December, 2019

Steve Ritchie Welcomes New Position as CEO and to Bring Papa John’s to Next Level of Growth

In 1996 Steve Ritchie came to Papa John’s to apply for a job. He may or may not have seen how much activity was surrounding the company that had just launched its IPO just three years earlier in 1993. After one year of its IPO, whether because of the growth from the IPO or what had already been growing from its beginning in 1983, Papa John’s had 500 restaurants throughout the country. Following 1994-1997, just three years later, we have the reports that Papa John’s had grown to 1,500 restaurants throughout the country and internationally. It surely a sign of what was to come and figures that must have been on pizza-purveyors minds throughout the country. Steve Ritchie arrived just as this flurry of activity was beginning to take place in the Papa John Culture. Steve Ritchie was hired as a customer service representative, a part of the fast-food delivery service that was both common but necessary. Common because someone had to be the face of the corporation when people came to order pizzas, but necessary because of the segmentation of each duty as part of a logistic chain from receiving the order to its going out the door or in the case of Papa John’s the door with the deliver-drivers to the door with the customer. Steve Ritchie kept that position until 2006 when he took a different opportunity and ran with it for another eight years.

Customer Service to Franchise Owner

As mentioned above, Steve Ritchie was a customer service representative for his first ten years, but in 2006 he got the opportunity to get into the operations of Papa John and opened his own franchise. Managing a franchise day today would have been a different challenge for the new manager, but one that was possible to accomplish because of the new training facilities that Papa John required of all its new franchises. For those who worked with Steve Ritchie, they made it know that he was alway excellent in carrying out his responsibilities and eager to get promoted. One of the common practices of Papa John, which itself drew lots of people to the business, was the way it hired from within. Evidently from its beginning, 98% of its promotion to management positions came from three places at Papa John’s: delivery-drivers, hourly workers, or team-leaders.

Owner and Operator to COO

In 2014 Steve Ritchie was promoted to Chief Operations Officer, which would allow him to work day-to-day with the CEO and begin making decisions along with the upper executive staff. Then a year later, 2015, Steve Ritchie was promoted to President. Finally, in 2018, Steve Ritchie was lastly promoted to the position of Chief Executive Officer. A reporter who interviewed him that day report him as saying how “humbled” he felt in having the opportunity to work with such a great company and to have a role in helping the brand grow to the next level, a position he looked forward to. Steve Ritchie said he was looking forward to working with team-leaders and continuing the tradition of bringing excellent service to consumers who perceived Papa John’s to be the Number One Pizza company in the world.

The North Face and Steve Lesnard are Making Environmental Contributions to Stop Environmental Retributions

In lewd of the holiday season, The North Face has rolled out a line of eco-friendly products that they are excited to be providing to their loyal following. The company has always been committed to environmental causes and they are using the holidays to start the conversation about decreasing potentially harmful practices; they are also encouraging everyone to get active. Since being founded, the North Face has been about physical activity and saving parks, so they’re really getting into that this year with their Eco-Heritage collection.

While making this statement about helping the environment, they are also doing their part to decrease their own personal carbon footprint through the use of sustainable products and recycled supplies. The North Face team is working to make this project more impactful globally because only the world can save the world. And through careful craftsmanship and construction of their products, they are actually making environmentally-friendly fashion possible. The North Face has also committed to donating a portion of their proceeds to an environmentally-focused organization and they are putting this daunting choice in the hands of their customers.

As Global Vice President of Marketing, Steve Lesnard is working hard with the North Face marketing team to ensure that this reaches every corner of the world possible. Since being brought aboard, Steve Lesnard has made it his mission to ensure that the North Face is reaching their customers in every way they can and unifying their community in the fight against eco-catastrophe. The vote is on with the unveiling of the Future Light line and Eco-Heritage collection. Whether you choose to contribute to the Girl Scouts of America, The National Park Foundation or The Trust for Public Lands; The North Face and Steve Lesnard feel that either foundation is a great choice to make the environment and our parks a better place.

Jack Landsmanas Stern Establishes National Charitable Foundation

Jack Landsmanas Stern is an entrepreneur who lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico. His company is Kosmos Corporate. It is a major food processing company that provides meals across Mexico. He is also a philanthropist who has made providing safe, nutritious food to low-income families a priority. His company was established by his grandfather, Pablo Landsmanas. His father was born in Lithuania and emigrated to Mexico where he became an entrepreneur and businessman. He established the La Modelo butcher shop in 1959. He focused on providing high-quality meat to people. This led to the establishment of a food service firm, Sigma Alimentos. It became one of Mexico’s largest and most successful businesses in the Mexican food industry. Kosmos Corporate is a conglomerate made up of three companies. These are La Cosmpoltiana, Kol Tov, and Serel.

As chief executive officer, Jack Landsmanas Stern oversees a company that processes, delivers, and serves food across Mexico. The mission of his company is to improve the social, environmental, and economic health of Mexico. Kosmos Corporate is active in 30 Mexican states and provides three million meals daily. Jack Landsmanas Stern’s values include safeguarding the well-being and health of people, animals, and plants. His company operates in a sustainable fashion which protects the environment. Initiatives at Kosmos Corporate include reusing water and being energy efficient. It is one of Mexico’s most progressive ventures. He established the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation in 2016. Jack Landsmanas Stern named this organization after his grandfather. He says that his grandfather was a unique individual. He was a person with integrity, perseverance, and was always willing to help other people.

Jack Landsmanas Stern was inspired by his grandfather’s altruism and wanted to establish a foundation to preserve his legacy. The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation helps vulnerable families across Mexico. It provides free meals to Mexicans in need. Jack Landsmanas Stern has partnered with multiple philanthropic organizations. Through these partnerships, over half a million meals have been provided to teenage moms, orphans, people with addiction problems, people with HIV/AIDS, sexual assault victims, and people who have been the victim of labor exploitation. Jack Landsmanas Stern’s particular focus is on helping young people. He is working to eliminate child malnutrition throughout Mexico. Organizations he has partnered with on this effort include Casita de San Angel IAP, Comprehensive Assistance for Unprotected Children AC, and Casa Cuna La Paz AC.

Ryan Seacrest: A True Innovator in the Entertainment Industry

Ryan Seacrest is an American producer, television host, and radio personality. He is best known for hosting American Idol, American Top 40, Live with Kelly and Ryan, and On Air with Ryan Seacrest. He is also the co-host and executive producer of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. Ryan was nominated for an Emmy from 2004-2013, and in 2016 for American Idol. Seacrest won an Emmy in 2010 for producing the television series Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. He was also nominated in 2012. In 2018, Ryan received nominations for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host and Outstanding Talk Show Entertainment for Live with Ryan and Kelly. 


Ryan Seacrest Distinction was founded in 2014 and is a popular menswear brand that is known for iconic looks with a modern eye. The brand offers premium materials, detailing, design, and worth to tailored menswear. The label includes the Style Made Smart system into all of its clothing, which gives style points to help men devise a flawlessly coordinated look. Ryan Seacrest brand provides a wide range of products to include tailored clothing, pants, accessories, sweaters, outerwear, and more.


The Ryan Seacrest Foundation was founded in 2010. Selena Gomez was named as the Ambassador to the Foundation in 2012 by Mr. Seacrest. The nonprofit foundation has locations at the following medical centers: Children’s Hospital Colorado, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Boston Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Levine Children’s Hospital, and Children’s National Medical Center (Instagram). 


Ryan Seacrest was born in Atlanta, Georgia on December 24, 1974. His mother was a homemaker and his father was a real estate lawyer. He graduated from Dunwoody High School in 1992. After graduating, he pursued a degree in journalism at the University of Georgia. At age 19, he left the University before finishing his degree to pursue a broadcasting career in Hollywood. 

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