Betsy DeVos Aims to Complete Dream of Education Reform

There have been many education reform issues in the latest administration. School safety has been one of the main priorities for the new US Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. As she was appointed in 2017, many have said that she didn’t have the experience as a teacher to be working at this level. However, that hasn’t stopped the businesswoman and philanthropist from helping students across the country.


DeVos has built a platform on educational choice. While it hasn’t always been praised by those working in the educational community, educational choice is a way out for those in impoverished communities who would be forced to go to dangerous, failing schools. In many areas of the country, students fear going to school, and they aren’t getting the education that they need because it’s difficult to get funding with lower test scores.


Standardized testing has been problematic for America’s schools. The problem with determining funding by standardized test scores is that schools with less resources tend to get less and less, as their students aren’t able to learn at the same level as schools with higher funding and more resources. DeVos has acknowledged this problem, and it’s clear that there has to be a better solution than continuing to support it.


However, her proposal to use educational choice as a way to relieve these schools has been a problem for many in the education community. They don’t believe that the funding doesn’t come from tax dollars for example. DeVos has debunked this several times, but it’s clear that educators still want more funding to go to public schools.


DeVos has been working on the problem for some time now. Even though she has been criticized for her lack of experience, she is a businesswoman and reformer first. She has said that students will always come first in her mind, and she hopes that educators want to place students above all others as well, when it comes to education reform.


DeVos has been touring the states with the First Lady Melania Trump in order to promote educational choice a step further. The pair started the tour off in Miami. Florida has one of the best programs for educational choice in the country. In this state, students are able to choose between magnet schools, charter schools, homeschooling, virtual schools, and private schools. Florida even has its own virtual K thru 12 school where students can log on and learn any subject.


Betsy DeVos continues to work hard for students in other areas as well. School safety became a major concern in the past several years, but it was in 2017 that she was appointed to lead the way for new gun violence protection in schools.


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