October, 2019

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As a proficient doctor and founder of the practice Treasure Coast Dermatology, Dr. Tim Ioannides focuses on providing patients with medical dermatology procedures. It was during his time in his medical residency that Tim Ioannides found his passion in life: foregoing cosmetic procedures to help his patients by focusing solely on the medical aspects of dermatology.

Founded on this determination to provide these life-changing medical procedures to the area of Port St. Lucie, Martin, and Indian River counties in Florida, Treasure Coast Dermatology grew from new business to a thriving chain of practices. To champion his patient-first mentality, Tim Ioannides works to see every patient personally as they come to his office. Refusing to use the computer to take patient notes, Ioannides always works to grow closer to his patients by dictating his notes and never using physician extenders.

As a highly-qualified dermatologist, Dr. Tim Ioannides provides his patients with the highest of care. Ioannides’ qualifications include extensive training from the University of Miami’s School of Medicine, as well as an internship with the University of Florida’s School of Medicine, and a residency completed thought Jackson Memorial Hospital’s Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery Department. During his early days of schooling, Tim Ioannides found passion for dermatology and fell in love with working as a teacher as well. Today, he works in a voluntary Associate Professor role at the University of Medicine. This position allows him to give back to the school that gave him so much during his formative years.

Outside of operating his practice and working as a professor, Dr. Tim Ioannides is an active member of several prominent professional organizations. A board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Ioannides also makes it a point to keep up with his membership for the following organizations: the American Society for Mohs Surgery, the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Dermatology, and the Florida Society of Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery.

As a man devoted to professional development and committed to giving his patients the care they deserve, Tim Ioannides is a treasured member of Florida’s dermatology community. Though Ioannides has served his community tirelessly for the past 15 years, he is committed to spending his life treating each patient with the respect and care they deserve as he shares that he “just wants to make people well”.

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Vijay Eswaran: From Rags to Riches

Vijay Eswaran: From Rags to Riches

Few success stories in the world are as dramatic as Vijay Eswaran’s. Although he is quite well-known now as an international business leader and chairman of QI Group, Vijay was not always so successful. In fact, he comes from quite humble origins, which makes his current status all the more impressive.

Here is a brief overview of Vijay’s journey from rags to riches.

Early Life

Vijay was born on the Malaysian island of Penang in1960. As a financial powerhouse and arguably the most important Malaysian city in competition with Kuala Lumpur, Penang has historically been a breeding ground for entrepreneurial activities. From its inception in the 18th century as an important trading hub for the British East India Company, many success stories have begun in Penang, including Vijay’s. His family was by no means wealthy – his mother was a teacher and his father was the leader of a Hindu youth organization.

Working His Way Through School

Like many people who climb to the top, Vijay was handed nothing on a silver platter. He worked all throughout his education as a taxi driver, among other things, before graduating from the London School of Economics in 1984 and later earning his MBA from Southern Illinois University in 1986.

Founding QI

Vijay finished his self-financed Western education and returned to his native region in 1998. He went on to found QI Group, an expansive and multi-faceted e-commerce business, from the ground up.

Under his aggressive leadership, QI Group quickly expanded to become a leading business throughout Southeast and East Asia, with offices now in over 10 countries and growing.

Not resting on his success, Vijay has continued to steer his company into the future, with plans to open the so-called QI City, a uniquely forward-looking commercial and residential development valued in the range of hundreds of millions US dollars.

Lessons for Young Entrepreneurs

Vijay has inspired countless young aspiring business leaders with his tenacious hunger for growth. In today’s world, negativity about the economic future is rampant worldwide, but Vijay provides a bit of hope that anyone, even the son of a Malaysian youth leader, can still achieve success.

Ara Chackerian Shows What a Good Investment Looks Like With TMS Health Solutions

A lot of funding that goes into healthcare comes from private sector individuals. Serial entrepreneurs and wealthy businessmen who want to contribute to the advancing cause of better health care and better quality of life. For many this amounts to investing in start-up companies that are peddling innovative and advancing forms of medical treatment. Ara Chackerian is no stranger to this as he has invested in numerous start-ups over the course of his stellar career. In fact, Ara Chackerian is mostly known for his start-up investments in the medical field. It is his claim to fame as well as his passion.

Chackerian is an advocate for the medical cause. It is not just something he invests in but also something he believes in. The serial entrepreneur and philanthropist writes many articles about the healthcare market for publications like Medium and follows all the recent trends in the medical field. He also offers a lot of advice to young entrepreneurs who are looking to start investing themselves. Chackerian believes the best way to invest in anything is to know as much about it as possible. Investors need to be as informed as possible, and they also need to invest in something they are interested in. He also says proper investing is knowing when to walk away.

A great example of a successful investment can be applied to Chackerian’s co-founded TMS Health Solutions company. Ara and his partners founded TMS under the banner of ASC Capital Holdings LLC. TMS is a medical treatment called transcranial magnetic stimulation. It is a device-led treatment that focuses on mental conditions like depression. The treatment has experienced a lot of success and is currently being applied to other serious mental conditions as well. Chackerian first became aware of the treatment thanks to a fellow partner. His interest grew when he encountered Dr. Richard Bermudas. Bermudas had actually been using the treatment in his own practice since it was approved. Chackerian saw its potential and formed TMS to help Bermudas utilize the treatment without the red tape. Today, TMS Health Solutions has seven locations and offers treatment covered by numerous healthcare plans. Find out more about Ara Chackerian: https://patch.com/california/san-francisco/gauging-healthcare-startups-ara-chackerian-boom-or-boost

The MAGFAST Charger Moves Fast to Change Tech History

The new MAGFAST charger might soon change the way people power up their handheld devices. People want conveniences, and MAGFAST intends to deliver.

Should charging your smartphone or tablet come with any hassles? Theoretically, the experience should entirely hassle-free. The difficulty level in plugging in your charging chords to the devices isn’t that high. When you discover that the chord is compatible with one device and not the other, the difficulty level switches over to impossible. At least for one device, it is.

And what about the terrible tangles the many chords deliver when they are compatible. Straightening out the mess brings about many hassles. You could even ruin a chord by getting too rough with untangling.

Don’t let these images stick in your mind. The new wireless MAGFAST charger arrives to move fans of consumer electronics beyond all these woes. The MAGFAST name represents a new line of wireless magnetic chargers. The elimination of wires and chords makes tangles a thing of the past. And the magnets do something else. Depending upon how you connect everything, the chargers could create something decorative. Yes, you can add a “little something nice” to a room, a functional something that charges your smartphone.

What about compatibility? Wireless charges can work with more than one type of device. Don’t worry about buying and saving tons of different charging chords.

The new MAGFAST charger puts all this innovation on display. Thank Seymour Segnit for his hard work. The entrepreneur raised the capital necessary to make MAGFAST a reality. He didn’t go to venture capitalists for the money. Segnit opted to employ crowdfunding strategies to raise money. He didn’t only raise funds. He raised around $250,000 in about 15 minutes.

The fundraising shows promise for MAGFAST. Fans of technology gravitate towards innovative products that make life easier. These chargers fit that category.


Kevin Plank: From The Basement To A Global Brand

Kevin Plank was able to combine his love of sports with his passion for entrepreneurship by founding Under Armour in 1996. The Chief Executive Officer of the popular sports brand earned his BA in Business Administration in 1996 and his MBA at the University of Maryland. In the early 1990s, he was a walk-on for the football team at the University of Maryland and during this time he heard a lot of the other players complain about how sweaty their t-shirts were getting underneath all of their pads and safety equipment. Not only were these wet shirts uncomfortable, but they also caused problems in regards to regulating body temperature. Changing shirts every few minutes wasn’t an option as it took a lot of time to take off and then replace the uniforms and safety equipment. Kevin Plank realized that there really weren’t any better options than the ones that they were using and he set out to make one of his own.

Under Armour was not the only company that Kevin Plank has creating during his life. In college, he created a business around Valentine’s Day delivering flowers. While there was a rather short length of time that he had to perform well, he was able to clear around $17,000 working from his dorm room. His inspiration for the Under Armour brand came from the shorts made out of synthetic fabric that he wore during practice. They didn’t soak up sweat like the cotton t-shirts that they were all wearing did and Kevin Plank began wondering why they didn’t make shirts out of similar material.

After graduating, he decided to start making his idea into a reality and began working on a prototype. The undergarment that Kevin Plank designed was skin tight and made out of elastic, synthetic material that could wick away sweat instead of allowing it to soak into the material and cause discomfort. Instead of renting space for his office, he worked out of his grandma’s basement. Using his old teammates as test subjects, he was able to perfect his prototype and develop it into a successful business.

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