Why is Jonathan Cornelissen Such an Important Figure in Data Science?

If you have been reading up on data science, then you may have come across the name of Jonathan Cornelissen. As the co-founder and CEO of DataCamp, one of the most reputable data science education platforms, Cornelissen holds a prominent presence in the data science community all over the world. Born in Antwerp, Belgium, Jonathan Cornelissen has been residing in New York for a while. Much of that is due to the fact that his company and other operations are based in the city, from where he helps serve the data science community all over the world. 


Through DataCamp, Jonathan Cornelissen has brought upon an awe-inspiring way to teach others about data science and the various nuances that are attached to the field. Established in July 2013, the platform has achieved significant success under Cornelissen’s leadership. Its level of popularity could be judged by how the company has grown to hold approximately 4 million students with roughly $28 million in annual revenue. Jonathan is DataCamp’s CEO ever since its inception. In addition to leading the company towards unprecedented success, he has also been integral in the field of technology by investing in various startups – all of which would be considered quite subversive due to what they bring to the table. 


Some of the most prominent ventures within Cornelissen’s investments include Kyso.io, Perch.fit, FlyThere.com, and CleverGirlFinance.com. Ranging from data analytics to drone flying, these platforms are slowly yet certainly gaining traction in their respective fields. Apart from running DataCamp and maintaining his status as an angel investor in the platforms as mentioned above, Jonathan Cornelissen also takes the time to share his research in the form of publications in reputable journals (Channel9). 


Throughout his career, Cornelissen has been a part of various publications, which remain highly cited by their target audience. All of these reasons contribute towards Cornelissen being such a prominent figure in the data science and technology industry. When Jonathan Cornelissen is not putting his entrepreneurship to the test or making use of his knowledge as a data scientist, he likes playing the piano. He has also been looking into blockchain technology, which alludes to the possibility that he might come up with something in that regard soon.


More on DataCamp´s academical services at https://github.com/jonathancornelissen 

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