Isabel dos Santos Significant Contributed in Successful For Women in Africa

Isabel dos Santos is a striking figure in entrepreneurship. She is the top wealthiest businesswoman in Africa. Having made her way up all by herself has earned Isabel a great name and respect in the entrepreneurship world. She is a mentor and a role model for women all across the globe. Isabel implements her acquired knowledge from school and vast experience to upgrade the lives of other people. She is the daughter of Jose dos Santos, the former President of Angola. Isabel pursued her elementary education in all-girls boarding school. She proceeded to London and majored in electrical engineering at one of the prestigious schools, King’s College London, UK. At this point, she met her husband Sindiki Dokolo, who hails from Zaire.

After her education, Isabel dos Santos ventured in business and established a great career in business. She earned her initial wealth from investing in Oil Company. Isabel also runs several posts in various high-end companies. Later on, she worked for her father and finally started her own companies. Isabel discovered her love and passion for development in the telecommunication industry through a strong partnership and investment in both Africa and various countries such as Portugal. Isabel dos Santos finally launched Unitel International in partnership with Telecom. Among her docket of ideas was to venture in philanthropic projects. The business became highly successful and paved the way for most of her concepts in charity and her charitable projects that she has initiated across Africa.

Isabel began to devote her impressive success and power to help the dwellers of her motherland Africa. She has engaged herself in successive prosperity since then. Isabel firmly believes in her potential to initiate jobs just by the use of computer and internet. It is an incredibly beneficial step towards creating an opportunity since it has a little opportunity cost with massive returns. Isabel dos Santos primary goal is to help the poor and oppressed women. She believes in herself and that her outstanding contribution can offer African women an opportunity in the world of business. She aims at promoting agriculture in Africa by use of modern technology and thriving for various investments in Africa. Isabel has tremendously contributed in sowing seeds to a strawberry farm since it’s currently among the most credible sources for income and nutrients.

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