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Sanjay Shah Is Completely Devoted To Autism Speaks

Businessman and entrepreneur Sanjay Shah is doing a lot these days. Not only is he CEO of one of the largest hedge fund company in the U.K., he’s also spending a lot of time on autism research. In 2011, Shah’s youngest son, Nekhil, was diagnosed with the neurological disorder, autism. From that point on, Shah was devoted to helping scientists find a cure to this life-altering condition.

During an interview on the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network Enterprise Radio, Shah discussed his life, business and his brainchild, Autism Rocks. Shah created the rock festival in 2014 as a means to raise money for autism research. “I know that Nekhil has the advantage of having a parent who is well off. I want to make sure individuals who don’t have the resources get help,” said Shah.

Shah says the minute his son was diagnosed, he went to work. He found the best teachers and therapists to help him. “He’s really doing well,” said Shah. He says while he’s devoting his time to research, he’s taken a leave of absence from his company, Solo Capital.

Shah built the company from scratch after learning the ropes from other companies. He went from nothing to building a company that is worth $400 million. In fact, is a former medical student that decided to change career paths after 2 years of medical school. “I was bored and simply wanted to do something else,” said Shah.

The upcoming Autism Rocks concert is scheduled for this May. Past guests include Prince, Drake, TI and Michael Buble. He say its a way to raise money and for autism sufferers and their families to mingle, network with other families and have fun.

Shah says he believes doctors may be close to a breakthrough. Maybe in the next 10 or 15 years, according to Shah. “Right now, this is my passion.”

When asked if he plans on going back to work at his company, Shah said never say never. “I’m in semi-retirement now. I’m in no big rush.” Besides, he say it gives him a lot of time to devote to his family.


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Brian Bonar Is Awarded For His Extremely Good Work

The Cambridge’s finance executive of the year award went to Brian Bonar, Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Being nominated for the award is usually an honor since the panel only selects two of the best males and females in each category. The nominees are usually selected on the basis of their academic achievements, professional accomplishments and leadership abilities.

Brian Bonar has had an outstanding career in the financial world and hence he deserved to take the award home. He is a member of seven different boards in four different organizations across eight different industries. Brian Bonar received his baccalaureate in Mechanical Engineering from Strathclyde University in Scotland.

He later received his MBA and Ph.D. in International Business Development Studies from Stafford University in the United Kingdom. Brian Bonar also holds an honorary title, Lord Bonar of Wilcrick, Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom.

He was later appointed Director of Allegiant Professional Business Services. Early in the year 2000, he became a Director at the Solvis Group, Inc. On 4th February 2004, he became a Director of the Alliance National Insurance Company (ANIC), American Marine LLC, The Boys and Girls Club of Greater San Diego as well as the Warning Management services Inc. In March 2008, he joined the Directors of Tradeshow Products Inc. One year later, he was appointed Director of Truecept Inc. Read more: Brian Bonar: Executive Profile & Biography

Other than serving in a director’s capacity of different companies, he has also served in other capacities in various companies. He has worked for IBM U.K for just about 17 years. Between 1990 and 1991, he was the Worldwide Sales Manager of Adaptec Inc. Before that, he was the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Rasteck Corp. From 1991 to 1992, he was the president of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Bezier Systems Inc. Between 1997 and 2004, Brian Bonar headed the Solvis Group of Dalrada Financial Corp. as an acting Chief Executive Officer.

He was also the Executive Vice President of Dalrada Financial Corp as well as the company’s Chief Operating Officer. These are but a small fraction of the positions Brian Bonar has held in his career in the world of finance. He was once the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Truecept Inc., a position he held since March 2010.

He has also served as the company’s Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Secretary. He was also the President of the company since 2009 and was also the Principal Accounting Officer of the Firm. Brian Bonar has more than 30 years’ experience in the financial sector. Today he is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation, a position he has held for more than a decade. He describes himself as an avid golfer and a family man.

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Why Entrepreneurs Choose White Shark Media

Before you launched your small business, you probably consulted with several people who possess wisdom. They told you that entrepreneurship comes with a lot of struggles, and very few new businesses succeed. One of these individuals probably also told you that there are variables that you can control. You can make wise business maneuvers in areas such as marketing and the Internet.

This prospect may have raised some doubts, as you do not know how to navigate through the Internet. You do not know how to conduct digital marketing. Several entrepreneurs who have been in your position have turned to digital marketing agencies such as White Shark Media.

White Shark Media offers an array of necessary services. This is an area for which no compromises can be made. Prior to the advent of the Internet, entrepreneurs would hire advertising and marketing consultants. Marketing agencies have always been integral to business –

Today, marketing is different than it was a few years ago. Small businesses need to know how to market themselves on the Internet. They need to know how to build a professional website, enhance their SEO, and understand several other intricacies. Most entrepreneurs do not have the time to earn a degree in marketing. They will hire reliable digital marketing organizations such as White Shark Media.

SEO Evaluation

Much of the traffic that comes to your website should probably be drawn from various search engines. When people search for answers to their difficult questions on Google, Bing, or Yahoo, your website should be among the search results. But it can be difficult to know if you are doing everything right on your website. Even if you have mastered a few staple SEO tactics, the search engines might have changed. You might have mastered a particular tactic on Google, but not on Yahoo. What are you doing right, and what are you doing wrong? TopSEOs has confirmed that White Shark Media can answer this question with their SEO evaluation service.

Actively Seeking Review

There is always room for growth and change. Even if you have a base of satisfied customers (as White Shark Media does), you should still actively try to find ways that you can improve your service. The people who have the most invaluable insight are your customers. That is why White Shark Media routinely asks for a review. They ask what services people love and what could change.

The Success of Status Labs in Employee Retention

One of the greatest and most expensive struggles for small and large businesses can be employee turnover. There is too much money being spent in the corporate world on hiring new individuals to replace those who have already been trained. There are however ways to combat employee turnover. Applying these techniques in your business could help your organization to save tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years in employee training costs.

Creating great goals with even better incentives is a great way to keep your team feeling motivated and appreciated. Offering inexpensive prizes such as tickets to concerts or electronic devices can be a great way to keep your employees feeling appreciated for all the hard work they are putting in at your company. Keeping your employees in the loop is something that can help more than you might think. Employees want to feel as though they are more than just pawns on a chess board. Keeping them informed on all of the changes in your organization is a very important thing to do. Also, let your employees know that their voices are heard. Be an organization where employee ideas can really help to take your business to a whole new level.

Darius Fisher is an individual who has found a great deal of business success for his startup Status Labs. He uses many of these incentives when it comes to creating amazing team building experiences in his marketing firm. Fisher has turned Status Labs into an organization where employees feel like they are part of something bigger. The employees at Status Labs understand the great service that they are rendering for their clients. Thousands of companies and individuals have been helped due to the amazing services rendered at Status Labs. The future looks very bright for this online marketing firm. Find Darius on Facebook to see what he’s up to!

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