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As a proficient doctor and founder of the practice Treasure Coast Dermatology, Dr. Tim Ioannides focuses on providing patients with medical dermatology procedures. It was during his time in his medical residency that Tim Ioannides found his passion in life: foregoing cosmetic procedures to help his patients by focusing solely on the medical aspects of dermatology.

Founded on this determination to provide these life-changing medical procedures to the area of Port St. Lucie, Martin, and Indian River counties in Florida, Treasure Coast Dermatology grew from new business to a thriving chain of practices. To champion his patient-first mentality, Tim Ioannides works to see every patient personally as they come to his office. Refusing to use the computer to take patient notes, Ioannides always works to grow closer to his patients by dictating his notes and never using physician extenders.

As a highly-qualified dermatologist, Dr. Tim Ioannides provides his patients with the highest of care. Ioannides’ qualifications include extensive training from the University of Miami’s School of Medicine, as well as an internship with the University of Florida’s School of Medicine, and a residency completed thought Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery Department. During his early days of schooling, Tim Ioannides found passion for dermatology and fell in love with working as a teacher as well. Today, he works in a voluntary Associate Professor role at the University of Medicine. This position allows him to give back to the school that gave him so much during his formative years.

Outside of operating his practice and working as a professor, Dr. Tim Ioannides is an active member of several prominent professional organizations. A board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Ioannides also makes it a point to keep up with his membership for the following organizations: the American Society for Mohs Surgery, the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Dermatology, and the Florida Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery.

As a man devoted to professional development and committed to giving his patients the care they deserve, Tim Ioannides is a treasured member of Florida’s dermatology community. Though Ioannides has served his community tirelessly for the past 15 years, he is committed to spending his life treating each patient with the respect and care they deserve as he shares that he “just wants to make people well”.

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