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Sudhir Choudhrie: A rare transplant patient and a rare individual

Sudhir Choudhrie, a native of India, and now living in Britain, is a rare individual. He has had a remarkable career in business, culminating in his becoming the Executive Director of Magnum International Trading Company, working with the Taj Hotel and Resort Groups, doing business with Addidas, and serving as vice-chairman of Alpha C&C Group, a holding company for investments. Estimates are that Sudhir Choudhrie has amassed a fortune valued at greater than $2 billion, which is not bad for a simple lad from Delhi. Choudrie has another accomplishment, which he began as far back as when he was 8 years old. He was taken to a doctor and it was revealed that he had a heart condition which cause his heart to skip a beat.

Through sheer force of will, Medical School, and transplanted into him.  was able to maintain the heights of greatness in business, as well as donate a great deal of money to charity, but the hearty condition was always in the back of his mind. Choudrie was frequently plagued by health issues throughout his adult life, and toward the late 1980s, doctors gave him the stark warning that he needed a heart transplant. Perhaps luck was with him, but Medical School, but Sudhir Choudhrie sought advice from doctors just in the nick of time, and 1989, a heart was found for Mr. Choudrie and flown to Columbia University Medical School, and transplanted into his body.

Nowadays, heart transplants are so common that people forget that the average amount of life extension a heart receipt can be expected to live is a little over 9 years. But Choudrie had his transplant 20 years ago, and the 70-year-old is still ticking.  Giving back in two, critical ways. In 2009, Choudrie created the Sudhir Choudhrie Professorship of Cardiology at Columbia University to allow illustrious faculty to do research which may extend the lives of transplant patients further. But Choudrie went a step further, by writing a bestselling, post-transplant novel called,  From My Heart  which he wrote, not to be a biography, but a positive tale that life beyond a transplant can be a new adventure. Mr. Choudrie is one to be admired for his accomplishments, his charity, and his compassion for others with similar problems.

Entrepreneur Sudhir Choudhrie Shares His Support Of Disabled British Athletes

Sudhir Choudhrie is an entrepreneur who lives in London, England. He is from India and started his first company there. This is Magnum International Trading Company Ltd., which he founded in 1975. He has spent the past 44 years starting new companies. In 2013, he was honored at the Asian Business Awards, winning the Asian Business Lifetime Achievement award.

Since becoming a British citizen, Sudhir Choudhrie has focused on aviation, hospitality, healthcare, and real estate as an investor and entrepreneur. In the twilight years of his career, he works as a consultant and vice chairman at C&C Alpha Group. Since September 2008 he has also been a board member at Kingfisher Airlines Ltd. He is the executive director of Magnum International Trading Company.

On his blog, Sudhir Choudhrie decried the decision by UK Sports that resulted in Wheelchair Rugby losing its £750,000 in annual funding. He said this was a reminder that disabled people in England are not treated fairly. The Great Britain Wheelchair Rugby team had just won the European championship. Since this sport was established in 2012 it has become increasingly popular, going from 7 teams to 22 during that time. The Rugby Football Union continues to give the English team £100,000 a year but that isn’t enough to see the sport continue to grow.

Sudhir Choudhrie says he wasn’t personally involved in the sport but he was a big fan of the London 2012 Paralympics, which he found to be inspiring. He found it moving to see people overcome hardships in their lives and how other people confined to wheelchairs gained confidence. He thinks it’s a terrible development that disabled sports are set back due to not enough funding.

He agrees that public money isn’t a bottomless pit. He says that if England’s wheelchair athletes are going to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Special Olympics then they need the help of philanthropists and nonprofits. Along with his wife, Anita, he raises money for disabled people through their Path To Success organization. They started raising money for the London Titans, a wheelchair basketball club, last year.

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Blake Mallen, Founder of ViSalus Understands Lifestyle Companies

Blake Mallen is a thirty-eight year old entrepreneur who co-founded and runs two global lifestyle companies. He is a millennial influencer and investor who understands why the lifestyle market is successful.

ViSalus is a business designed to help Americans lose weight and get the body that they deserve. Mallen is instrumental in the production of these products and oversees all aspects of the business. These weight management products help change people’s lives and this is why Blake Mallen co-founded the business. His goal was to help other people live their best lives and this includes looking their best.

Blake Mallen is also interested in helping people live their best lives by inspiring them to live and create. He wants people to look at the limitations that life presents to them and choose differently. Choose to give back to their communities and choose to go after what they want in life. This is what Blake Mallen did in his own life. He decided to build his own company and find success in an unconventional way.

One of Mallen’s most successful projects was building the revenue for his ViSalus brand. He started a “Challenge Marketing” strategy that helped people reach their fitness goals and weight loss goals. This challenge marketing strategy brought in almost $2 billion in sales. These are the differences that Mallen makes with his companies. He looks for interesting perspectives that he can use to inspire and motivate people. Mallen believes that if people feel inspired and motivated then they will be more successful when reaching for their goals. He also believes that these are the best customers to have because this is a win-win situation.

Mallen loves to give back and frequently speaks at international events and national conferences on how to shake up your life to make the most of your life. Mallen speaks on topics such as organizational culture, brand building, lifestyle millennial marketing, social media marketing, entrepreneurship, personal growth, leadership and how to succeed in the global lifestyle industry.

How Blake Mallen Capitalized On The Gig Economy Before It Was A Thing

Betterworks Offers Way To Continuously Provide Feedback To Employees

Managers should use “The Golden Rule” when giving feedback to employees. Many managers are reluctant to give feedback and many employees don’t want to hear it. However, it’s a necessary part of the manager-employee relationship.

Many employees only hear feedback on their performance a few times a year. A better method for managers is to provide continuous feedback to employees as this leads to better motivation and job performance. If a manager rarely provides feedback it leads to fear on the part of the employee as they have no idea how they will be judged.

Betterworks Continuous Performance Management Software Solutions is a way for managers to keep on top of providing feedback to their employees. This software helps managers from annual or semi-annual reviews to a system of providing regular performance evaluation. This gives managers a way to transparently communicate progress and make sure everyone is aligned on top priorities.

The Betterworks Continuous Performance Management® solution helps managers give high-quality and timely feedback to the people under them in an organization. It also provides a way for coworkers to request and share feedback. The software tracks metrics that help to easily identify teams and individuals that need a manager’s attention so they can get back on track.

Betterworks software also helps eliminate bias from the employee review process. Even bias that isn’t intentional is harmful to people and organizations. Among the types of bias this software helps eliminate are recency bias, gender bias, and recency bias. This leads to a positive company culture in which people of every background can thrive.

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Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is a great investment group that is trying to expand and do more for the communities across the world. Unlike other investment groups that just care about the numbers and stick to doing things the traditional way, this group has never been traditional. Right from the start, the company started because they thought there could be a different way of doing things. They didn’t think the old system was broken but that it left people out that could pay back the loans and that could contribute to their local economy in a positive manner. So the company first started to do stock-based loans for small business owners that could not get any more personal loans to help and grow their business. By doing this the owner could get a better interest rate without a credit check and would get their stock back after they paid off the loan. From there the company has all but exploded.

Jay-Z Thanks Desiree Perez Contributing to His Success

Desiree Perez

While the entertainer stands in the spotlight many others who contribute to the performer’s success labor in obscurity. Chief Operating Officer of ROC Nation Desiree Perez is an example of someone whose contributions to the entertainment industry go largely unrecognized. Under Perez’s stewardship, ROC has become a premier talent agency.

Having all the talent in the world is useless if no one knows when or where you are performing. Keeping the talent in the spotlight literally and figuratively is part of Desiree Perez’s job. Her duties include arranging the advertising, interviews, and other promotional events that sell tickets and CDs.

Desiree Perez

Every year Billboard magazine honors 120 women for their contributions to the music industry. In 2018 Desiree Perez was honored as one of the music industry’s most powerful female executives. Factors that led to Perez’s recognition was ROC Nation’s efforts on behalf of criminal justice reform. Keeping the America Festival in Philadelphia and the successful release of an album by The Carters.

Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter and Desiree Perez have worked together for two decades. The rapper refers to Perez as his “secret weapon“. To express his gratitude for the contributions she had made to his career both on stage and in the world of business (he is one of ROC Nation’s co-founders) Jay-Z hosted a dinner honoring Perez. The venue was a private room at the New York City restaurant Fresco by Scotto.

NICE Global: The Inspiration

A Company on the Rise


With a headquarters founded in Kingston, Jamaica, the hometown of the ambitious and talented Paul Herdsman, CEO of NICE Global, the company has come a long way. Started only in 2014, since then NICE Global has lived up to its name, aiding companies with strengthening their profit margins all over the world.


Managing a business is no easy or small affair. Sometimes the back office of a company alone can be such a daunting task that many managers end up getting overwhelmed and repeated mistakes end up hurting the company’s reputation so much that the business goes under because of things that could have been avoided with due diligence. That is where a company like NICE Global comes in. They help to manage back office affairs for companies like customer service so that the business can focus on what’s important, their products and services.


Throughout a successful career Paul Herdsman has developed aa plethora of corporate wisdom that he expresses in the article “12 Successful Tips for Entrepreneurs”.


Birth of an Idea


After many business moguls and aspiring entrepreneurs alike saw the success of Paul Herdsman and NICE Global, they just had to know where the idea to start the company came from. Always willing to share, Herdsman shared that in 2013 he was using outsourcing for businesses in five different countries. It did not take long for him to realize how inefficient this process was. The whole thing became such a convoluted mess that he finally thought to himself that there has to be a better way.


It was not an easy decision, but after a lengthy and careful discussion, Paul and his partners decided to bring all of their outsourcing back to in-house, creating a single center in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  Go Here for additional information.


The Result


There was no doubt that when Paul Herdsman decided to bring outsourcing all together under one roof that he struck on a golden idea. There were so many companies out there that were in need of a centralized place to handle all of their back office and customer service issues. The life blood of any business is to fill a need and niche, NICE Global found that niche, and has been helping others find success ever since.




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