The Importance of Modern Day Lawyers with Jeremy Goldstein

Throughout the natural evolution of the world, a few features have become noticeably apparent. The first is the increased globalized state of corporations. Business can now be conducted in all regions of the world from just a computer. Similarly, there is also more money flowing between the currencies of the world. Jeremy Goldstein is someone sitting on the front-lines of the modern day economy. The role of a lawyer has never been more important. He has a job to ensure companies follow all ethical protocols in making their living. During an interview with Ideamesch, Jeremy Goldstein expands on his history and personal touch.


Jeremy Goldstein had a deep interest in studying law from a young age. As a child from New York City he saw how people and businesses collide in unique ways all the time. He become inspired to help settle these disputes, while leaving a lasting legacy for the next generation. It was under these conditions he attended Cornell University and the University of Chicago for his academic degrees. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates was founded soon after his schooling was completed. This would be a firm that specialized in bringing effective solutions to complex business disputes that arose between multiple parties.


The firm was born out of a void that opened in the market during a period of reform. There was an industry wide shift of businesses cutting off sections of their company, which in turn would provided an extensive list of cases to be resolved. A typical case usually involves in interpersonal look into client’s private life and where changes can be made going forward. He has to be on call at all times to ensure clients receiving timely advice on whatever issue arises. He’ll stick to a handful of cases at any given time. Jeremy Goldstein finds that his best work comes out of the personal one on one discussion he has with clients.


While looking at the industry as a whole and the impact of his work to this day, Jeremy Goldstein sees a noticeable pair of trends from his experience. The first is the fact of giving personable advice on a client. Having this information offers insight into how a decisions might affect them outside of the office, which has some into play before. At the same time, cases these days rarely surprise him. He has more or less realized the patterns that tend to appear in the law business.


The attorney industry is filled many bright minds from all walks of life. Jeremy Goldstein stems from a region where cultural and innovation in new dynamic ways. This keeps him and his team on their toes as new clients walk into the office.


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