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Heightened Potential with Jeunesse Global

Perhaps the most interesting detail about this rapidly burgeoning health and wellness corporation is the story of how it came to be. Most companies seem to be created on random hours, days and months of the year; Jeunesse, however, holds the title of coolest origin ever with its birth date falling directly at 9 p.m. on September 9, 2009. This owes to Randy and Wendy, the duo that put their hearts and minds together to bring wellness-enhancing products to the world under the banner of the sacred numerology that represents long-lasting healthfulness.

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are the original founders of Jeunesse although their management hierarchy has expanded since its inception. They’ve also expanded their crowning jewel, the Youth Enhancement System, thanks to their continued cutting-edge research into what makes the human body tick and why we age over time. Their nine-point wellness system continues to develop to this day and has stuck by its guns in maintaining an all-natural composition that people of either sex and all ages can safely take to kick-start their self-repair processes into shape. With the Jeunesse Family in tow and a revered spot in the 500 fastest-growing direct sellers in the world, there’s a great deal to show for the duo’s hard work.

What Makes It Work

The nine regimens of the Youth Enhancement System each aim at different sections of your body to target the unique ways in which today’s unnatural lifestyles adversely impact your well-being. The troubles of a “normal life” these days include free radical exposure, excess electromagnetic radiation from household and office electronics, shortcomings in dietary provision due to process-heavy foods, and the patent lack of exercise that stems from the spread of computers and smartphones. These factors also indirectly reduce sun exposure and keep people indoors where toxic air can accumulate, accelerating age by increasing the pressure on the body’s expulsion systems.

The Youth Enhancement System targets the following age-hastening factors to drudge up your former potential and protect it for years to come:

  • Toxin buildup in the skin
  • Immunodeficiency
  • Poor sleep
  • Emotional stress and cognitive dysfunction
  • Insufficient nutrients to supply bodily functions
  • Fitness complications

Plushies. The Lip Smacking Low Down on Lime Crime’s Newest Lip Launch.

Lime Crime is known for many things in the beauty world. Rainbow hair dye might be one thing that comes to mind, but their lip products are what make them stand out amongst their competition. From a flat matte to a bright metallic, you have a variety of lip options to fit your style. Chances are you and your girlfriends own a lime crime lipstick or have tried it at the very least. Maybe a bold lipstick isn’t your style but a lip tint might be. Well now you are in luck. Lime crime is releasing their very first line of lip tints called Plushies.

Not a peep had been said about what exactly Plushies were. Lime Crime kept their lips zipped, but gave us a little taste. We got a glimpse of the product packaging thanks to an Instagram post. It was described as a, “soft focus lip veil.” Which we assumed was code for a lip-gloss or lip tint, something softer from the usual. Lime Crime is calling it, “The cutest launch ever.”

Plushies have since made their debut. The concept of a Plushie is to come from the idea of a plush toy. Your lips should be as soft as a “teddy bear.” The line is made up of nude lip shades meant to last all day with one application. Lime Crime also carries a line of opalescent hi lighters and pocket candy eye shadow palettes. These would pair well with the Plushies giving your lips a subtle nude while giving your eyes and cheeks that stop and stare shine.

Who wouldn’t love a beauty brand that not only represents unicorns, but is also Vegan free and cruelty free in it’s products and practices. When it comes to beauty, we look for products that speak to us. One that speaks to our moods and our style. LimeCrime tapped into that unicorn market that was missing. The market that needed to represent those that wanted to sparkle and shine unapologetically. Shine on unicorns.

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