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Marco Antonio Marques da Silva and Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has had a long stimulating career both in the field of academia as well as that of law. Born in 1958 in Itapetininga, he presently works as an academic advisor and professor at Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. He received his undergraduate, master’s as well as his doctorate from the same University. Even after graduating from the university, he is still enduringly associated with the institution. Apart from his roles in the academic field, Marcos Antonio is also a judge of Sao Paulo’s Court of Appeal


According to Marco Antonio, failure is not something that people should fight to overcome. As much as people do not see it in the beginning, failure is usually an opportunity to do even better. When one fails in doing something, he is presented with opportunities to learn more about the issue for a better future. In this line, Marco Antonio does not fear failure nor see it as a hindrance in his life.

A lot of writings have majored on the topic of globalized society regarding human rights.


His book includes a national extension of the works that have been done before about the same subject. Moreover, Marco is excited by the fact that presently we have ideas exchanged interdisciplinarily. Exchanging of ideas between sectors brings about the sharing of information which will help develop a reliable solution to challenges facing the world today (Youtube). 


This exchange is being realized, thanks to technology. Furthermore, as technology will be advancing, we will be able to access more information. Marco Antonio Marques da Silva believes in collaboration as a way to bring ideas to life. He has travelled to several places in the world, and this has made him understand how other cultures function. With this kind of experience, he can learn as well as appreciate a diversity of contexts and situations. This help Antonio to come up with new ideas as well as spreading them to others. Marco goes ahead to say that he would rather spend his money on experiences as well as travel over other things. He believes in God including hard work for his success.

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