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The North Face and Steve Lesnard are Making Environmental Contributions to Stop Environmental Retributions

In lewd of the holiday season, The North Face has rolled out a line of eco-friendly products that they are excited to be providing to their loyal following. The company has always been committed to environmental causes and they are using the holidays to start the conversation about decreasing potentially harmful practices; they are also encouraging everyone to get active. Since being founded, the North Face has been about physical activity and saving parks, so they’re really getting into that this year with their Eco-Heritage collection.

While making this statement about helping the environment, they are also doing their part to decrease their own personal carbon footprint through the use of sustainable products and recycled supplies. The North Face team is working to make this project more impactful globally because only the world can save the world. And through careful craftsmanship and construction of their products, they are actually making environmentally-friendly fashion possible. The North Face has also committed to donating a portion of their proceeds to an environmentally-focused organization and they are putting this daunting choice in the hands of their customers.

As Global Vice President of Marketing, Steve Lesnard is working hard with the North Face marketing team to ensure that this reaches every corner of the world possible. Since being brought aboard, Steve Lesnard has made it his mission to ensure that the North Face is reaching their customers in every way they can and unifying their community in the fight against eco-catastrophe. The vote is on with the unveiling of the Future Light line and Eco-Heritage collection. Whether you choose to contribute to the Girl Scouts of America, The National Park Foundation or The Trust for Public Lands; The North Face and Steve Lesnard feel that either foundation is a great choice to make the environment and our parks a better place.

Ryan Seacrest: A True Innovator in the Entertainment Industry

Ryan Seacrest is an American producer, television host, and radio personality. He is best known for hosting American Idol, American Top 40, Live with Kelly and Ryan, and On Air with Ryan Seacrest. He is also the co-host and executive producer of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. Ryan was nominated for an Emmy from 2004-2013, and in 2016 for American Idol. Seacrest won an Emmy in 2010 for producing the television series Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. He was also nominated in 2012. In 2018, Ryan received nominations for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host and Outstanding Talk Show Entertainment for Live with Ryan and Kelly. 


Ryan Seacrest Distinction was founded in 2014 and is a popular menswear brand that is known for iconic looks with a modern eye. The brand offers premium materials, detailing, design, and worth to tailored menswear. The label includes the Style Made Smart system into all of its clothing, which gives style points to help men devise a flawlessly coordinated look. Ryan Seacrest brand provides a wide range of products to include tailored clothing, pants, accessories, sweaters, outerwear, and more.


The Ryan Seacrest Foundation was founded in 2010. Selena Gomez was named as the Ambassador to the Foundation in 2012 by Mr. Seacrest. The nonprofit foundation has locations at the following medical centers: Children’s Hospital Colorado, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Boston Children’s Hospital, Children’s Hospital of Orange County, Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Levine Children’s Hospital, and Children’s National Medical Center (Instagram). 


Ryan Seacrest was born in Atlanta, Georgia on December 24, 1974. His mother was a homemaker and his father was a real estate lawyer. He graduated from Dunwoody High School in 1992. After graduating, he pursued a degree in journalism at the University of Georgia. At age 19, he left the University before finishing his degree to pursue a broadcasting career in Hollywood. 

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Sudhir Choudhrie Work Experience and Organ Transplants

Sudhir Choudhrie was born and raised in India. He is a well-known philanthropist and businessman. He has a Professorship of Cardiology at Columbia University Medical Centre, which he uses to change lives. His passion for helping to change lives started at a young age. At eight, he found out he had a rare condition where he was missing a heartbeat because of a leaking valve. He has had a lifetime of health issues including a predisposition to infections. He did not let it hold him back. He worked even harder, knowing his heart could stop at any moment. Sudhir Choudhrie is an entrepreneur who has worked in international commerce, philanthropy, diplomacy and politics. In 1975, Magnum International Trading Company was his first job in India.

In 1995, he worked at Taj Hotels and Resorts and Adidas AG. With Taj Hotels and Resorts he created Taj Kerala, which is four local India resorts. During that time, he created the Indian Trading branch of Adidas. This opened 180 stores within India. From 1999 to 2005, he was a non-Executive Director at Ebookers PLC. In 2003, he invested in India’s first budget airline, Air Deccan. In 2006, he moved to London to work on various projects such as Alpha Aviation Group and Alpha Hospitals. In 1999, Sudhir Choudhrie had a successful heart transplant. As his health deteriorated and his work schedule remained busy, he eventually collapsed. His heart stopped twice within a few years and required a transplant.

As of 2019, he is one of the longest living heart transplant patients. The surgery discovered that he had the titan gene, which is the gene that can cause heart failure. His brother died in 1997 from similar conditions, and he wondered if his brother had this gene too. Sudhir Choudhrie wrote a bestseller about his journey with a heart transplant. He didn’t want the novel to be a biography. He encourages other transplant patients to speak about life after the surgery. A healthy diet can allow the organ to last longer. The Choudhrie Family Foundation was founded in 2010. It funds health, medical and education projects. He supports #OrgansWill, which has a goal of 62,500 new organ donors.

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Bernardo Chua Has Always Wanted To Help Others

ORGANO Gold is one of the largest producers in the world of instant coffee and the man behind it all is Bernardo Chua, the Chief Executive Officer of the company that was first founded more than a decade ago in 2008. The entrepreneur was born in the Philippines and is considered an expert and leader in the industry of multilevel marketing since he began with Gano Excel in the past. As a child, he knew early on that he wanted to be able to help people which is why he considered a career as a medical doctor before discovering his love of the direct sales business.

More information about Chua and his company can be found on Linkedin

Before Bernardo Chua went on to found ORGANO Gold, he had worked for his family’s garment manufacturing plant in the Philippines in the role of purchasing manager. All of his siblings were working for the family business and it was expected that he be following the same path, but he chose to pursue his own opportunities instead. He began managing a travel agency early on in his career before being asked to manage the Philippines office of a direct sales company. Eventually, this company expanded and he was given the opportunity to move to Canada with his family.

One of the things that have helped Bernardo Chua achieve success in his career is that he never stopped wanting to help others through his career and he has been able to do just that with ORGANO. The direct selling business isn’t like any other industry and to do well you need to truly love people no matter what level you are on. The business that he is in is truly driven by the people that are part of it and he enjoys being able to hear the stories of how it has been able to impact them. Check out:

Toyo Setal Dedication In Development and Sustainable Growth

Toyo Setal features as an excellent engineering and construction firm. It is struggling to maintain sustainable growth and development as a critical aspect of its business operations. It is an energy company based in Toronto-Ontario. It majors in the enhancement of the environment intervention without depletion of natural resources as they concurrently strive to preserve it. The Company has gained global recognition due to its exclusive and exceptional services and for reducing the adverse environmental effects of its operations. Toyo Setal continuous devotion to struggle for excellence earned it “Innovations in the Integration of Engineering Projects” award during the 2014 AVEVA World Summit held in Berlin, Germany.

The Company regulated the AVEVA systems to devise the best solution for various challenges and advancement in technology integration. The Company has introduced an international presence. It has led to rapid growth due to its endeavor to sustain local and global vast demands of the energy. Toyo Setal deals with Chemicals, Gas and Oil, Petrochemical, Mining, Steel, Infrastructure, Fertilizer, and Energy Segments. It provides complex services such as engineering, supplier, construction, commissioning, and pre-commissioning. It specializes in the creation of the Industrial plants aimed at the total cost of investment, enterprise management, basic project, technical and economic feasibility studies, conceptual design, executive project, and much more.

Toyo Setal strives at meeting its clients’ demands for guaranteed success. The Company offers complete and effective solutions while initiating projects with quality, safety, productivity, profitability, and sustainability. They also offer their clients products that are of high-quality technical excellence and set schedule. Besides, it has prioritized in sustainability and social responsibility. The Company also deals with environmental matters making sure that its operations have no negative impacts on the environment. Besides these commitments, the Company develops new solutions and innovations in technologies and processes to offer its clients unmatched projects. The Company is always in search of the best investment strategies in new technologies, solutions, and innovations. Toyo Setal is the first firm in Brazil to engage in projects leveraging sophisticated and modern software. The firm is renowned for developing the EPC Portal that allows it to create great projects.

Raffaele Riva and Concentration

Raffaele Riva, in a nutshell, is an angel investor who resides in action-packed New York, New York and London, United Kingdom at the moment. He’s a consummate professional who has tackled all sorts of startup organizations throughout his vocational journey so far. He proudly hails from the United Kingdom. He finished a number of educational programs in the London, England region prior to getting an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree from the University of Oxford’s prestigious Saïd Business School.

Riva has a penchant for speedy rising. He has a penchant for jumping out of his cozy bed prior to the darkness ceasing. Once he rises, he takes the time to stroll over to a local coffeehouse. After he gets to the establishment, he assesses any and all email messages that have come his way overnight. This gives him the opening to officially commence work. He collaborates with a number of Chief Executive Officers and companies that are in settings scattered all around the planet. That’s the reason that starting prior to the rest of society works out so favorably for him all of the time.

Riva in the past was a highly ambitious person. He always took a fast-paced approach to going about his career. If he could adjust his attitude back then, he would. He believes that it would have been advantageous to behave in a more measured manner. This individual has a knack for preparing for all kinds of situations in this life. Exhaustive preparations are an innate thing for Riva. They always have been, too. He has the cooperation of superb professionals who do what they can to keep his obligations on track. They do what they can to assist him with the handling of his time as well. Riva is an investor who prioritizes concentration.

How Vijay Eswaran Inspires Success By Encouraging People To Break Out Of Their Comfort Zone

As an entrepreneur, Vijay Eswaran achieved success with direct selling. Before co-founding the QI Group of Companies in 1998, he was a successful information systems engineer. He started his career as a business owner in the Philippines with QNET, a direct selling and e-commerce company selling commemorative Olympic coins. QNET grew rapidly, selling new products and expanding their operations to over 30 countries. Today, the QI Group has diversified interests in financial services, logistics, education, hospitality and more.

Eswaran stepped away from QNET’s day-to-day operations to focus on mentoring entrepreneurs. He still hosts QNET’s V-Convention, a motivational event where up to 20,000 distributors attend to hear Eswaran’s speeches. Eswaran is a popular speaker; this year, spoke at the 2019 ASEAN Community Leadership & Partnership Forum and sat on the panel at the 49th World Economic Forum Meeting. He talked abut being a strong proponent of diversity in the workplace. Eswaran’s speeches and essays are available in his book As I See It…

Eswaran has penned five other books as well. In Two Minutes from the Abyss—11 Pillars of Life Management, he talks about following your passion, even if you have to leave your comfort zone. In the Sphere of Silence, his first book, is about practicing silence for an hour a day. In the Thinking Zone contains inspirational quotes from Eswaran about overcoming challenges in life. His book, 18 Stepping Stones, is a plan for life in a chaotic world. Eswaran’s On The Wings of Thought is a pictorial book featuring breathtaking photographs taken by Eswaran.

Eswaran is passionate about education; he established Quest International University Perak along with the state government of Perak. Eswaran wanted to offer affordable diploma, degree and postgraduate programs in an academically underserved region of Malaysia. The QI Group is building QI City around the university. Find out more about Vijay Eswaran:

Eric Lefkofsky and Medical Care Matters

The widely known Milken Global Conference took place not too long ago at the end of April in 2019. It was on a Monday. There were all sorts of prominent figures in attendance at this major event as well. Eric Lefkofsky is just one significant example. He’s the Chief Executive Officer and faithful Founder of a business that’s referred to as Tempus. Tempus, in brief, is a prestigious technology firm that concentrates on molecular and clinical details of all kinds. The Milken Global Conference revolved around one massive topic. Its guests discussed whether or not the most sizable businesses on the planet had the ability to rescue the medical care scene. Lefkofsky had a lot to say during the event, too. He spoke right next to a woman by the name of Margaret Anderson.

People had many comments during the event. Some people indicated that the medical care system in the United States doesn’t make other nations feel any sort of jealousy. There were individuals who stated that healthcare results in the United States were deteriorating with the passing of time as well. Lefkofsky states that the vast majority of sizable businesses out there are putting a lot of consideration into all kinds of medical care matters. He’s more than aware of the realities of the expenses that are linked to healthcare components in the United States and beyond. Lefkofsky stated that medical care is the international economy’s most substantial component at this moment in time. He suggested that the majority of human beings consider contemporary healthcare practices to be rather unreliable. Lefkofsky is a professional who speaks to people in a manner that expresses eloquence. He contemplates all of the words that come out of his mouth with great care. He likes to speak in a manner that’s measured.

Jingdong Standard For Online Shopping By The Commitment

CEO Richard Liu founded in is China’s largest retailer and its largest overall retailer. It is also the most prominent internet company in the country. The company is technology-driven and has invested in developing a highly proprietary technology platform which supports its growth and helps in providing value-added technology services. has set the standard for online shopping by the commitment to authenticity, quality, and broad product offering from fresh food to electronics and cosmetics. It provides consumers with an entertaining online retail experience. This is facilitated by the company’s content-rich and user-friendly website and mobile applications. The company provides a wide range of goods and services at competitive prices, which are delivered fast and reliably.

Its business and marketplace has grown and the number of products offered through online sales and direct sales to meet the high demand of Chinese consumers. It has brought the first of 2019’s kiwifruit and apple harvests from New Zealand to Chinese consumers. This has brought about stronger relationships with market leaders such as Zespri and Rockit Global Limited.

More than 300 million consumers are familiar with the high-quality kiwifruit and large sized apples and are increasingly buying the produce. Data has shown that the majority of all fruit sales on JD’s platforms in the year 2018 were due to overseas fruits.

Buyers of the imported fruits are mainly younger middle-class consumers whose primary focus is their health and nutrition. In 2018, the sales of New Zealand –produced fresh food grew by over 80% on JD. Kiwifruit is New Zealand’s single biggest export all over the world, and China is ranked as the top market. The local industry provides up to 18000 jobs in New Zealand, and there are about 2600 growers.

The first set-up of a flagship store by Zespri on was in 2017. It expanded its cooperation with JD whereby it included selling through 7FRESH. This enabled the global exporter to leverage the numerous capabilities offered by China’s most prominent and advanced e-commerce cold chain logistics Network.

JD has made sure that China can easily buy the highest quality fresh product as Chinese consumers’ appetites for fresh food grows.

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Steve Ritchie Has Become A Big Name In Pizza

Papa John’s is still one of the biggest names in pizza throughout the entire world as the 3rd largest company that delivers the food favorite. While the company may have been going through a rough spot, their new CEO Steve Ritchie has been pulling out all the stops to prove that they are ready to make the changes that are needed to satisfy both their customers and their shareholders. One of the areas that Steve Ritchie has been focusing on since being named CEO early in 2018 is creating a diverse and inclusive environment throughout the entire company and things are looking great.

While there is still a lot of work that Steve Ritchie has to do to help the company meet its goals, he is well on his way to the path of success and it appears that he doesn’t have any plans to slow down. He has been keeping himself busy by visiting different Papa John’s locations in the United States to see how they operate and what the people in the community think about the business. Throughout his years in business, he has learned that knowledge is power and he is going into this monumental task as prepared as possible.

Steve Ritchie is not a new name to Papa John’s as he has been with the company for more than 2 decades since 1996. When he began working with the company, he was working in customer service helping customers place their favorite pizza orders. Quickly, he began developing a love and passion for the brand and worked his way through the ranks in different positions until eventually, he was able to achieve the top spot in the company. He states that the most important ingredient to the pizza and the company is their people and he wants to create a better environment for everyone involved.Read more about Steve Ritchie Papa John’s:

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