Kevin Plank Wants Colleges To Abandon An Unfair System For College Athletes

One of the most unfair things in America is that college players don’t get paid. Colleges earn billions of dollars from their contracts with TV networks. They then pay the coach like $5 million for sitting on the sidelines. The college players who do most of the work on the field and at a practice get nothing. Kevin Plan, the Chief Executive Officer of Under Armour, also thinks that this unfair.

Kevin Plank believes that a college athlete should get some sort of financial compensation for their name, likeness, or image. They should get paid for marketing and they should be able to get sponsorship deals.

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Being the CEO of Under Armour, a company that sells and makes sports accessories and clothes, Kevin Plank does have experience with this issue. His company has formed working relationships with professional athletes. His company does have contracts with professional athletes to advertise his brand. He thinks that they work well for his company and the athletes. He is not allowed to make such contracts with college athletes.

Kevin Plank does not think that it is a fair system. College teams are making a ton of profit. The fact that college athletes cannot participate in making more profit for the college is completely hypocritical. Most major colleges $2 partnerships with companies like Under Armour already. For example, Under Armour has a contract with UCLA for 15 years that is worth $280 million. All the money from the contract will go to UCLA’s athletic program. The athletes will get better facilities and services, but they will not get one nickel of the $280 million.

Essentially, college athletes play for free. Professional athletes can have huge salaries with very generous bonuses and frills. When student-athletes play for a university or college, they cannot get any sort of compensation due to NCAA guidelines. This system has been around for decades.

Is this system fair? According to Kevin Plank, it is not fair.

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