Sergey Petrossov and the Amazing JetSmarter

Sergey Petrossov

Personal jet travel may today appear to be an extravagance that is intended to be delighted in just by the world’s one percent, yet that is a situation that could, before long, change if Sergey Petrossov has anything to say about it. JetSmarter, an application that enables its clients to book personal jets, has been depicted by numerous individuals as the “Uber for private jets”. Be that as it may, this JetSmarter strategy is special in its own way.

Sergey Petrossov has a point that while ride-share companies should be given acknowledgment for bringing a distinct advantage in the industry, the sheer scale, unpredictability, and coordinations engaged with booking a personal aircraft experience alternate class through and through. Petrossov reviews how in ’09, he attempted to book a personal aircraft for him and companions, and after that encountered a long, obsolete procedure that included a great deal of desk work, agents who were essentially enthusiastic about making bigger edges in gain but not a ton of straightforwardness. It was in this manner in an offer to change, or rather, disturb the customary traditional fashion of handling this type of transaction that associates created JetSmarter. Based on the manner in which it has been gotten in the market, JetSmarter unquestionably appears to have accomplished its established objectives. He truly admires the simple things in life and that is why he based his model on one of the most successful companies of this entrepreneur with innovative technology and helpful services alike.

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