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Financial Advisor Igor Cornelsen Explains The Benefits Of Earning A Passive Income

Igor Cornelsen is a financial advisor who owns and operates Bainbridge Investment Inc. He started this firm in 1995 after working in the Brazilian banking industry for 25 years. He has been the chief executive officer and a board member of some of Brazil’s largest banks. He was educated at the Federal University of Parana where he earned a bachelor’s degree in economics.

He started his career in 1970 at Multibanco where he was their top investment banker. His performance landed him a place on their board of directors. Two years later he was named as the chief executive officer. His success continued at Unibanco, where he led their investment group until 1985. That year, inflation shot up in Brazil, which devastated the economy.

Igor Cornelsen also worked for London Merchant Bank, which has since been renamed Libra Bank PLC. He was on the company’s board of directors for seven years and its Brazilian representative. He exited this position to concentrate on starting Bainbridge Investment.

One investment strategy that he endorses is investing in passive income. Some people don’t want to be directly involved with their investments and would rather earn income from them passively. The goal is to find a good income-generating source and then let the money roll in. Once in awhile, they check how things are going but otherwise this type of investor is hands-off.

The money will continue to come in regardless of what the investor is doing or where they are. Igor Cornelsen says they could be on an international vacation for two weeks but are still earning an income from their investments. He calls this a guarantee of income flow.

Investing in a passive income opportunity is usually a one-off event. The investor doesn’t need to monitor it or pay a professional to do so for them. Once it is up and running, no additional money is required.

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