Ryan Seacrest Is One Celebrity Who Maintains A Very Busy Schedule

As one of America’s most popular and easily recognizable media personalities, Ryan Seacrest has been in the public eye for several decades now. While he is well-known around the world for being the longtime host of the American Idol television program, Ryan Seacrest is also a highly accomplished radio program host and TV producer. with a comedian named Brian Dunkleman. Mr. Dunkleman left the program after one year, and Seacrest became the show’s only host.


From 2002 until 2016, American Idol aired on Fox, and since 2018 the show has been airing on the ABC network. Ryan Seacrest has been hosting the music talent show for 17 seasons now, and will be hosting Season 18 in 2020. Besides hosting the American Idol TV program, the busy Ryan Seacrest is the co-host of the Live with Kelly and Ryan television talk show program. This program airs on weekday mornings, and Mr. Seacrest started co-hosting it in 2017. Since 2004, Ryan Seacrest has been hosting a live, national radio program named On Air With Ryan Seacrest


The program is aired on more than 130 U.S. and Canadian radio websites, and is broadcast from Los Angeles. In addition to this weekday, syndicated program, Mr. Seacrest has been hosting the American Top 40 music countdown show since 2004. As busy as he is with all of his entertainment-related pursuits, Ryan Seacrest has still established himself as an accomplished television producer (Forbes). 


Additionally, Mr. Seacrest maintains a line of men’s clothing named Ryan Seacrest Distinction, as well as a line of men’s grooming products called Polished. While he is consistently active in several forms of media and entertainment, Ryan Seacrest also maintains a non-profit, philanthropic organization known as the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. This foundation is focused on helping children, and it operates broadcast media centers at ten different children’s hospitals. 


Keep jon reading https://www.tvinsider.com/774458/biggest-stars-on-tv-2019-ryan-seacrest/ about Seacrest latest business projects. 

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