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How Mike Baur Has played a role in Changing the Business Landscape

Due to his competence, Mike Baur has been able to establish himself as one of the leading businessmen in Switzerland. The entrepreneur has had the opportunity to work in the banking sector for more than twenty years. His long stint in the banking sector equipped him with a lot of knowledge and skills. Some of the banks he has had the opportunity to serve include the UBS and Clariden Leu. Mike Baur has played a role in the formation of companies. For instance, he is widely known for having co founded Swiss startup factory. Actually, he remains a managing partner in the same company.


After his career in the banking sector, he decided to quit helping in funding startups across the country. As noted earlier, Mike Baur helps in funding startups. However, there is certain criterion that is used to determine if a company qualifies for financing. The selected startup should always demonstrate that it has an opportunity for success. His support to the various startups is not just financial. Rather, he has always acted as a mentor for the most promising startups in the country. Mike Baur has had the opportunity to work at the CTI invest in his capacity as a deputy managing director. It is also important to note that he served as a jury member in a summit that was held in January 2016. In essence, the objective of the summit was to identify startups that had a huge opportunity for growth.


As noted earlier, Swiss startup factor was founded in 2014. At the time of founding the company, it had a number of ambitions. The main ambitions of the company entailed a disruption of the business norms at the time. The company also aimed at introducing effective business models which would change the manner in which business is done. The company also aimed to facilitate the manufacture of new products that would change the market in a significant fashion. The core business of the company entails engaging startups for a period of three months.


During the period of three months, the company aims to achieve various things including coaching and mentoring. The company also aims at providing financing to the startups that are well managed. Indeed, there are instances when the company has offered office space for the startups. The contribution of Mike Baur has had a major impact on startups through giving them access to an investor network.


Magnises Taking Fun Life to the Next Level

Magnises is a platform that acts as a personal assistant that ensures that no single party or a special event happening in the city passes you without your knowledge. Magnises takes your party life to the next level by making sure that you get the happenings and invitations without gate pass restrictions. Magnises offers various experiential and benefits to its members according to the available categories be it culture, sports, live concerts and nightlife. Being a Magnises member, you get enrolled to unlimited access to various clubs around the city and receive a VIP treatment wherever you go.

Being a nightlife person, you don’t have to hassle for gate passes. Magnises does it for you and you only need to provide the Magnises black card and access is granted. Magnises reserves a table for the “members only” ensuring the member enjoys to the fullest leaving others admire the type of service a Magnises member is offered. Magnises organizes special night events on with secret performers in private places where a member is not worried about his privacy.As a Magnises member, you get an alert to attend and enjoy. In some instances, Magnises covers for the first few bottles of drinks or entitle you to a bonus of buying one and getting one free. With Magnises, in all night events, you are always a VIP.

Other than creating special events for its members, Magnises also does a complete analysis of other places where an event is getting down and recommends the member to attend. Magnises does the hassle and leaves the member to enjoy. With Magnises, members get free exclusive tickets and a special time to meet with professionals from different caliber who are also members of this great platform.

Magnises always creates exciting events and creates different platforms to bring together its members to share the fun together. For instance, Magnises threw an awesome party on to its members when celebrating its two years anniversary. Other than this, there have been many other events such as Magnises Thursday and July Penthouse party. Members’ satisfaction has been the driving force of Magnises and living life large is their goal.

To keep the communication simple and efficient, Magnises has established a mobile application where members can quickly log in and be informed of the next big event before hand. The app is fitted with various tabs giving suggestions on which night club is having the hottest jam and which clubs the members have reservations. To keep the connection going, Magnises has identified various hotspots in different cities where members, as well as their guests, can meet, drink and mingle freely with other members.

Magnises have created a community involving tastemakers, experience seekers and influencers from all across the country and provide each member with a Magnises card as an identification and payment tool to get access to the universal happiness in whatever city the member chooses. For only $257.55 you get an annual Magnises membership and unlimited offers that will turn around your fun life.

Marc Sparks, Sparking Hope Through Entrepreneurship

Marc Sparks has been the motivating force and the creative intelligence behind at least fifteen entrepreneurial adventures and startup companies. He has done it all with a spirit of humility and willingness to help others as he strives for success. Even in losing he is a winner because he is able to start all over again because of his faith and drive.

The latest program Marc has developed is called Spark Tank .This is a program that Marc was inspired to create to provide a vehicle for social innovation. He has a goal to improve how people connect both online and face-to-face. Spark Tank educates people to build a connected and creative community by providing mentoring in readily absorbed segments. His companies illustrate his dedication to hard work. Marc will never ask an employee to do something he will not.

In school Marc Sparks was not a stand out student, but rather was only average. He had a solid C+ high school career and never attended college. He is far from average today. Marc Sparks is well known for his involvement in telecommunications, investing, and venture capital along with real estate in the Dallas and Fort Worth area. His conviction is that anyone can become successful in business.  Learn more about Marc Sparks:

Marc Sparks gives back to his community. He is more than a businessman and does more than just lecture. He is heavily involved with the building of homes with Habitat for Humanity. Other philanthropies that he supports include The Samaritan Inn, a homeless shelter in the area and a Dallas high school magnet, American Can!

Marc’s goal is to inspire success in others. He is motivated by faith as well as his business skill and drive. Marc has written a book to show his pathway from being a C student to being a successful business man. They Can’t Eat You is available in hardback and paperback as well as online. He shares both his wins and losses in business with those who want to learn. Read more: They Can’t Eat You: My Unorthodox Path To Outrageous Success

The Spark Tank is Marc’s new inspiration for mentoring business startups. He was inspired by a friend and co-collaborator Lynne Sipora to offer means for social services executives who have fresh ideas to apply for grant money.

The winner of each round will receive a $5000 grant for their venture. After the three rounds this year the winners will compete for an additional Grand Prize. The Spark Tank is sparking hope for social service agencies in and around the Dallas area. Marc Sparks gives back.

South America’s Biggest Country Is Big News For Advertisers

If you’re a foreign advertising executive, Brazil, with its exotic locations and people, may seem like a daunting prospect. But if that’s your perspective, then perhaps you need to take a closer look at this country. Far from being a tough (Brazil) nut to crack, South America’s largest nation is filled with enthusiastic consumers. Not only that, they’re consumers with both increasing educational levels and disposable incomes. The use of credit cards here since the early 21st century has greatly expanded. Internet use has also greatly increased since the turn of the century, with its largest group of users being teenagers. These savvy young potential shoppers spend as much as 14 hours per week online. It’s estimated that as much as 50% of the country’s population falls between the ages of 15-40. Marketing research indicates that this age range is the most likely to spend money on new products. And with a median age of 28, this new generation of spending-inclined Brazilians not only has more money to spend, they have plenty of time to be trained on how to spend it, too.

And these increasingly well educated, affluent Brazilians are willing to be guided in their purchases. While they are very loyal to national brands, overseas goods and services are popular as well. Vacation-destination countries such as Great Britain often have an impact on foreign brand loyalties. And since Brazil not surprisingly is a country that often influences the rest of the continent, its purchasing choices often are reflected elsewhere in South America.

So you’re getting sold on Brazil as a advertising market? Great, but you’d better hurry, because the country’s native advertising agencies have already seen and are moving on its potential. And one of the country’s biggest agencies is Heads Propaganda, headed by advertising executive and founder Cláudio Loureiro. Known more commonly in Brazil as “Heads.”, the firm’s headquarters are located in its founder’s hometown of Curitiba. However, Brazil’s largest privately owned advertising agency has outgrown its borders, and now has offices in multiple countries, including a presence in North America.

Although educated for a legal profession, Loureiro became interested in advertising early on from his days on Facebook, as well as entertainment, and has served as a producer both for a feature film and a Broadway musical. Under his guidance, “Heads.” has produced work for a number of large Brazilian companies, winning Loureiro that country’s highest advertising honor. The company’s best known international advertising was the “Sea Shepard” public awareness campaign. Highlighting marine life slaughter, the campaign was commissioned by the Australian non-profit Sea Shepard Conservation Society. Heads Propaganda’s multi-media campaign quickly went global, and the company’s compelling images and text have been seen around the world.

Doe Deere Has Been Determined To Do Good Things In Her Company

When someone is starting up a makeup company of their own they are going to want to do everything in the best way possible. They are going to want to create unique makeup, and they are going to want to create it with quality ingredients. They are going to want to do something special that will get people excited, and they will want to be confident in themselves and the kind of company that they are creating. Makeup companies that are the most ambitious and unique are the ones that are the most likely to gain a large amount of fans, and when someone wants to do what is right for their company they are going to want to make sure to put their all into it.

Doe Deere is one woman who has always given her all to her company. She made it into something that she could be proud of through working hard on every detail. She loved doing unique things since she was just a girl, so it was easy for her to make the brand into something special. People have seen all that she has done in her life, from joining a band as a young woman to dying her hair purple, and they realize that she is someone who is not afraid to take some risks. She knows that any chances that she takes will be well worth it for the results that may come from them, and she has taken plenty of risks with her makeup company. She’s created glittery makeup for those who want to put on something bright and cheery, and she has made darker makeup for those who are in that kind of mood. No matter what one needs from makeup in order to express who they are and what they are feeling, Doe Deere on has created it all.

She has done much good with her makeup brand, and she is a woman who everyone can be admiring for that. It takes a lot to create a makeup brand that will attract the attention of all and be something fun, and Doe Deere has worked hard to make all of that happen. Everyone who is determined enough to do good things with their company should be able to do the same.

The Most Successful Business Leaders

There are tons of business leaders everywhere. However, the business leaders that experience the most success are people who really enjoy what they do and are willing to offer something valuable for others. In other words, they are not in their business just to make money. They also have other goals in mind that they want to achieve with their business. Often times, the hardest goal in any business is to make money. Money often comes after the other results are achieved. However, when the money comes, it makes the experience even better for the business leader which encourages him to continue.

Among the business leaders that are really successful is Majeed Ekbal. He is an example of one who has gone into business not just to make money. Even though money was on his mind when he was working his business, he had other goals. These goals had to do with the improvement of people’s lives and their communities. He has shown that, if one does not offer anything to his clients, then he is not going to be a successful businessman. No one is looking to give away money for nothing. When they go to a business, they are hoping to get something from the business.

Fortunately, Majeed Ekbal’s Twitter page has something for people to get from the business. Even though people may not have recognized what he has to offer right away, they have eventually learned more about his product or service. They have given what he had to offer a try and have seen that it is actually a good offer. As a result, other people have heard about what Majeed is offering and have gave the service a try. As a result, Majeed’s business grew, and he became a success in many ways. He has also helped build his community in Chicago.

This is the very important aspect of a business. The business owner has to offer something that people want in order to become a success. It also takes time to run a successful business. In many cases, one has to have capital in order to pay for the equipment needed as it depends on his business. Online business cost the least to start up. However, there are still plenty of costs that come with advertising and other services. If the user understands how to market his site, then he will be able to gain a lot of money without having to spend a lot.

There is a lot that goes into success as a business leader. If one is able to handle all of the aspects of being a leader in his business, then he is going to go very far. It takes a lot of patience and work.

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