Why Yeonmi Park Is a Leading Human Activist

Over the years, many citizens across the world have been suffering from poor leadership regimes. Many governments are known of undermining the human rights by disobeying the constitutional processes. These countries are often led by leaders who are dictatorial in nature. Therefore, most individuals have suffered in the hands of poor governance and regimes across the world. This has led to emergence of many human rights activist bodies in the world. The human right bodies have tried to combat the situation by championing for the respect of the constitutions. It has led to individuals rising up and fighting for the rights of many oppressed people in different countries. Yeonmi Park is a North Korean defector who has continued to champion for respect of human rights. At 13 years old, Yeonmi Park was forced to flee North Korea with her family due to the inhuman treatment they were receiving in their homeland. The country was unbearable and human rights were being violated by the ruling regime. She was forced to exile with her family after her father was found selling metals to China which was against the government policies. During the journey to exile, Yeonmi Park experienced a lot of horrifying ordeals and her mother was killed in the process of protecting her from being raped. The Chinese soldiers raped her mother and later killed her living her to face the world on her own. While in exile, her father also died in China where the conditions were very harsh and could not even mourn the father due to fear of deportation.
Before moving to exile, her mother often encouraged her to keep quiet that even the walls and grass had ears. The conditions in North Korea were very bad that at one point she was forced to eat grass and insects to survive. This ordeal gave her strength to develop courage and start championing for the rights of North Korean citizens. Yeonmi Park is currently residing in South Korea and is undertaking a criminal justice degree Dongguk University. This has been her stepping stone towards the fight against inhuman injustices committed to many people. She talks promptly on how over 21million North Korean citizens are living under hardship conditions with poverty levels on the rise. Her championship for human rights has made her appear on many notable media houses to explain her situation. After interacting with the outside world like the United States of America where the parents encouraged their children to speak about their rights, she developed the confidence of emerging from the dark to champion her course.  The books have generated a lot of debate that has attracted many followers from every part of the world. Park is a media personnel hosting different television shows in South Korea to try and bring the two nations together.

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