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ClassDojo Is Helping To Reduce The Anxiety Of Young Students By Teaching Them Mindfulness Exercises

New studies have been revealing that more people in the world are feeling anxious everyday. As the world becomes more complicated, younger people are especially vulnerable to anxiety. ClassDojo is an app that is working to improve classrooms all around the world, and the creators of the app recently decided to focus on mindfulness by putting together a mindfulness program. The program teaches young students to be more mindful, and ClassDojo added more mindfulness lessons for students to consume after they have finished the initial program.

The aim of the program is to ease anxiety in younger people, and the makers of the app chose mindfulness as the vehicle to do so because of studies that prove its effectiveness. The mindfulness program gives students six days worth of material to go through, and ClassDojo formed partnerships with Beyond Shame Beyond Stigma and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence to help create it. Some of the lessons in the program include mindful listening, mindful breathing, and doing what is called a body scan.

The makers of the app hope to help children all around the world who need new ways to deal with their increasing anxieties. The makers of ClassDojo understand that American children are experiencing high levels of anxiety. Studies have been showing that anxiety levels among children who are between 12 and 17 years old are increasing rapidly. ClassDojo has been working to help children become more empathetic and has also been teaching them to communicate better. When families practice mindfulness together, its benefits are greatly increased, and this is something that the creators of the app hope to see more of. Learn More.

Greg Blatt Believes In Asking A Lot Of Questions

Greg Blatt has served many roles, from working at law firms to working as a CEO. He has taken on the jobs that came into his life and handled each one with great care. He has shared that he feels that it is important for a person to stay flexible (Resumonk).


Flexibility can help a person accomplish great things, and it has helped Greg Blatt to continue to have work to do and companies that want to have him be a part of all that they are. Greg was the Chairman of Match Group. He also worked for AIC. This man has found success, but he was not always successful. He has shared that he feels that it is important for any person who is looking to live the kind of life that he has lived to learn from their mistakes. 


Everyone has times when they mess up and they do things that are not beneficial to them in the moment. When a person chooses to learn something through the mistake that they have made, that mistake becomes a beneficial part of their life. Greg Blatt has shared that he has started many ventures that did not make it but he has kept going even after dealing with failure. 


There are questions that everyone has as they go through life, and getting answers to those questions can help a person grow. Greg Blatt feels that it is important for all people to keep asking questions and trying to learn. He likes to get into meetings with people where he is able to interrogate those who are meeting with him and really learn from them. He enjoys being face to face with people so that he can question what they are saying and see their faces while he is questioning them.



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Advocating for Issues Dear to Her Heart is a Priority for Isabel Dos Santos

Isabel Dos Santos understands the value of technology in nation-building and pushing for progress in communities because she is an engineer. This head of Unitel, which is South Africa’s largest telecom company, is hard at work to help marginalized communities by boosting their technological infrastructure. She wants no one to get left behind. Access to technology has many benefits from improving trade, providing jobs, increasing education, and so much more. Her goal behind this advocacy is to improve the quality of people’s lives.


The compassionate heart of Isabel Dos Santos stems from understanding what it feels like to be marginalized. When she was in college, she was the only black woman who took up engineering in the male dominated King’s College in London. She said there were moments that she felt like giving up because of the lack of support from her peers, but she pushed on even if it was hard to prove to everyone around her the females can do it, too.


Because of this, another one of her advocacies is woman empowerment. Isabel Dos Santos has all the right in the world to speak and motivate young women because of the massive success she has received. This billionaire is well-known in Africa for being the richest girl in the region. Of course, even if her father was Angola’s former president, success was not handed to Isabel on a silver platter (Behance).


In fact, she was sent away to boarding school when she was young because they wanted her to learn to be independent. Back then, growing up away from the place that she had always known as home proved to be difficult. Without her parents and siblings, she longed for home and their companionship. But Isabel dos Santos had no other choice but to bravely face that path that was before her, even if it was difficult.


Through the years, she has had to surpass many obstacles. One of them was proving her worth in the corporate arena. Isabel Dos Santos recalls the many times where she participated in board meetings, but those were not fruitful because she was the only woman present and the men found it very easy to disregard her ideas. As a result, she decided to pursue her own ventures to prove to one and all the she can make it without the shadow of her parents and in spite of her gender and skin color. Today, she serves as an inspiration to many young girls who want to live an equally purpose driven life. 



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Greg Blatt The Man Behind Online Dating

The one-time chairman and CEO for Match Group, Gregory Blatt, has built up experience from serving as Executive Chairman of Match Group to Chairman of Tinder which he served from 2015 in July to December 2016 as well as being the CEO for IAC. Greg Blatt degrees include a bachelor degree and a J.D from Columbia Law. 


He took a sabbatical after college and lived in places such as France, Budapest all the while making his living by painting other people’s houses and waitressing.


He thought it would be fun to enter law school, but didn’t have any particular direction that he wanted to take with his career. Once Gregory Blatt entered law school, he developed an interest in corporate law along with finance. However, he found himself less interested in corporate law as time went by and switch his career goals to something else (Wallmine). 


At the time he was writing a novel along with script writing so he steered himself into entertainment law with the mindset that it would open doors for his creative side. An opportunity soon came knocking in the form of a celebrity Martha Stewart. 


Martha Stewart had decided to take her new company public and ask Gregory to join her. Gregory Blatt took the job for five years until he decided a change was needed and turn in a different direction jumping into the online dating business. Gregory was sure that dating online was a tremendous opportunity and started building Match Group. Within a few years, his boss offered him a chance to head IAC as the CEO. Nothing could have surprised Gregory more, and he took the job for three years. 


Greggory believes in meeting with his staff. He likes being thorough by asking questions and debating along with engaging in dialogue. He also prefers meeting face to face with his people, and when it comes to productive the more the better. Video communication will continue to grow according to Gregory Blatt. s


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Robert Deignan Shares How To Smarten Up Your Home With Technology

Having worked at the outsourcing firm iS3 as an executive for nine years, Robert Deignan was well-qualified to start his own company in this industry. He is the chief executive officer of ATS Digital Services. His company provides tech support to the customers of his clients. He studied business management at Purdue University, graduating in 1995.

Many people are setting up smart homes nowadays. Having done so himself and running a company that helps people do so, Robert Deignan provided some tips. First, decide what ecosystem you want to be a part of. The three main assistants are Apple Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. Which one to pick comes down to personal preference.

A smart thermostat is a key component of any smart home. These automatically control your home’s temperature based on the patterns of the occupants. They are also practical. If you’re away from home on vacation and there’s a sudden freeze, you can make sure the home doesn’t get too cold.

Some devices and apps help you make sure appliances like your stove are turned off. The app will show all the appliances that are on and you just slide to “off” to shut them down. You can also check to see if the garage door was left open or the exterior doors unlocked.

There are two devices for your front door. A smart lock can be installed so that you can let people inside when you’re away, Robert Deignan said. You can install a smart camera that captures video of anyone approaching your door. These are often used to catch package thieves or people casing a home. It can also show if your young child goes out the front door while you’re doing some work in your office.

Robert Deignan says smart vacuums like the Roomba are wonderful to have around. They will intelligently clean a home and dock themselves. They just need to be emptied once in awhile, saving you from hours of vacuuming carpets. They learn where furniture is and can be set to go to work at any specific time of the day.

Steve Ritchie Has Become A Big Name In Pizza

Papa John’s is still one of the biggest names in pizza throughout the entire world as the 3rd largest company that delivers the food favorite. While the company may have been going through a rough spot, their new CEO Steve Ritchie has been pulling out all the stops to prove that they are ready to make the changes that are needed to satisfy both their customers and their shareholders. One of the areas that Steve Ritchie has been focusing on since being named CEO early in 2018 is creating a diverse and inclusive environment throughout the entire company and things are looking great.

While there is still a lot of work that Steve Ritchie has to do to help the company meet its goals, he is well on his way to the path of success and it appears that he doesn’t have any plans to slow down. He has been keeping himself busy by visiting different Papa John’s locations in the United States to see how they operate and what the people in the community think about the business. Throughout his years in business, he has learned that knowledge is power and he is going into this monumental task as prepared as possible.

Steve Ritchie is not a new name to Papa John’s as he has been with the company for more than 2 decades since 1996. When he began working with the company, he was working in customer service helping customers place their favorite pizza orders. Quickly, he began developing a love and passion for the brand and worked his way through the ranks in different positions until eventually, he was able to achieve the top spot in the company. He states that the most important ingredient to the pizza and the company is their people and he wants to create a better environment for everyone involved.Read more about Steve Ritchie Papa John’s:

Barbara Stokes And The Relief Project

Barbara Stokes is a business woman and an advocate for the relief and rebuilding of lives due to the business that she owns whose name is Green Structure Homes Of Alabama. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times. This company owned and run by Barbara Stokes is dedicated to preserving the American experience of those who have lost their property due to the onslaught of disasters such as Hurricane Harvey and Katrina. The materials that are used and shipped quickly and without delay to the needed clientele are especially suited for enduring the wear and tear that the weather can have on a home. Read more about Barbara Stokes at This was done on purpose so that the house that was built as a replacement to the previously destroyed home becomes more stable to the families and individuals who live in them. The home are constructed so that they are environmentally friendly and are energy efficient as well. This is a good option compared to what the government can offer as far as natural disasters are concerned and due to their past record of being able to get to struggling people on time. That is the sad reality of how the government was in keeping things stable in the mist of a major catastrophe such as Katrina because during that exact event they need permission from the Pentagon before any military intervention was allowed. This wait for approval from the Pentagon took four days and in those four days millions of lives were lost. Barbara Stokes of Green Structure Homes of Alabama came to the rescue and if it had not been for them more people would have died.


Louis Chenevert- Former CEO at UTC

Louis Chenevert is a business executive who has set the best leadership record at United Technologies Corporation. He served as the CEO of this company for over half a decade and brought unprecedented changes in the company. It is through his leadership that this company managed to rise to the top of the American corporate sector. As one of the companies that are making the highest returns in the world, it needs a leadership team that is committed to the growth of the company. This is not a position that can be taken by someone who has no track record or the willingness to deliver. For a company that is recording billions of dollars in returns every year, the senior leadership needs to be well experienced to handle the operations of large scale nature.


Louis Chenevert joined UTC at a time when the company was in dire need of a leader who could set the foundation for long term growth. The world economic situation was in turmoil due to the financial recession of 2008, but he still went ahead to do magical work. He ensured that despite the depressing economic conditions, this business was still making sufficient proceeds. He had the requisite knowledge to lead the company through the tough economic phase. He accomplished his goal of ensuring that the company performed well until 2014 when he left.


Although Louis Chenevert became CEO in 2006, he had been with the company since 1993. He had worked with Pratt & Whitney, one of the businesses that make up UTC. It is through P&W that he managed to accomplish a lot. He changed the way things were done in this company by making the production work more efficient. He reduced the production time for a jet engine from two years to nine months. He was also behind a series of other achievements that saw the company lay a strong foundation that will move the company to a new level of growth.


Louis Chenevert is now working as an advisor with the Goldman Sachs. His experience makes him one of the successful leaders in business who can show others the right direction.

Sharon Prince Makes An Impact With Grace Farms

Over the past few years, Sharon Prince has been on a mission to foster more education and a deeper understanding and appreciation of nature. She’s done this by establishing Grace Farms, a community center and cultural institution set on over 80 acres of land. With the location, Ms. Prince has helped to revitalize much of the region while helping to educate the countless visitors that the center receives every year. However, much of what Sharon Prince is known for may not be because of her customer service; instead, it may be the extensive positive impact that she’s had on the environment in the region. Chief among this would be the plant life and wildlife that’s now seen across the area.

This is because Sharon Prince and Grace Farms have spent a significant amount of time reclaiming the meadows and other areas across the 80 acres that the land is set on. As a result of this, now only has the fauna flourished, but so have a variety of species that were once native to the area and that have come back. The includes the likes of over 80 species of birds, many species of native bees, and fluttering butterflies. The majority of this has been done by actively encouraging biodiversity in the area, as well as severely reducing peoples’ impact on the area.

Having said that, there are one species of bird that has returned to the area which many are especially proud of; the Kestral Falcon. This species was on the Connecticut Threatened and Endangered Species List up until recently. However, thanks to the efforts of Sharon Prince, Grace Farms and a few other figures, the Kestral Falcon has now being taken off that list. This is because the bird has been known to thrive around Grace Farms, as well as in a few other areas that have been rejuvenated.

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Stream Energy Cares

With the trail of devastation that Hurricane Harvey left in its wake, the city of Houston and the individuals inhabiting it had much to struggle through including the loss of their houses, their pets, family members and even their own lives. Thankfully, in the midst of a time that seemed hopeless to recover from, Dallas energy company Stream Energy stepped in as one of the first businesses to devote its time and effort those affected whether they were customers or not.


By nature, Stream Energy is no stranger to philanthropic endeavors. As an extension of their giving, they created the foundation “Stream Cares” to help those across the state of Texas and around throughout the nation like it has done for over 12 years. Hurricane Harvey has provided an excellent opportunity for businesses in Dallas such as Stream to promote their brand as charitable, philanthropic companies that put forth far more than money to those who are in need.


It is fairly new and different for a business to have a subsidy dedicated solely to philanthropy. Despite the nascence of such a frontier, there are positives to this; the central ones being the feeling of altruism that benefits the community and winning the respect and trust of potential customers and the community as a whole.


As it stands, when a corporation gives back, whether to a charitable organization or a sole individual, it is done so in the public eye with hopes that it downplays a scandal or something equally as damaging that threatens to portray the company in a particular light. It is commonplace for American companies to give back to companies around the world. Stream Energy differentiates itself from other companies engaging in philanthropy by keeping the generosity relegated to the community through collaborations with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross in addition to employees and management giving back through grassroots work.


By taking care of their employees and community, Stream Energy cements itself as a true champion of giving back in any way humanly possible.

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