Teach To One Re-Imagines Math Education

Math can be an incredibly difficult subject for some students to pick up on, and it can be frustrating for teachers, students, and faculty alike to craft a curriculum that will help kids develop the math skills they’ll need later in life. Luckily there’s a new solution, Teach To One, that focuses on a highly individualized approach to teaching math to students — and the early results are beyond promising. As a nonprofit organization, Teach To One has been massively successful in its mission so far, and it’s only trending upwards as we head into the future of education.

Teach To One works by getting away from the “one size fits all” method that has been commonplace for generations, and instead focuses on getting students engaged in their work by providing them with a pathway and learning experience that is totally unique to them. This allows teachers to “meet kids where they’re at” instead of consistently having to go too slow for some kids, while simultaneously going too fast for other kids. Another thing that sets Teach To One apart from so many other programs, is that it is co-founded and ran by a former 5th-grade math teacher, Joel Rose, who saw firsthand the challenges that students faced when attempting to learn and develop their math skills. Having the teacher’s perspective has always been a core focus of the Teach To One business model, and it shows in the way that the entire program is constructed.

The program got its (highly successful) start in New York City, and it has since taken its school-based learning model to other large cities including Chicago and Washington D.C. Its expansion is proving what its founders and users already know — Teach To One is unlike any other educational program of its kind because it helps students at a personal level as they work to develop their math skills. And while not every student will grow up to be a mathematician, Teach To One program has provided many kids with the roadmap to learning and understanding mathematical concepts that they otherwise may have never picked up on.


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