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First of all, we do not have to look that far back in the past to realize how far we have come in the financial and baking industry. If we look back maybe a decade ago, or, even just five years back, the progress that we have made in this industry is astounding. As years go by, it seems as though we continue to create and develop more useful and efficient banking and financial methods. Even though this type of progress is a natural occurrence that happens as we evolve with the times, it is hard not to admire what a beneficial time it is to be alive in this industry. As a matter of fact, many people would agree that the banking system and the financial industry is the fastest growing industry thanks to the continuous growth and advancements that pop up year after year. We can sit here at list all of this advancement, or, we can talk about one of the leading beneficial causes for the successes that this industry is having today.

As for who or what this leading cause is, it is the successful management firm, Fortress Investment Group. As a self-described investment and management alternative in the banking industry.Fortress Investment Group has built quite the following since their establishment. Without a doubt, this is a response to their continued success in their field. So, without wasting any more time, here is more on the company Fortress Investment Group and their position of investment banking & financial industry. Fortress Investment Group & Some of their many Industry Contributions. As we can all imagine, Fortress Investment Group has become a leading force in their field by jumping ahead of its competitors when it comes to industry contributions. More so than anything, their ability to stay ahead of the curb and meet new trends and movements in the financial industry has kept them at a higher position as a company. Not only has this brought them a large quantity of clients and supporters but, they have profited in many other ways.

Unsurprisingly, they have also been beneficial in the financial side of things. In other words, the amount of money they have generated and profited from has outweighed the competition. This is another crucial factor that has allowed them to stay as a great leader in the financial industry. In fact, numbers wise, Fortress Investment Group has established more than $40 billion worth of assets under administration and management watch. In another imaginable scenario, we can see why Fortress Investment Group has become such a high rising force in their field. Not too many competitors in the financial industry can say that they have amassed numbers like the ones Fortress Investment Group has been putting up. As the saying goes, “numbers don’t lie”, and, this could not be any truer of Fortress Investment Group. Even if we wanted to put facts and numbers aside, the way this company has carried themselves, many others in this field can attest to their success.

Richard Dwayne Blair Is A Leading Investment Advisor

If you’re on the lookout for a reliable financial planner or investment advisor, it’s imperative to do your research. When it comes to financial planning or money management, or choosing someone to advise you on investment matters, you need to check the reputation and experience of the professional.


Richard Dwayne Blair is a top rated financial planner and investment advisor. His investment firm, Wealth Solutions, is well known for rendering excellent advisory service to clients. The firm has great resources and comes highly recommended in the industry.


There are many financial management advisors and investment companies out there offering investment and money management solutions but it’s crucial to choose one that has an established history of meeting the needs of clients. Whether you want to get guidance or advice pertaining to retirement planing or other financial issue, Richard Dwayne Blair can help you.


As a prominent investment advisor, Richard Dwayne Blair has helped numerous clients plan for retirement, and save money for several other purposes. His investment advisory firm has been around for a long time and has established a strong presence in the financial services field.


Your goal is to choose an advisor or firm that provides top notch financial information and investment solutions. It is extremely important to choose an experienced and reliable professional like Richard Dwayne Blair to guide you on your way to investment success.


With Richard Dwayne Blair on your side, you will take the right steps towards financial and investment success. Richard Dwayne Blair is passionate about leading his clients to success and he will assess your risk tolerance level before making recommendations.


If you’re serious about learning how to manage your money wisely, get in touch with Richard right away. It is crucial to be guided by someone who has a proven track record in the industry. You will have peace of mind in knowing that your investment matters are being directed by a knowledgeable professional.


Richard Dwayne Blair aims to provide his clients with resources and information they need to invest properly and secure their future.

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As an investor and an entrepreneur, each person has his or her line of interest. For Chris Burch, he has made investments in the fashion industry where his interests are. Through determination and grit, he has grown to be a great entrepreneur in the fashion industry. His start was small as he began selling clothes while still a student but later grew to sell beyond and his operation to selling clothes in stores.

The venture grew to the extent that he starts his own fashion company namely Christopher Capital in the early twenty-first century. Therefore, he has grown a fashion industry which over the years has gained a reputation in the United States and beyond. As a result, he has grown to be one of the great distributors of fashion to many.

The achievements he has gained opened doors for more channels in entrepreneurship. He has been able to conjoin with other investors for other opportunities. His partnership with other professionals such as with one of the known architect, has led to the venture in real estate. In real estate, he has managed to invest and do several projects which have paved the way for his growth in business. Through this venture, he has managed to bring a new face to the society by the building of new properties and even renovating of old ones.

Burch is a jack of all trades. He has ventured into many businesses which other than those of investments involving money and knowledge and skills, he expresses talents to. For several years, he has been a great producer in the filming industry. Through the investment in production, many have been able to unleash their acting skills and have had the opportunity to make their careers. He has also entertained the public through the movies he has produced which make the society livelier.

In conclusion, it is evident that Chris Burch is an entrepreneur who has proved that small starts can result to great ends. He is an entrepreneur who has greatly impacted the economy of the United States through his businesses (entrepreneur.com). He has changed the lives of many both directly and indirectly. He has employed many people over the years bringing change to the community. His fashion industry and distribution have made many appearances in their best as he has ensured people wear their taste and the clothes are affordable to all classes of people. Therefore, he is an investor who brings a difference to the country at large.

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Flying to Nihiwatu with Chris Burch

Chris Burch is a billionaire and business expert. His vast experience in business has brought him much success in his personal life. His ventures have included airlines and hotels. His most recent acquisition has been a resort located on a very small remote island off of Indonesia named Sumba. This island was not known to tourist but to a small group of surfers. It included a tiny resort where they could stay while riding the waves.

Chris found this island by accident when a friend told him about it. When he first visited it, he was unimpressed but felt that there was some potential to it. He contacted another friend who joined him on a second visit to the island. The friend had the same feeling as Chris and the two joined together to see what could be done with it.

He purchased the tiny hotel and made plans to change it radically. Once he accomplished this, he needed to find a way to bring the tourist to it. He then went out and found a small airline company to work with to bring people from the mainland to his island resort. Advertising his resort also brought in many visitors who were interested in its remoteness.

Read his insight on https://medium.com/@christopherburch

Over the course of several years, he has worked on the Nihi resort expanding it and putting many amenities in place there. A restaurant was installed bringing local foods to visitors. The surfing trade still remains the number one reason for vacationers to visit. Sumba is surrounded by some of the best waves in the world. The Nihi Resort was recently named the number one resort in the world by trade magazines (nihi.com). Chris is constantly looking to make it better and better. The investment he made in his first purchase has been returned to him many times over.

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NewsWatch TV Gets Review From Contour Design

One of the newest clients to be added to the client list of NewsWatch TV is Contour Design. A Contour Design representative recently gave a review on the NewsWatch TV website. This review outlined how NewsWatch TV promoted all the amazing details of their newest product, which is the Ultimate WorkStation. The Ultimate WorkStation is a combination of a keyboard and a mouse. The uniqueness of this product is the roller-mouse that is connected to the bottom of the keyboard. Everything is in one place, so people will be able to roll the mouse with their thumbs without their fingers ever leaving the keyboard.


According to Contour Design, NewsWatch TV was the biggest instrument to help their product become a worldwide sensation. Contour Design loved the fact that NewsWatch TV interviewed countless employees from Contour Design to talk about the product. In a matter of minutes, these interviews were on television and on the NewsWatch TV website. Contour Design is now one of the biggest companies in the field of unique products, especially products for computers, and they plan to work with NewsWatch TV forever.


NewsWatch TV is the only television show that exists to solely promote products and services of organizations. The NewsWatch TV television show is shown around the world every single day, and they also have a website that archives all past episodes. On an average day, NewsWatch TV promotes at least a dozen different products from several different organizations. These promotions include actual reviews from customers, interviews with managers from the companies being promoted, and so much more. Within the next 24 months, NewsWatch TV is expected to be named the biggest marketing company in the world. Their customer service department can be contacted right from their website 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Find out more about NewsWatch  TV Reviews: http://www.newswatchtvreviews.com/

Academy of Art University: Building Bridges To Better Society

San Francisco, California, is one of America’s most iconic major cities. This particular city is rich in history, is home to the famed Golden Gate Bridge and is a major commercial area for commerce. Being the fourth-most populated city in The Golden State creates a diverse range of people, places and things. The Academy of Art University resides in this affluent metropolis, and it’s known for producing some of the top individuals in entertainment, in design and in liberal arts. The school was founded back in 1929 by a painter named Richard Spencer. Academy of Art University has made a name for itself in Hollywood also, but it is now beginning to shift into new areas.


San Francisco has a lot of beautiful architecture as well as plenty of affluent neighborhoods. One of those neighborhoods is known as Tenderloin. Tenderloin is more of a district of residential homes and apartments. Unfortunately, there is a lot of crime in this particular area thanks to being so over-populated. There is an estimated 25,000 inhabitants here that ranges from immigrants to single families. The Academy of Art University is looking to cleanup this area by improving on the city’s dynamics. Some of the school’s tech students have taken the challenge to design an innovative application that will assist city officials to make this happen. Tenderfeels, a new smartphone app, is the weapon of choice, and it will use augmented reality to fight for the cause.


This application will use moods to better represent the feelings of the area. People within this district can give their opinion by relating to the moods. Angry, joyful and disgusted are some of the actual moods that can be used to represent how the residents feel about certain areas and certain things. The concept is very basic, but a lot of time and a lot of hard work has gone into developing this application’s software. If all goes well, San Francisco’s Tenderloin District will be getting some much needed redevelopment in the future.


Using Cryptocurrencies from Malcolm CasSelle’s Wax to Trade Goods Online

Malcolm CasSelle with his degrees from MIT and Stanford University in Computer Science used his education, entrepreneurial ability, and his leadership qualities to be a part of some massive online world-changing projects. Currently Malcolm is the president of Wax which stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange and is CIO of OPskins. Malcolm has worked on the early stages of companies such as Facebook, Zynga, and recently Bitcoin related companies. He has served as a CEO, done business ventures worldwide, and lead a multitude of startup companies that are within the online industry. But now with Wax Malcolm is currently working to transform the way we see online cryptocurrency.


In the cryptocurrency realm and online digital money there is something that is common to occur and that is fraud. Those individuals with technology capable of making a monetary exchange without losing any of their worth and gaining the worth and value of the one they were trading with. However, Malcolm CasSelle has developed something brand new that is resolving this issue. But before we get into that, let’s discuss how items are even traded through the company wax.


Wax uses what’s called Wax tokens. A Wax token is what’s given based on a community’s understanding of the value of an item online in the virtual world. The more Wax tokens something is worth the more that item can be traded for other items worth other Wax tokens online. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can be used to purchase such tokens. Instead of using their hard-earned money and trying to use bank information and credit card which that can easily be taken, individuals are trading their virtual items online with other virtual items online using Wax tokens. These tokens make it much easier to trade online and are now less susceptible to fraud through What’s call Blockchain smart contracts.


These contracts specifically designed by Wax are aiding in Helping the virtual Video game asset trading market. This plans on making people hold up their end of their deal when making transactions within the virtual communities. Malcolm CasSelle will continue to help transform our perspective on the uses of cryptocurrencies.


The US Money Reserve Releases New Coin Set

The US Reserve is giving people a chance to invest in some of the most lucrative opportunities out there. Precious metals stand out in the investment world because they allow people to prepare for their futures without many of the troubles associated with nonphysical investments. You can hold gold in your hand and you can keep it somewhere safe.

It’s there for you in times of need and it can massively appreciate in value in the right moment. This means every time the US Money Reserve releases a new coin set, investors have a change to invest even more wisely.

Recently, the US Reserve released a new coin set to honor Queen Elizabeth II. This coin set may become one of the most important collectibles in history which means investors are buying it like hotcakes. This queen has served Britain longer than any other queen in their history, so a coin set honoring her will stand out from the pack.

You have to look at what others are saying to truly appreciate what is going on here. It’s not just some every day thing you can dismiss. It’s an investment that might just change things in some serious ways.

You’ve probably already heard about the lucrative world of precious metals. People have collected precious metals for thousands of years and the returns on this investment can be incredible. Gold is one of the most important investments anybody can make because its value is tied to something tangible. US Money Reserve | Twitter and US Money Reserve | Facebook

You won’t see your gold depreciate in value because of the stock market or due to some anxiety in the markets. In fact, it actually might see an increase in value due to the confidence many people place into the precious metal. Indeed, it was the backbone of many economies throughout history.

There are plenty of reasons to consider the precious metals being offered by the US Money Reserve. Gold is one of the most respected investments available. You can invest in gold today and probably see a return on profit in the same year.

During times of crisis or uncertainty it provides people with a way to make sure their money is well protected. You can have this for yourself by looking at the offerings available today.

Once you hold precious metals in your possession you’ll understand why so many people have decided to buy the coins, bullion, and other opportunities the US Money Reserve offers.

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Jeremy Goldstein and other attorney have found a way of providing legal help from an online platform

Jeremy Goldstein and other attorney have found a way of providing legal help from an online platform.

Recently, New Yorker has found rescue in legal matters thanks to the states known lawyers like Jeremy Goldstein. These lawyers have the experience in handling any legal issues ranging from landlord-tenant problems to child custody issues, writing wills to criminal cases among others.

The New York Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral and Information Service has launched an accessible online portal for people seeking lawyers. The service available 24 hours a day every day. The LRIS continue their helpline for the assistance.

The chairperson of State Bar; Claire P. Gutekunst said that the online portal is exceptional since it can match clients with the type of lawyers or lawyer they need for legal cases. It is an easy way to get legal help without feeling pressured. The lawyers have their qualifications reviewed by the New York State Bar Association.

The online platform works as follows; one, a person goes to the website and fills a confidential questionnaire explaining the situation and location, Two, the State Bar Staff will review the document and match the person with the specialized lawyer residing in New York or the nearby community.

Three, if the person lives in the New York state, the case is taken to an appropriate county bar association depending which county the person resides in. Four, the person pays a referral fee of $ 35 for the first 30 minutes advisory. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Medium and Jeremy Goldstein | Twitter

Fortunately, there are exemptions of the tax for matters like persons injured, veterans and military law, compensations among others. Lastly, if one retains the lawyer after the first meeting, he/she will pay additional attorney fees determined by either the clients or the attorney.

The LRIS has been in service of matching clients with attorneys for more than three decades. In 2016, the company trained its customer service employees which resulted in the handling of 10,000 calls from residents. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: https://www.avvo.com/attorneys/10019-ny-jeremy-goldstein-978103.html#client_reviews and https://www.quora.com/profile/Jeremy-Goldstein-20

The chair of the Association’s Committee on Lawyer Referral; Elena Jaffe Tastensen said that the online platform with the customer referrals would help attorneys serve extra clients.

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who gives legal pieces of advice to companies. His skills as a business lawyer have made him known. Goldstein pursued a degree in law from the New York University. He did his masters at the University of Chicago. He has more than a decade experience. Goldstein started Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, after working in the Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz company.

Jeremy Goldstein has helped major companies like AT&T, Duke Energy, Merck, Bank One among others. He is a board member of Fountain House and a converted law journal: American Bar Association Business Section. Jeremy Goldstein is also a writer.

He writes on corporate administrations and compensation issues of company managers. He has been featured in the Legal 500.

End Citizens United Helping Eliminate The Use Of Big Money In Elections In The United States

The country and its election process should function independently without any outside influence. However, it is often debated whether the elections in the United States are independent of the influence of the few corporations and wealthy families in country. It is an openly known fact that some of the most prominent enterprises in the country spend millions of dollars during the elections to back the political party and candidates of their choice. The use of the money during the elections has been present since the very beginning, but in the last few years, the Big Money 20 List as we call it now has become the deciding factor in the outcome of the elections. It has become so after the Supreme Court allowed the corporations as well as the private entities to spend their money in the elections without any need for accountability.

End Citizens United, which is a PAC supported by the grassroots donors from across the country firmly believes that there is a need to stop the elections from being manipulated by the corporations. End Citizens United has been spreading the awareness among the millions of citizens across the country to ensure that they raise their voice against the use of Big Money by the political candidates. It has been helping in ways more than earlier predicted as many political candidates are publicly denouncing and rejecting the use of corporate money in their election campaigns. If the political candidates do not take any favor from the corporations, then they are not obliged to favor them after they are elected to the power. It is what would help the government to function independently and for the benefit of the voters that depend on the country’s government for their empowerment and progress.

End Citizens United has been collecting millions of dollars in donations from the grassroots donors that it is using to endorse the political candidates that are in support of the movement started by ECU and its President Tiffany Mueller. It is necessary to make the elections clean of the illicit use of money to sway the outcome of the elections towards the favor of corporations. Some of the political candidates that the End Citizens United has been endorsing in the year 2018 are Josh Butner, Sylvia Garcia, Max Rose, and others. There are scores of candidates that ECU is supporting as it aims to hold the majority in the Senate shortly of the candidates that reject the use of corporate money in elections.

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