August, 2019

High Ratings in Online eos Lip Balm Reviews

eos Lip Balm is a popular product in cosmetics and self-care. eos customers reviewing on and rated the product three stars or better. Most reviewers mentioned they made the decision to purchase eos Lip Balm either because of the unique packaging or because of the lip balm’s popularity with their friends and family.

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Real consumers reviewing eos Organic Lip Balm in Sweet Mint on gave the product a solid four-stars. With over 7000 individual ratings, consumer opinion seems to be mostly in favor of the popular product. Positive reviewers said that eos Lip Balm is long-lasting and makes their lips smooth and soft

On, reviewers were positive, rating eos Lip Balm in Summer Fruit 3.3 out of 5, with around 1200 reviews. Positive consumer reviews mentioned that they liked the scent, it moisturized well, and it was gentle on sensitive skin.

Blake Mallen, Founder of ViSalus Understands Lifestyle Companies

Blake Mallen is a thirty-eight year old entrepreneur who co-founded and runs two global lifestyle companies. He is a millennial influencer and investor who understands why the lifestyle market is successful.

ViSalus is a business designed to help Americans lose weight and get the body that they deserve. Mallen is instrumental in the production of these products and oversees all aspects of the business. These weight management products help change people’s lives and this is why Blake Mallen co-founded the business. His goal was to help other people live their best lives and this includes looking their best.

Blake Mallen is also interested in helping people live their best lives by inspiring them to live and create. He wants people to look at the limitations that life presents to them and choose differently. Choose to give back to their communities and choose to go after what they want in life. This is what Blake Mallen did in his own life. He decided to build his own company and find success in an unconventional way.

One of Mallen’s most successful projects was building the revenue for his ViSalus brand. He started a “Challenge Marketing” strategy that helped people reach their fitness goals and weight loss goals. This challenge marketing strategy brought in almost $2 billion in sales. These are the differences that Mallen makes with his companies. He looks for interesting perspectives that he can use to inspire and motivate people. Mallen believes that if people feel inspired and motivated then they will be more successful when reaching for their goals. He also believes that these are the best customers to have because this is a win-win situation.

Mallen loves to give back and frequently speaks at international events and national conferences on how to shake up your life to make the most of your life. Mallen speaks on topics such as organizational culture, brand building, lifestyle millennial marketing, social media marketing, entrepreneurship, personal growth, leadership and how to succeed in the global lifestyle industry.

How Blake Mallen Capitalized On The Gig Economy Before It Was A Thing

Equities First Holdings- Geeks News

Equities First Holdings – Helping Businesses And Individuals To Get A Loan

Equities First Holdings has a loan offer that is perfect for people who have a hard time obtaining a loan from a traditional lender. It is called the stock-based loan and it allows people to use their stocks as collateral. Equities First Holdings has a streamlined loan process and its professionals are committed to rendering outstanding service clients.

Talkspace: Keeping Mental Health on Track

Today, it seems as if mental health is all that is being talked about. That being said, there is a new technology that is allowing users who have a mental illness to get assistance from a therapist via text message. It even goes as far as sending video or audio messages to your assigned therapist who in turn gets you on a program of treatment that can get you through your day. Millions of users have hopped on board to join Talkspace. It’s an innovative genius way of getting people in contact faster with a therapist that can help ease their mental anguish that is crushing their daily spirits. The reviews about the platform seem endless in that people are sharing that the application is life changing. Read this article here.

Talkspace Reviews, as many have put it, is giving them their life back in way they could have never imagined. The platform is so easy that a representative can get you matched with a therapist who gets you set on an online therapy plan within days or much less. One user points out that its the privacy and texting sessions that allows her to feel normal even though suffering from mental illness.

Talkspace is giving an instant gratification to those waiting to talk to someone about their negative worries that is harming their positive thoughts. The ability to sign up for as little as $49 a week is exciting to many users. It opens the door to getting affordable mental health care from a trained professional right from your own computer terminal in your room. They can enjoy extensive chats either live or by typing their hearts away sharing some of their troubling obstacles that prevent them from being generally happy. Reviews are on-going about the Talkspace platform that has several matched with a therapist that they feel truly cares.

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Blake Mallen Billion Dollar Entrepreneur Gives Back

Millennial lifestyle entrepreneur and philanthropist Blake Mallen enjoys giving back to the world through several charitable organizations. Blake is co-founder of ViSalus, a company based out of Los Angelos, CA and Italy.

Blake Mallen built ViSalus from an idea based on a healthy lifestyle. ViSalus has helped millions around the globe achieve weight loss and live a healthier lifestyle since it was created.

Blake has a mission to live, create, and inspire. His mission includes helping families who need help by providing meals through ViCares. ViCares has supplied more than five million meals to families in need since it was created. ViCares also helps with disaster relief and community outreach.

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Who’s hungry..?! Drop a 🍎 below if right now you’re ready and willing to climb! 😉

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Blake Mallen also supports global efforts to help those in need through Liv2Giv. One of their goals is to help communities become self-reliant and sustainable on their own. Liv2Giv promotes volunteerism and offers service oriented experiences.

Blake Mallen actively invests in companies that align with his brand. One such company is HEAL which is a mobile healthcare platform which brings licensed doctors where they are needed.

Another way Blake Mallen gives back is by empowering others to begin to live the life they were meant to live. Mallen believes most people are living the life they were told they were supposed to live instead of the life they were meant to live.

Mallen travels worldwide giving lectures on how to change the script and turn your life in the direction you were meant to live. He also teaches about branding, leadership, and personal growth.

ViSalus, a global company, has helped more than three million people lose weight and change their lifestyle to live healthier. The Body by VI weight loss challenge not only crated two billion dollars in revenue for his company but was said to be the #1 Weight-Loss and Fitness Challenge in America.

Mallen who married his high school sweetheart makes time for his family everyday while not only living the life he was meant to live but running several global companies including ViSalus and continuing to give back to communities worldwide.Mallen believes that, “To be relevant tomorrow we must be innovating today” and he certainly lives it.

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Omeed Malik Learned About Finances And More Throughout His Career

Omeed Malik worked with many global organizations and learned many skills for dealing with them before he started his firm. He has a lot of experience and knowledge of businesses and is innovative in the way that he helps them. He knew that there was an opportunity for him to do something different by getting involved in business advisory, and he has been helping many companies since the start of his career.

Omeed Malik founded Farvahar Partners and serves as the CEO of the firm. He makes investments into both private and public marketplaces, and he knows a lot about the companies that he deals with and why they have or have not gone public. He shares his opinions and knowledge with others through interviews, and he is always learning more about market behavior. He has studied such companies as Lyft and knows a lot about the way that IPO has helped them. Omeed Malik knows a lot about the private and public market, and he knows that there is an opportunity for people to find success when they buy or sell in the private market.

Omeed Malik was born in New Jersey and attended Emory Law School and Colgate University. He spent some time working as a corporate lawyer and also some time working as a spokesperson for a representative. He worked in other positions before starting his investment firm, and he learned a lot throughout the years of his career. Omeed Malik developed many great skills because of the variety of work he did, and one of the most useful skills he learned early in his work is how to interact with people. He also learned a lot about finances throughout his career, and the knowledge that he gained through his experience has helped him open a valuable firm.

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How Can Isabel Dos Santos Improve Education In Africa?

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Só podemos caminhar para um mundo justo quando os nossos meninos e meninas tiverem as mesmas oportunidades desde cedo. As raparigas são muito mais do que ajudantes em casa. Podem ser as futuras presidentes de bancos, ministras, embaixadoras de uma associação internacional que vai fazer a diferença. Há um mundo de oportunidades! O nosso dever enquanto geração mais velha é lutar pelos seus direitos 🙌🏾 A educação é um dos caminhos para garantir que produzimos uma nova geração de jovens informados e qualificados para contribuir para as suas comunidades, Angola e África. Meninos e meninas, sem excepção 📚 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Educação #Angola #África #genderempowerment #igualdadedegénero We can only step forward into a fair world when our boys and girls have the same opportunities early on. Girls are much more than house helpers. They may be future bank presidents, ministers, ambassadors for an international association that will make a difference. There is a world of opportunities! Our duty as an older generation is to fight for their rights 🙌🏾 Education is one of the routes to ensuring that we produce a new generation of young people who are informed and skilled enough to contribute to their communities, to Angola and Africa. Boys and girls, without exception 📚

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Isabel dos Santos is the richest woman in Africa, and she is also a proponent of building the African economy. She knows that businesses need to put money into the economy, but she also knows that education plays a big part in how kids will grow with Africa. There are a few things that she does to make this a much better place to live, and each of them can be life-changing for a child in a small village. Visit her facebook page to learn more about her platforms.

Bringing Jobs To Africa

Isabel dos Santos works with many companies on their board of directors or as an investor. She has long been committed to making sure that the people who are getting jobs in technology and industry can be native Africans who were hired locally. She wants to see offices of her companies grow so that more people can make money and support their families.

Getting Kids Into School

Getting kids into school is a large part of how Africa can grow. When people meet with Isabel, they will learn how she has made big efforts to take care of school children. She is giving to charities that want to build and support schools, and she also wants to ensure that all these children know that they can find a college that will prepare them for the future.

The Economy Is Thriving

The economy of Africa is thriving, but that does not mean that it has stopped growing People like Isabel dos Santos want to see the African economy grow more so that they middle class can thrive. She also gives to charities that help women start businesses or get an education. Because of this, she can help women get out of small villages, leave abusive relationships, and support their children. Even a micro-loan can go a long way to helping someone have the very best life.


Isabel dos Santos is one of the most important businesspeople in all of Africa. She is investing in the future of Africa while also giving to charities that can support the people who need it most. By doing this, she can help the economy grow. Source:

Sharon Prince Speaks Up and Speaks Out

The pivot between men and women in the business industry is exponential, but by exercising a powerful voice in the field can cause change. Throughout Sharon Prince’s life and her career, she had to exercise her voice to make monumental changes to improve gender parity. Miss Prince understood the importance of an assertive voice, so she practiced in the moment to help build a confident voice. There has been an acceleration in the gender parity, but Miss Prince believes that daily we can bridge that gap.

Society denounces the efforts made by women in the workforce. Male-dominated industries lack respect for women who work just as hard as them. Sharon Prince continuously exercises her voice and speaks out against sexism. She distinguishes that type of language at the moment and immediately addresses the issue. Although sexism has decreased, it’s still very prominent and persistent in the industry. Lexicon scholars have generated articles about how language is a powerful factor that progresses gender discrimination. It also goes on to confirm those societal asymmetries of hierarchy and power are favorable to men.

Sharon Prince speaks up and speaks out to break down these unrighteous societal norms. For decades Miss Prince has raised numerous questions about sexism and lack of gender parity. Exercising a powerful voice gives you the ability to be clear, concise, and clever. In Miss Prince’s youth, she often took the opportunity to rebut slanderous comments. In her later years she still regularly exercises her voice to advocate for individuals whos voices are trampled over.

Sharon Prince has developed a strong team with powerful voices of all genders. They promote good in a corrupt world. Demolishing a corrupt ideology is necessary to create change. Sharon Prince Grace Farms and her team embrace hopeful progress to generate a world of respect and parity.

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Financial Advisor Igor Cornelsen Explains The Benefits Of Earning A Passive Income

Igor Cornelsen is a financial advisor who owns and operates Bainbridge Investment Inc. He started this firm in 1995 after working in the Brazilian banking industry for 25 years. He has been the chief executive officer and a board member of some of Brazil’s largest banks. He was educated at the Federal University of Parana where he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics.

He started his career in 1970 at Multibanco where he was their top investment banker. His performance landed him a place on their board of directors. Two years later he was named as the chief executive officer. His success continued at Unibanco, where he led their investment group until 1985. That year, inflation shot up in Brazil, which devastated the economy.

Igor Cornelsen also worked for London Merchant Bank, which has since been renamed Libra Bank PLC. He was on the company’s board of directors for seven years and its Brazilian representative. He exited this position to concentrate on starting Bainbridge Investment.

One investment strategy that he endorses is investing in passive income. Some people don’t want to be directly involved with their investments and would rather earn income from them passively. The goal is to find a good income-generating source and then let the money roll in. Once in awhile, they check how things are going but otherwise this type of investor is hands-off.

The money will continue to come in regardless of what the investor is doing or where they are. Igor Cornelsen says they could be on an international vacation for two weeks but are still earning an income from their investments. He calls this a guarantee of income flow.

Investing in a passive income opportunity is usually a one-off event. The investor doesn’t need to monitor it or pay a professional to do so for them. Once it is up and running, no additional money is required.

Dr. Sam Jejurikar Is Passionate About Making Plastic Surgeries Safer

Dr. Sam Jejurikar does a variety of surgeries and works on various parts of the body, including the face. He is known for his knowledge of plastic surgery and for the compassion that he shows his patients. He was given an award for being a compassionate doctor in 2012 and was one of the few doctors to receive that award. And, it was given to him because of the reviews that his patients had given him.

Dr. Sam Jejurikar is board certified and does cosmetic surgery on the breast, face, and body. He is always looking for safer ways to do each of his surgeries, and he is learning how to make breast augmentation better than ever. He knows that not all silicone implants are equal, and he tries to give his patients the best. Dr. Sam Jejurikar is looking for ways to improve the technology behind the surgeries that he does. And, he is also trying to change his techniques so that his surgeries are as safe and easy to recover from as possible, and he is working with other doctors to make surgeries safer.

Dr. Sam Jejurikar is a sensitive man, and his patients like to see that. He is also a passionate man, and he puts his full effort into the work that he does for each patient. He is a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, which is located in Dallas, TX. And he believes that his work is about more than science, but that it is about art, as well.

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