders to get better details on how they can improve the country’s mining industry.

Business Impact

Isabel dos Santos has tried her hands on different businesses. She has a deep interest specifically in telecommunication, finance, media, and oil and gas industry. Isabel has invested millions of dollars in these sectors, and that is why she has made a lot of money for herself. Her business models rely on research before pumping money in a particular industry. Besides, she works with well-qualified personnel who know what needs to be done for the overall success of their respective industries.

Isabel dos Santos has a keen interest specifically in oil and diamond. Also, she is a major stakeholder in Angola’s construction industry and has shares in Nova Cimangola, the country’s largest cement company. Moreover, Isabel also loves telecommunication innovations and is the main shareholder of ZON Multimedia. In 2015, Isabel dos Santos was ranked among the top 100 most influential women in the world. She continues to use her space and opportunity to inspire more women to join the business industry. Her effortless positive attitude is what has made her success journey in the male-dominated industries.





Endless Career Possibilities with Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University was built in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens. Today, the mission and vision of its founder remain the same and it constantly transforms creative aspiring students into professional designers. The school believes in unleashing the maximum potential of every aspiring artist, with the correct instruction, right education, and sufficient amount of hard work and dedication. The will be able to learn and acquire the skills that are needed to become professionals in our rapidly evolving industry. Academy of Art University believes in the potential of each student, and how they have the ability to be accepted in a prodigious art institution regardless of their art portfolio, and they deserve to have an excellent art education that will be provided by professional artists throughout the world.


Recently, the students of the Academy of Art University were admired by a large number of people at the Annual Spring Show 2019. It is where they experience a wide array of artistic and creative career opportunities that awaits them. It has been an annual event where the alumni, the public, and several industry leaders from leading companies have the opportunity to explore and to experience the outstanding work the students of Academy of Art University and everything that they have to offer in one splendid location. The primary objective of the Annual Spring Show is to showcase the performance of their students and to let the world see what they are made of. The primary objective is to help the students build their career and to allow leaders in the industry to appreciate their works of art.

In addition to this, it is a big opportunity for their graduating class to show to the public their most innovative and imaginative creations. A diverse group of architects, artists, communicators, designers, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, photographers, and more were able to contribute to the show. A number of industry professionals were very impressed with their artwork, and they were able to personally communicate with each student and talk about their possible careers and other opportunities that they have in store for them as soon as they graduate.

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