Jack Landsmanas Stern Establishes National Charitable Foundation

Jack Landsmanas Stern is an entrepreneur who lives and works in Mexico City, Mexico. His company is Kosmos Corporate. It is a major food processing company that provides meals across Mexico. He is also a philanthropist who has made providing safe, nutritious food to low-income families a priority. His company was established by his grandfather, Pablo Landsmanas. His father was born in Lithuania and emigrated to Mexico where he became an entrepreneur and businessman. He established the La Modelo butcher shop in 1959. He focused on providing high-quality meat to people. This led to the establishment of a food service firm, Sigma Alimentos. It became one of Mexico’s largest and most successful businesses in the Mexican food industry. Kosmos Corporate is a conglomerate made up of three companies. These are La Cosmpoltiana, Kol Tov, and Serel.

As chief executive officer, Jack Landsmanas Stern oversees a company that processes, delivers, and serves food across Mexico. The mission of his company is to improve the social, environmental, and economic health of Mexico. Kosmos Corporate is active in 30 Mexican states and provides three million meals daily. Jack Landsmanas Stern’s values include safeguarding the well-being and health of people, animals, and plants. His company operates in a sustainable fashion which protects the environment. Initiatives at Kosmos Corporate include reusing water and being energy efficient. It is one of Mexico’s most progressive ventures. He established the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation in 2016. Jack Landsmanas Stern named this organization after his grandfather. He says that his grandfather was a unique individual. He was a person with integrity, perseverance, and was always willing to help other people.

Jack Landsmanas Stern was inspired by his grandfather’s altruism and wanted to establish a foundation to preserve his legacy. The Pablo Landsmanas Foundation helps vulnerable families across Mexico. It provides free meals to Mexicans in need. Jack Landsmanas Stern has partnered with multiple philanthropic organizations. Through these partnerships, over half a million meals have been provided to teenage moms, orphans, people with addiction problems, people with HIV/AIDS, sexual assault victims, and people who have been the victim of labor exploitation. Jack Landsmanas Stern’s particular focus is on helping young people. He is working to eliminate child malnutrition throughout Mexico. Organizations he has partnered with on this effort include Casita de San Angel IAP, Comprehensive Assistance for Unprotected Children AC, and Casa Cuna La Paz AC.

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