Isabel dos Santos: Securing a High Quality of Life for Africa

Isabel dos Santos: Securing a High Quality of Life for Africa

Isabel dos Santos wants what is best for her home country of Angola. She has been an ambassador and an activist, consistently pushing politicians and successful business leaders to invest their capital to improve Angola’s infrastructure such as telecommunication networks. Now, she is passionately expressing the need for all Africans to partner together to help build a better continent. Isabel dos says that there are many commonalities across the people, the cultures and the countries that make the African continent their home.

Their commonalities, in her eyes, are far greater than the differences. She has seen living examples and a role model of this as she meets with ex-African nationals while traveling to other continents such as Asia, Europe and the United States of America. The love that these ex-African residents have for their home countries is striking. They, too, only want what is best for their country and Africa as a whole. According to Isabel, she sees how emotional they are and wants to see more of this throughout Africa today.

Africa has many challenges to overcome and Isabel dos Santos understands that Africans are many, culturally diverse, multi-talented and innovative. She strongly believes that they will be able to make their dreams come true because they are living in the land of opportunity. She claims Africa’s future is bright because she recognizes that Africans always support the people who live in their communities. They work together to make improvements to their societies. She has reached out to many of the youth in the more economically challenged communities in Angola, and have been supporting them with funding and educational opportunities through her entrepreneurial programs. It is her hope that the youth in other communities across Africa can get the same support so they can continue to improve. Click here.


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