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Nicolas Krafft Leads the Charge For Inclusivity

As the world becomes more aware of the need to bring diversity to the forefront of business operations, those that are leading the charge have stepped forward to set an example for all others. In no other industry has this push for inclusivity been more recognizable than within the fashion industry.

Luckily for the industry, individuals such as Nicolas Krafft have stepped forward to ensure that the future will be one that includes people of all backgrounds, without making too much of a spectacle of the inclusion. Whether this effort would prefer to be seen as just a normalizing within the industry after so many years of ignoring this principle as witnessed in other industries. To put this idea to practice the latest fashion event taking place within Paris took this message to heart as it utilized individuals from all backgrounds to bring the event to life.

For all those that attended, what resulted was an event that not only put the best work of the industry on full display but also put the ideals that have become inherent within the industry on full display. This focus on inclusivity is the very type of push that will result in a more balanced society that learns to acknowledge every facet while learning to celebrate the very things that make individuals unique.

As the star-studded event came together to enjoy an evening of gorgeous sights, the efforts of Nicolas Krafft and individuals like him played a role that not only made the night one that will be remembered but also one that will change the direction of the business as a whole. Where this example leads is to be seen, though, with people like Nicolas Krafft leading the charge to change the landscape of an industry, the effects are sure to be ones that will elicit change much further than within one core industry.

To Feel And Look Young Again, Look At Jeunesse Global

With the amount of products that are available on the market today that promise to reverse the signs of aging and revitalize your skin, it can be very confusing to find one that stands up to what it promises. Very few of the items that are available will give you the results that they say they will and many people have found that they have wasted their money on them. Jeunesse Global, however, is a company that can honestly say their products will help you to reduce the aging signs and stand up to it. The skin care line that they have available is outstanding and has been used by many women around the world who will tell you that the products do work.


Jeunesse Global has a line of anti-aging products that includes NaƤra, a supplement that you can take that will replenish the collagen in your skin. Over the years, our skin tends to lose collagen which allows those fine lines and wrinkles to appear on your hands and face. By mixing one packet of this powder into water once daily, you will find you are seeing results within a few short weeks. It will firm up your skin and give it back its elasticity. The taste of this skin care drink is a blend of vitamins and has a taste of citrus and berries. Users have said that it has a wonderful taste.


Jeunesse Global has been in business since 2009 and their product line includes not only skin care but hair care products. They have developed many of their own products in their laboratories and use only the finest ingredients. By keeping everything they produce all natural, they have avoided any products that contain chemicals. The company has many ways for you to get hold of their products, either by direct purchase on their website or through one of their many partners. They have locations throughout the world and are continuing to add new markets regularly. On their website, they include a list of upcoming events where you can see their products and try them out for yourself.

Heightened Potential with Jeunesse Global

Perhaps the most interesting detail about this rapidly burgeoning health and wellness corporation is the story of how it came to be. Most companies seem to be created on random hours, days and months of the year; Jeunesse, however, holds the title of coolest origin ever with its birth date falling directly at 9 p.m. on September 9, 2009. This owes to Randy and Wendy, the duo that put their hearts and minds together to bring wellness-enhancing products to the world under the banner of the sacred numerology that represents long-lasting healthfulness.

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are the original founders of Jeunesse although their management hierarchy has expanded since its inception. They’ve also expanded their crowning jewel, the Youth Enhancement System, thanks to their continued cutting-edge research into what makes the human body tick and why we age over time. Their nine-point wellness system continues to develop to this day and has stuck by its guns in maintaining an all-natural composition that people of either sex and all ages can safely take to kick-start their self-repair processes into shape. With the Jeunesse Family in tow and a revered spot in the 500 fastest-growing direct sellers in the world, there’s a great deal to show for the duo’s hard work.

What Makes It Work

The nine regimens of the Youth Enhancement System each aim at different sections of your body to target the unique ways in which today’s unnatural lifestyles adversely impact your well-being. The troubles of a “normal life” these days include free radical exposure, excess electromagnetic radiation from household and office electronics, shortcomings in dietary provision due to process-heavy foods, and the patent lack of exercise that stems from the spread of computers and smartphones. These factors also indirectly reduce sun exposure and keep people indoors where toxic air can accumulate, accelerating age by increasing the pressure on the body’s expulsion systems.

The Youth Enhancement System targets the following age-hastening factors to drudge up your former potential and protect it for years to come:

  • Toxin buildup in the skin
  • Immunodeficiency
  • Poor sleep
  • Emotional stress and cognitive dysfunction
  • Insufficient nutrients to supply bodily functions
  • Fitness complications

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