Beliefs of Raffaele Riva

Raffaele Riva is a well-known successful entrepreneur within the trust investments, estate and wealth planning, real estate, asset management and international business industries. AUREA Multi Family Office is the parent company of several businesses. Some of these firms include BGB AUREA, Aurea Consulenti and Milano Fiduciaria. He is the founder of AUREA Multi Family Office and the president. At three of the firms, he still is an active leader. He has a passion for his work and it did not start with his current company.

Raffaele Riva received his economics degree and Dottore Commercialista degree from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. The latter allowed him to to be a Public Accountant in Italy. He then completed a post-grad program at Canton Ticino Management Business School. After that, he completed a post-grad program at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland.

Raffaele Riva gained much of his experience running a multinational company. It had operations in Canada, Central America, South America, Western Europe and South Africa. He founded and launched many businesses between 1997 and 2008. He also stayed an active leader in their developments. While working at a Big 4 firm in Italy and the U.K., he learned his international financing skills.

Raffaele Riva loves to read and always keeps in front of international news, economic trends and new technology. He is always craving new things to learn and throughout his career has kept his passion. He brings his enthusiasm and passion to every business he has founded. That he will change course from listening to unique ideas is a key to his success. His attitude to life and business helps to keep an optimistic and trusting mindset. If you wake up every morning looking for more ways to help your client, then you will boost your business.

Austin, Texas, Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a plastic surgeon in Austin Texas. Her practice offers a wide variety of procedures from, face and body surgery, hair restoration services, vaginal rejuvenation, IV hydration therapy, and many other services for a healthy body and mind. Dr. Walden has received great reviews from past and current patients that can be found on her website. A few of Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews listed on her website will be summarized that express the great care and attention Dr. Walden gives to her patients.


Dr. Walden gives exceptional care from the moment she meets her patients, until after the patient is healed and happy, post procedure. Patients who have complicated issues from past procedures, can rest assured, that Dr. Walden is going to take the time necessary to learn about what type of procedure the patient had in the past, the healing process or lack thereof, to why the patients is back looking for revision work. Dr. Walden has made previous disaster surgeries look amazing, which leaves the patient ecstatic about their new body. Dr. Walden is comprehensive and a perfectionist in the very best way. She comes highly recommend for not only her work, but for being a great listener and very compassionate.

Patients are expressing through their reviews that they are incredibly pleased with their procedures. The patients not only think of her has an amazing surgeon, but as an artist. Patients feel so confident in Dr. Walden’s judgement, that some are expressing their desires, then leaving the final outcome in terms of size and other factors up to Dr. Walden. She hits the mark, which leaves patients feeling like their body has the proportions it was always meant to have.

Perfect, is another word described in Dr. Jennifer Walden Reviews, listed on her website. Five stars is not enough to describe the experiences patients are receiving from Dr. Walden. Patients who drive several hours to have procedures done by Dr. Walden, feel that it is well worth it. Dr. Walden has received hundreds of reviews recommending anyone seeking surgery of any kind to have her do the work for them.

The Prestigious Sergey Petrossov

Sergey PetrossovAt the University of Florida, Sergey Petrossov was brought to tech and computer science. He was involved as a student in a live-chatting company, laying the basis for his interest in a technology profession. In another initiative he co-founded, which provided distance teaching facilities to Russian-speaking colleges in Eastern Europe, his technological knowledge was crucial. In his moment, Petrossov’s foundation of knowledge in private jets was established as a board consultant to a business operating corporate jets and offering on-demand charter facilities to its vast Gulfstream jet fleet.

Since high school when he established his first business, Sergey Petrossov strong job ethic and desire to succeed as a businessman has been obvious: a tire rim import/export company for luxury vehicles. Now, Petrossov is JetSmarter’s founder and CEO, an app-based mobile group designed to assist individuals to move through private jet for a percentage of the price and like meeting like-minded individuals. JetSmarter reinvented personal air travel by creating it accessible and simple, eliminating what is deemed an antiquated reservation scheme in favor of a simplified, technological option. By allowing visitors to move around the world to more than 170 nations.

Sergey Petrossov

The safest way to succeed is to find the best way to communicate with the crowd or the industry after development. Marketing has forever been at the top of the list of priorities for good businesses, and this is even truer now that there is a digital landscape in which JetSmarter is full of advertising outlets and possibilities to immediately interact with the customer base.

As an entrepreneur, Petrossov has a strong focus on two factors: keeping his professional network and developing a reliable brand and tale that can be related. Similar to advertising, the item they sell is probable to endure if a firm or manager is shown in an adverse light. However, the probability of achievement is greater if the individual behind the item, and the brand itself, has a related tale and demonstrates prospective clients that it provides importance. That’s why Petrossov requires his time to create up his personal connections and the JetSmarter brand.

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What is Privinvest?

Global shipbuilding group, Privinvest is a company that has been at the forefront of ship manufacturing innovation since its entry into the sector in 1990. The company came out of the gate purchasing a French shipyard and has grown into an international shipbuilding empire. The company has headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon, and facilities in the United Arab Emirates, France, the UK, and Germany.

For over two decades Privinvest has put together a group of affiliates that have taken the global shipbuilding industry to the next level. Together, the international facilities have engineered, designed, and constructed some of the most recognized aquatic vessels such as the Combattante, the Vigilante, and “Sailing Yacht A”.

These amazing designs have earned Privinvest the reputation as an industry innovator, under the guidance of CEO and co-founder Iskandar Safa. The ingenuity of the company has stretched the imagination of what developers thought was possible. Privinvest pioneered the development of the “Fast-Attack Craft” and set a benchmark for the worldwide shipbuilding market.

With over 2,500 employees around the world at its various facilities, Privinvest has allowed countries that wanted to engage in the global shipbuilding sector a chance to have a meaningful contribution to the industry. With shipyards in continents across the globe, this company is dedicated to keeping up with and leading the way in this area of the ship- manufacturing world.

Having delivered its international clientele more than 2,000 vessels, Privinvest supplies vessels to navies in 40 nations around the world, in addition to, designing cutting-edge commercial ships and luxurious mega yachts. Forever innovative, the organization advanced naval technology into commercial and securities installations.

As far as R&D goes, Privinvest has heavily invested in the renewable industry, in efforts to help provide a better tomorrow. Putting a significant investment in alternative energy startups, Privinvest has made substantial headway in terms of tidal and river turbine technology. The company has engineered and developed turbine parks worldwide.

As an industry leader, Privinvest Group has stood for innovation at every turn, by not only keeping up with the competition but also dictating the pace and going where shipbuilders in the past dared not venture.



Laerte Codonho: The Fight to Defend Against Competitors

Founded in 1987 by Laerte Codonho, Dolly is a well-known soft drink company in Brazil that has quickly gained the respect and attention from the citizens of Brazil. Since it’s creation, Dolly’s fortunes quickly grew due to widespread aggressive marketing tactics, and by being the first to sell diet soft drinks after proving to the government that the artificial sweeteners used were safe for public consumption. Dolly remained the center of attention furthering its growth in the early 2000s by entering the guarana soda market, which is a highly popular soft drink in Brazil (Askreporter).


Since it’s founding Dolly was a soft drink company beloved by many. However, as his success grew resentment towards Laerte Codonho and his company grew by his competitors. In Brazil the soft drink industry was a highly competitive one. For Dolly to receive attention having great success, their success took away from the success and profit of its competitors. As competitor soft drink companies’ profits decreased their resentment grew, especially after Dolly’s emergence into the guarana soda market taking away from its competitors even further.


No matter the industry, in the world of business a company’s can change at any moment. This truth Laerte Codonho learned the hard way in the early 2000s when legal officials investigated him on several occasions at the height of his success. He believed the onslaught of legal actions against him was due to the actions of Coca Cola, one of his international competitors. Laerte Codonho’s claims are not baseless. In several interviews given by former Coca Cola executives they singled out Dolly for elimination from the soft drink industry, as well the accountant for Dolly having ties to Coca Cola caused Dolly to be charged with tax evasion when the accountant failed to pay the required taxes for the soft drink company. 


As a result of the siege of legal actions against Laerte Codonho, his success began to dwindle forcing him to close one of his facilities. Despite the struggles, he is fighting back against his competitors by aggressively defending his company by increasing public awareness of the unethical business practices used by competitors. From the public’s view all companies work within the limits of the law not engaging in unethical business practices that can sully their reputation. Sadly, this is not always the case. When in competition against larger companies there are many ways a smaller company making its name known can have its success and growth slowed through the actions of its competitors. 

Follow up on Codonho´s full interview at https://interview.net/pt/laerte-codonho/

Greg Blatt The Man Behind Online Dating

The one-time chairman and CEO for Match Group, Gregory Blatt, has built up experience from serving as Executive Chairman of Match Group to Chairman of Tinder which he served from 2015 in July to December 2016 as well as being the CEO for IAC. Greg Blatt degrees include a bachelor degree and a J.D from Columbia Law. 


He took a sabbatical after college and lived in places such as France, Budapest all the while making his living by painting other people’s houses and waitressing.


He thought it would be fun to enter law school, but didn’t have any particular direction that he wanted to take with his career. Once Gregory Blatt entered law school, he developed an interest in corporate law along with finance. However, he found himself less interested in corporate law as time went by and switch his career goals to something else (Wallmine). 


At the time he was writing a novel along with script writing so he steered himself into entertainment law with the mindset that it would open doors for his creative side. An opportunity soon came knocking in the form of a celebrity Martha Stewart. 


Martha Stewart had decided to take her new company public and ask Gregory to join her. Gregory Blatt took the job for five years until he decided a change was needed and turn in a different direction jumping into the online dating business. Gregory was sure that dating online was a tremendous opportunity and started building Match Group. Within a few years, his boss offered him a chance to head IAC as the CEO. Nothing could have surprised Gregory more, and he took the job for three years. 


Greggory believes in meeting with his staff. He likes being thorough by asking questions and debating along with engaging in dialogue. He also prefers meeting face to face with his people, and when it comes to productive the more the better. Video communication will continue to grow according to Gregory Blatt. s


More on Blatt´s successful business career at https://consumerist.com/2016/12/09/tinder-ceo-sean-rad-leaving-post-for-second-time-in-two-years/

How OSI Group and Its CEO Sheldon Lavin Optimize for Sustainability

OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lavin is credited with letting the company unlock its true potential and move towards the practice of attaining new strategies. Those very strategies have been the key to the company’s success over the past few years, where it went from being a small supplier to McDonald’s initial operations to becoming one of the most well-known food processors in the world.

Today, OSI Group is considered one of the global leaders in the meat and food processing industry with more than 65 locations in 17 countries. With over 20,000 employees and a net worth of over $6 billion, the company is also paving the way toward sustainable practices in an industry that’s highly demanding of resources to support its operations.

In order to meet this commitment for sustainability, OSI Group has always ensured that it turns towards technological advancements in its day to day operations. This is something that has been in effect ever since OSI Group’s early days, when the company was named Otto & Sons and had broached the adoption of liquid nitrogen cryogenic freezing – which was also when Sheldon Lavin joined its operations.

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Today, OSI Group has moved towards attaining newer technological advances that are not only beneficial for its own operations, but are also friendlier to the environment. This is possible through its highly focused research and development department, which makes the adoption of sustainable solutions a part of its everyday operations.

Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, OSI Group has also created the position of chief sustainability officer to devote optimal resources to the ideology of environmentally friendly practices. At the time of writing, the position is filled by Nicole Johnson-Hoffman, who was vice president for the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (GRSB) before joining OSI Group.

All of these activities are focused towards meeting sustainability goals in a time where they are highly crucial for an industry such as meat processing,

Through these efforts and still maintaining its status as one of the major players in the meat and food processing industry, Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group have shown the world that achieving certain sustainability goals is not impossible when you put your mind to them – even when you have to make a few organizational changes to make it all happen.

Learn More: https://patch.com/illinois/chicago/sustainability-vision-sheldon-lavin-ceo-osi-group

Laerte Codonho Offers an Explanation of Soft Drink Industry Wars

In the last 20 years, large conglomerates have often muscled out the small business man. If you ask the large multinational company manager, he will always tell you that this is the way of modern business. However, small businesses negatively affected by BIG business are now speaking out. “It is only by being vociferous that we can stand up against these large conglomerates,” says Laerte Codonho, founder of Dolly Sodas in Brazil (Askreporter).


It is in telling his story that Mr. Codonho plans on creating awareness of what large companies like Coca Cola are doing to the small enterprise. In a recent article published at Premier Gazette, Mr. Laerte Codonho says that there is an increased threat affecting Brazil’s soft drink industry. He says the problem is unfair competitive practices and the manipulation of legal processes to create an obstacle course that small industry soft drink producers just can’t navigate. 


Codonho has had legal struggles for years, and has been repeatedly singled out by multinational competitors for legal issues. This type of issue hampers Mr. Codonho’s ability to grow his company into a larger soft drink provider. 


In The Beginning, The Future Seemed Bright


Mr. Codonho founded his company in 1987 and he found a substantial niche for his product in the diet soda industry which was virtually non-existent at the time. The company held a certain prominence in the 1990’s, and so it’s percentage of the Brazilian software market grew. This led to diminished profits for international competitors. In turn, this caused resentment as the Dolly company continued to gain favor among consumers, the displeasure of competing companies also grew. 


Legal Issues Arose


Laerte Codonho began to come under scrutiny for legal issues. He became suspect for wrongdoing and tax evasion. Mr. Codonho believes this excessive scrutiny is a result of being pressured by the large international soda companies like Coca Cola. Laerte Codonho says that former executives of this large multinational chan singled out Dolly as a wrongdoer. Mr. Codonho, like many other small businesses believes this to be an unfair practice made by international soft drink providers. 


The Bad Publicity Causes A Loss of Popularity


As the legal tax issues get resolved in the courts, the Dolly brand has been struck by the defamation caused by the larger companies, causing it to be derailed from its national rise. Dolly has now had to close a factory in Sao Paulo, an action that has hit the workers hardest. 


Despite the problems, Laerte Codonho, founder of Dolly, is informing everyone about the actions of his competitors in hopes of bringing insight to the unfair practices that plaque the industry. He uses various marketing means to show the public what is going on. 



Follow up on Codonho´s full interview at https://interview.net/pt/laerte-codonho/

The success story of Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt has worked in numerous companies in an executive capacity. He was the CEO and chairman of Match Group, CEO of Tinder, he also worked as an Executive Chairman for both companies, and also worked as the CEO of IAC among other companies. Greg Blatt went to law school in Columbia School of Law, Colgate University not having a specific career plan but simply because the felt that he would enjoy it. 


Once in the university, he took a keen interest in corporate law and finance and later went to work at Wachtell, Rosen & Katz, big M & A firm in New York and Lipton. He worked in these companies for a while but his mind was not contented in working there so he progressed to entertainment law. Greg Blatt later met Martha Stewart, one of his primary clients, and became a general counsel of her newly formed company. It was while working at this company that he realized that he was cut for a general counsel as opposed to being a law firm’s associate (Wallmine).


Greg Blatt worked for four years in that company and was later offered a similar position at IAC. It was a big company with a market cap of $27 billion. He worked in this company for five years after which he was offered an operating position of running a small dating business. Online dating was still a new concept at the time, Greg Blatt began creating Match Group which later evolved to what it is today. Blatt was later offered a CEO position at IAC where he worked for three years. 


Greg prefers face to face meetings because he feels that it is the most productive means towards the advancement of an idea or project. Being a very interrogative person, he has always felt that debate, question, and dialogue brings about progress. He spends his free time in places where he feels more productive. Greg Blatt says that in order to develop new ideas, it is important to have the right people and empower them bringing these ideas to life.


More on Blatt´s successful business career at https://consumerist.com/2016/12/09/tinder-ceo-sean-rad-leaving-post-for-second-time-in-two-years/

The Amazing World Of Ryan Seacrest

One name millions will recognize is Ryan Seacrest. We know him from that world famous show American Idol. If it isn’t obvious enough Ryan Seacrest has been successful throughout his career. While on American Idol Ryan interviewed all contestants and really made contestants feel comfortable before auditioning on the show. Ryan Seacrest hosted the American Idol Show. While hosting the show Ryan Seacrest was paid about 15 million per year as a host at some point while hosting. But that’s not all Ryan Seacrest has accomplished. Let’s take a look at some of his past career paths.


On The Air


Ryan Seacrest also hosted a very popular radio show by the name of On The Air. His station airs on Los Angeles as one of the top 40 stations. What has made Ryan Seacrest a success is his positive outlook on life and his will to stay relevant. Constantly surrounding himself with the right people and qualifying himself for the riches he has earned has made him a unique rising star in the hosting industry (Wikipedia).


Live with Kelly and Ryan


Another accomplishment of Ryan Seacrest was participating as a host on Live with Kelly and Ryan. Ryan enjoyed participating on this show because it allowed him to do what he does best and that is host in front of a live audience. On the show, Ryan Seacrest and Kelly chatted about hot topics and even managed to have entertainment on the show which the audience appreciated. The show overall was positive.


Ryan Seacrest Foundation


It’s always nice to be able to give back. And what better way then to start a foundation to help children choose their path in life. Ryan Seacrest started a foundation by the name of RSF, which is short for Ryan Seacrest Foundation. His foundation is dedicated to helping patients have access to multimedia experiences. I believe this is just the beginning for Ryan Seacrest. 

View more information on Seacrest´s biography at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl4h_3qTOIUnUX8KCICRM3A

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