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Mike Baur Proceeds To Offer Support To Upcoming Entrepreneurs

Many individuals have come up with initiatives that support creativity and the ability to come up with products that can cause a revolution in the market, but none has done it better than Mike Baur. Mike Baur is a professional who worked in a senior position as a banker for about 20 years before he moved out of banking to start his journey as an entrepreneur. In his new journey that began in 2014, Mike Baur has been working to support entrepreneurs who have good ideas but lack either skills or the funds needed to push the project forward.


When he joined entrepreneurship, he did not have an idea how big the project would grow to become the best incubation facility in Switzerland. The Swiss Startup Factory works with entrepreneurs in various categories by supporting their quest for growth and attainment of their goals. It is a company that is focused on delivering ways through which young entrepreneurs can navigate the complex world of business.


Accounting and legal support

At the early stages of a business, there are legal requirements that have to be fulfilled before the business is fully chartered to operate. Even then, it has to make sure it operates within the required legal framework and no contravention of the agreement laid earlier is made. Understanding the legal requirements the business has to comply with may not be in the domain of the entrepreneur at the beginning but after some legal education they can get ideas about how things work. Same thing applies to accounting processes. The Swiss Startup Factory makes sure the entrepreneur understands all the requirements that the business has to fulfill to proceed well.


Post accelerator support

Going through the incubation process to completion is not enough to mean the entrepreneur cannot make mistakes. After the three months of incubation, the Swiss Startup Factory offers three months incubation that ensures the business follows all the ideas shared during incubation. Mistakes may also happen and in the absence of a professional the entrepreneur may find it challenging to learn about the market.


More about Mike Baur

As a successful entrepreneur, Mike Baur is looking forward to supporting more entrepreneurs through the Swiss Startup Factory. He started in 2014 but the progress he has recorded is massive. Mike Baur attended the University of Rochester, where he earned an MBA before he later joined Bern University to graduate with an Executive MBA.



Investing in a new Business

There are a lot of people who want to take their idea to a new level. Starting your own business can be scary for a lot of people. However, if you want to learn how to do so, Mike Baur is a great reference for that. He has a start up factory that people use as a learning tool in starting a business. A lot of people do not realize how important this can be when starting up a company. Instead of struggling through the process yourself, you can work with someone who has experience in the field. Mike Baur knows how to take things to the next level in his life, and he has used that in helping other people in business.


Mike Baur


Many people envy the position that Mike Baur is in today. He spends most of his time helping other people with their various companies. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, he is a great resource on how to do that. Over time, he has helped a lot of people figure out areas to improve in their business. Through this mentoring, there are a lot of people who are in a much better position because of his guidance. If you want to start to take things to the next level in life, he is a great resource. There are many people who simply need to know the basics in starting a business. For many, this small step is all that they need in order to get started with their idea.




One of the biggest issues that many people face when starting a business is financing. This is something that a lot of people have to deal with. Instead of going right to a bank, it makes more sense to look at your business from a long term perspective. A lot of times, you can simply sell a piece of your company for equity financing. Although this does take some control away from you, this can also help you to invest in a lot of your ideas with little threat of leverage or debt. Using those monthly payments to grow your business is always a good idea.


Over the long term, Mike Baur and his start up factory will help a lot of people get to that next level. If you want to learn how to start or run a business better, he is the person for you.


Brian Bonar Is Awarded For His Extremely Good Work

The Cambridge’s finance executive of the year award went to Brian Bonar, Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Being nominated for the award is usually an honor since the panel only selects two of the best males and females in each category. The nominees are usually selected on the basis of their academic achievements, professional accomplishments and leadership abilities.

Brian Bonar has had an outstanding career in the financial world and hence he deserved to take the award home. He is a member of seven different boards in four different organizations across eight different industries. Brian Bonar received his baccalaureate in Mechanical Engineering from Strathclyde University in Scotland.

He later received his MBA and Ph.D. in International Business Development Studies from Stafford University in the United Kingdom. Brian Bonar also holds an honorary title, Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom.

He was later appointed Director of Allegiant Professional Business Services. Early in the year 2000, he became a Director at the Solvis Group, Inc. On 4th February 2004, he became a Director of the Alliance National Insurance Company (ANIC), American Marine LLC, The Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego as well as the Warning Management services Inc. In March 2008, he joined the Directors of Tradeshow Products Inc. One year later, he was appointed Director of Truecept Inc. Read more: Brian Bonar: Executive Profile & Biography

Other than serving in a director’s capacity of different companies, he has also served in other capacities in various companies. He has worked for IBM U.K for just about 17 years. Between 1990 and 1991, he was the Worldwide Sales Manager of Adaptec Inc. Before that, he was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Rasteck Corp. From 1991 to 1992, he was the president of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Bezier Systems Inc. Between 1997 and 2004, Brian Bonar headed the Solvis Group of Dalrada Financial Corp. as an acting Chief Executive Officer.

He was also the Executive Vice President of Dalrada Financial Corp as well as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. These are but a small fraction of the positions Brian Bonar has held in his career in the world of finance. He was once the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Truecept Inc., a position he held since March 2010.

He has also served as the company’s Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Secretary. He was also the President of the company since 2009 and was also the Principal Accounting Officer of the Firm. Brian Bonar has more than 30 years’ experience in the financial sector. Today he is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation, a position he has held for more than a decade. He describes himself as an avid golfer and a family man.

Click the links below to get additional details:–inc./salary/470203#.Vye_cEURW4E

Discover the Achievements of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is an American executive consultant, and she is from Pittsburgh, which is located in Pennsylvania. She is famous for the role she plays as the chairperson of the American Eagle Outfitters, and also she is also the chief executive of the Wet Seals Company. Previously, she worked at the Allegheny Conference as the director in charge of the community development. Susan McGalla got her education at the Mount Union College where she studied hard and managed to finish with a degree in marketing and business. After her education, she got employment at the Joseph Home Company where she performed her duties as the manager of the company for eight years. She left and joined the American Eagle Outfitters Company, which specializes in merchandising of women clothing. Her performance at the company was exemplary, something that made her get promoted to the position of the chief merchandising officer. She worked hard to become the president of the same company. Her good supervisory skills made the company rake in great profits from the brands she had launched. After some years at the American Eagle Company, she resigned to become a consultant specializing in the financial investment and retail business. Her performance made her get an appointment of serving as among the board of directors of HFF Company. Eventually, she was able to succeed Ed Thomas in the company as the chief executive officer. This was after she had served as the board of director in the firm for just two years. In July 2012, she left the company to establish her firm, which she named P3 Executive Consulting. Susan McGalla is also serving in the Steelers as the director who is in charge of strategic planning and growth. Susan McGalla is known as an honest person who keeps her word. This is the main character trait that has catapulted her to the height of success. Her long career is mainly characterized by hard work and immense dedication in her job. Her main areas of interest have been business management, retail positioning, and fashion branding. Her other skills include sales, digital marketing, brand development, store operations, and strategic planning.

Kyle Bass Is Calling For The Of US Economic Progress Again

Kyle Bass has the distinction of being one a handful of people who were exactly right about the decline of the US housing market before it tanked. The global financial crisis was caused when the loan market in America died a very quick death, and Kyle made himself a very rich man because he bet against the market. Kyle Bass’ 15 minutes of fame should have ended long ago with what UsefulStooges uncovered, but he has continued to enjoy his fame long after the crisis ended. This article explains how Kyle wants to retain his fame while living in a post-recession world.

#1: Kyle Wants To Maintain His Fame

Kyle has been working quite hard to maintain his fame over the years, but he maintains his fame at the expense of his own company. Hayman Capital has been suffering for eons since Kyle became a public figure, and the company has no good prospects for the future. The people who believe everything Kyle says will invest with Hayman, but the company as a whole is not doing well. Appearing on TV and radio all the time leaves very little room for Kyle to manage his business.

#2: His Newest Prediction

Kyle’s newest prediction pertains to the overall US market in the new year. He believes that the market could be down between 10 and 20 percent over the course of the year, and he is quite vociferous in his viewpoint. There is nothing to suggest that the US economy will drop up to 20 percent in the new year, and it is more likely that the economy might improve during the new year.

#3: People Believe Him

Kyle is an expert in creating panic among investors, but that panic does not last long. Analysts who are experts in the industry believe that 2016 will be a better year for everyone, but Kyle insists that that will not be the case. The voices of people with level heads will continue to speak out long after Kyle is done talking, and the markets will begin to recover after a troubling 2015.

#4: Kyle Will Not Stop

The unfortunate reality in all of this is that Kyle will not stop talking about predictions that are far beyond what any reasonable person would believe. There are many people who read what Kyle says with a grain of salt, but there are many others who may be hurt by his wild prognostications. Anyone who believes what Kyle has to say could be in for a difficult year on the stock market.

Kyle Bass’ most recent prediction will cause people to lose money as they bet against a market that is prepared to rebound. 2016 should be a good year for investors, but Kyle does not believe so.

Ricardo Guimarães of BMG aims to double it’s payroll with new venture


Diario do comercio.
After forming a joint venture with Itaú Unibanco to act in the payroll loans, the Bank BMG started a process which will make its management more professionalized, with the hiring of executives in the industry. From now on, the family Pentagna Guimarães, which always controlled the company, will join the Board of shareholders of the Group and make room for the entry of market professionals. The institution aims to double the payroll and eliminate credit card products that have no added value to the business of the Bank.

Following this principle, the Chair of the Board of Directors, today occupied by the owner of the Bank, Flávio Guimarães, Pentagna will be passed to the command of Alcides Lopes Tápias, who has starred in Itaú Unibanco and Bradesco Bank, in addition to being President of the Brazilian Federation of banks (Febraban) and Minister of industry and Foreign Trade Development.

The Executive Presidency, currently under the responsibility of Ricardo Annes Guimarães, heir and business partner, will pass into the hands of Antonio Hermann. Among other functions, the Executive has held the Presidency of the Brazilian Association of banks (ABBC) and Director of the National Association of credit, financing and investment (Acrefi) and Febraban.

“The BMG has a beautiful trajectory over the 80 years. It is the market leader in the field of payroll loans and I think the trend going forward is to maintain that position, “says Hermann when being asked about the major changes that should occur in the Bank after the inauguration. The two executives have yet to have their names approved by the Board of shareholders and by the Central Bank, for this reason there is a definition of date to take the chairs.

Strategy – one of the strategies taken by the new Chief Executive is the quest for a bigger wallet to payroll loans. The goal is to get more space on the market, since it will now act as well through the joint venture, banco Itaú BMG Recorded, which aims to supply, distribution and marketing of credits stated. As the BMG’s main product the payroll loans, the idea is to grow by investing in this type of operation.

For Hermann, the new financial institution will not reflect negatively on the results of the BMG, even a “competitor” with regard to payroll loans. The Executive argues that the partnership must be advantageous to the Bank. This is because it is expected that the profit achieved with the 30% belonging to the mining Bank on joint venture are greater than the registered by payroll operations of BMG. “The Bank will help manage the joint venture’s portfolio and continue with their R$ 27.42 billion credit in your own portfolio. But in another company, the cost of capture will be smaller, as they will be divided with the Ita, “he says.

As the Bank’s credit portfolio is limited, to increase the payroll, operations will be reduced or eliminated other products that do not have given back to the Bank. The direct consumer credit, as consumer finance and personal loan, is an example of an operation that will lose the emphasis on BMG. They gained more space last year, when the institution bought Banco Schahin, by value of 230 million R$, and GE Money in Brazil, which encompasses the GE Capital Bank s.a. and u.s. sales and service provider GE Promotions. This occurred because the acquired financial institutions acted more strongly in this business.

“We have to focus on the operations that give us better results and we know that consumer credit is not the focus of the company,” he says. In addition to recorded, financing the supply chain of larger companies and vehicle operations are also part of the bet of the company.

The success and growth of BMG could not have been possible without the knowledge and skill of Ricardo Annes Guimarães. Ricardo was given the title of President in 1998 and sense then have contributed to much of BMG’s success.

The Man Who Moulded The Nbas Top Sports Team, “The Hawks”

In the year 1996, Bruce Levenson became a partner with UCG ( United Communication Group) and by the next year, he was the co-founder of the company. He kept up his business with the company for a whopping 27 years and kept going. He was the owner of the Atlanta Spirit. He also participated in the “I Have a Dream Foundation”. His skills and determination as a leader was impeccable. Before all this, of course, Bruce Levenson had an education. He went to American University and got himself a Bachelor of Arts degree and also a law degree. NBA player Grant Hill & Jesse Itzler (the co-founders of Marquis Jet) bought the HAWKS from Levenson for $850 million; but before we get there, lets see how they all got there. Levenson & others bought the NHL’s Atlanta for $250 million in 2004 and later sold it for $170 million in 2011. Later on, Bruce Levenson sold his shares of the franchise (50.1%) due to undisclosed information. After that, everyone seemed to be selling their shares. Ed Peskowitz and Todd Foreman (Levenson’s former partners) sold their share. Michael Gearon Jr, Michael Gearon Sr, Rutherford Seydel and Beau Turner from the Atlanta-based group sold their share of the franchise for 32.3%. Even the New York- based group led by Stevenson Price sold their share for 17.6%. This basically left the HAWKS on the market with no current owner. Bidders came from all over, wanting to buy the franchise. I mean who wouldn’t want to be known as the NBA-leading basketball team owner. Bruce Levenson was to sell the franchise for $1 Billion, his bankers had apparently over-priced the franchise for it was predicted to be worth $700-$750 million. This scared away most of the bidders. Even I’d admit that that price would have me running for the hills. Eventually, the bank sold the franchise for less of about 27% which wasn’t so bad because he made a big profit. Antony Ressler bought the franchise for $850 million. Which the HAWKS obliged willingly. He is the current steward of the NBA HAWKs. Evidently without Bruce Levenson, the HAWKS would not have come to what they are known as now. He moulded the team, packaged it and sold it to the world as one of the best NBA sports team the world has and will ever know through history.

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