Dick DeVos and the Schooling Sector

Dick DeVos finds greedy people baffling. His wife finds them just as baffling as he does. Betsy and Dick like to be generous all of the time. They’re more than generous with their time. They’re just as generous with their finances. They utilize any wherewithal they can to assist the members of their communities. They like to assist the citizens of America overall. It doesn’t matter if an individual is in Arkansas. It doesn’t matter if he’s in Hawaii, Alaska or Maine, either. Dick and Betsy want to help. They want to give sincere help, too.


Dick DeVos or “Richard” isn’t someone people take lightly. He’s a person who makes an impact in all that he does. He makes an impact when he thinks about business transactions. He makes an impact when he thinks about political journeys. He consistently leaves other people with the desire to discover more. He’s not the type of man people ever forget even for half a second. He makes indelible impressions on others regularly. His wife isn’t unlike him in that way. Dick and Betsy got together years ago. Marriage has been an amazing ride for the twosome. It’s been a ride that has given them some wonderful children.


DeVos is a secure man through and through. He’s not at all threatened by his wife’s plentiful achievements. She was picked to be the American Secretary of Education. President Donald J. Trump realized that no one else could handle educational subjects like she could. He was 100 percent correct, too. DeVos would never even think about being jealous of his wife and all of her developments. He’s her biggest cheerleader. He cheers her on regardless of her specific aspirations.


Lobbying isn’t bewildering to DeVos. He’s aware of all of the things that encourage people to lobby. He lobbied a lot in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Lobbying was one of his biggest “pastimes” back in the nineties. He did a lot of lobbying that centered around construction prospects.


DeVos keeps track of all kinds of political updates. His wife does, too. She can give him many political news updates. She’s around political figures each day of the week. Collaborating with President Trump is all in a day’s work for this administration member. She can call the people on his administration by their first names. She knows about their hobbies, educational backgrounds and objectives as well. DeVos acquires many political details through chats with his wife.


Some people look up at the sky and see airplanes. DeVos doesn’t see airplanes on their own, though. He sees a whole aviation world. It’s something that puts a huge grin on his face, too. He’s been adamant about aviation for a while.


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