Ashley Lightspeed: Understanding Nuances in Business

Ashley Lightspeed will likely look at a large corporation like American Express. Why? Well, for one, the company has increased its gross profit on a yearly basis. That is astounding, even when other businesses seem to slow down. She would also be interested in other aspects of the company. Ashley Lightspeed may be interested in how American Express came to be and why it is still around today making acquisitions like the on that is presented below.

One thing that would be interesting to know about American Express is the fact that it was involved in the shipment of goods and financial instruments but it would quickly branch out financial services within about ten years of its starting. Read more about  Ashley Lightspeed at

There are a variety of reasons why this is so. First, the founders were involved in the financial services sectors. They would roll out their service in 1857. Where did they start?

In the money order business of course. Something that Ashley Lightspeed would want to watch out for is the fact that American Express would step into a sector that was already in business by other firms. Did you know that the Post Office would be one of the first one’s to have money orders? American Express stepped in and saw that it could compete on that service as well.

Needless to say, the company would do quite well. People within the firm would also discover that they didn’t like some things taking place within the world. See, one of the partners would see, when abroad, that he wasn’t able to be liquid when he was overseas, it just was impossible to be seen as trustworthy and a man of honor. He knew that he needed to come up with a solution. He wasn’t the only one having these problems. This would lead to an innovation. To learn more about Ashley lightspeed, visit at

Article Title: Richard Liu

Richard Liu is the founder and creator of which has gone from a small e-commerce company to one of the largest in the world with drones for delivery and stockholders from all over the world. Some of the stock holders in company are those like Google and Facebook as the company has grabbed attention of world as it has grown.

But the company also allows their employees to become stockholders in the company which increases giving those employees a small nest egg for when they retire from the company. In recent years there has been more competition that has come to the scene but the owner believes that it is just a reason to keep working harder and thinks that with the team he has there is no failing for his company as he has a large but dedicated team backing up the company every step of the way.

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Richard Liu; excelling at multiple fields

Richard Liu is a well-known name in his field. However, as he has excelled in two different fields, you may have heard of him from different sources in different words. Richard Liu was born into a medical family. His father, as well as his mother, was a medical expert and both of them were in different fields. Richard Liu too got into the Harvard to study dentistry and got out with flying colors.

He started practicing dentistry, but something else caught his eye. He became attracted to the world of investments. As a result, he gave up his medical practice and started working on getting an MBA. Once he was done with his MBA, he joined a firm as a venture investor. He soon grew to prominence in this field as well.

He was able to complete scads of successful investments. He has also developed a habit of personally overseeing mergers and acquisitions. The investments he had made have paid off in the end and as a result, he has grown to prominence in this field as well.

This has made him a popular case study for those who are looking to shift careers. Most people get chills down their backbones even at a mere hint of a career change. It is no easy task to even establish oneself in even a single field, and the idea of not only establishing but growing to prominence in multiple fields is like kryptonite to many.

However, Richard Liu is not one of them and he has made a name for himself in medical as well as financial fields. Both the fields have nothing in common and it is not easy for anyone to make a name for themselves in even a single field. However, Richard Liu has done so in both these fields.

Richard Liu’s: Twitter.

Article Title: Toyo Setals Growing Popularity Locally And Internationally

Barely a decade ago since it came into existence, Toyo Setal has realized impressive results in the energy, constructions and several other sectors leveraging technology and innovation. It has been recognized with awards including “Innovations in the Integration of Engineering Projects” award received during the AVEVA World Summit 2014 for participating in presentation of solutions to a problem themed “challenges and advances in integration technology. The Ontario-based company also developed one of a kind software called EPC Portal to enhance to consolidate all moving parts during project implementation. In other words, EPC Portal is an information management solution leveraged to integrate all the disciplined involved in a project development in a single platform.

At the core of its operations, the company is focused on investing in new solutions as well as innovations in technologies as well as processes. It has established itself as a leader having developed a software to help it deliver great projects to clients locally and internationally. It boasts a global experience as well as structure which it uses to satisfy the ever-increasing complex demands of the market it operates in globally. The company operates in Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Chemical, Fertilizer, Steel, Mining, Energy, and Infrastructure segments. It offers unmatched services in the field of engineering, pre-commissioning, commissioning, construction, and supplies. Toyo Setal works to integrate all services necessary to construct industrial plants while focusing on various elements including conceptual design, basic project and much more.

Toyo Setal is today committed to the noble course of satisfying its clients than ever before. It takes pleasure in seeing its clients succeed. Toyo Setal provides effective and complete solutions along with executing and implementing quality projects with a focus on safety, sustainability, profitability, and productivity. That is how it has been able to deliver to the customer a high quality product developed with technical excellence on a timely basis.

Away from its complex services, Toyo Setal is a top responsible company and therefore, they are keen on sustainability and social responsibility. It is always striving to enhance development in municipalities while earning the respect of the residents. Additionally, it supports the local community and it looks to contribute to environmental efforts.

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Chinese e-commerce company pulled in quite the haul in this year’s Dragon Boat festival. The festival kicked off June 1, the date marked as the beginning of Jingdong’s June 18 anniversary sales event. Jingdong ended up selling 47 tons of Zongzi.

Zongzi is a traditional Chinese dish made of bamboo-wrapped sticky rice dumplings. Chinese families far and wide enjoy eating the dish during Dragon Boat, and the company synonymous with Zongzi is Wu Fang Zhai.

Wu Fang Zhai is a historic provider of Zongzi and has been supplying the dish across China for years. In 2016, the time-honored company began offering products on As China’s largest digital retailer, companies across the globe seek out JD for its logistics. knows the Chinese markets and is able to accurately project what consumers want and when they want it. Since joining Wu Fang Zhai has witnessed its sales skyrocket. Last year such sales increased repeatedly up to a 120% year-over-year boost.

The main driving factor behind the brands success is Jingdong’s insights. uses data driven projections to help companies better market their product. The results always see company profit soar.

In the case of Wu Fang Zhai the data showed that northern markets in China favored salty Zongzi. Wu Fang’s gift boxes contained overly sweet Zongzi at the time.’s data suggested a shift in packaging that contained more salty. Wu Fang Zhai complied and saw sales instantly improve.

About JD com

Jingdong began life as a series of storefronts selling electronics. The company was founded by Richard Liu Qiangdong. When the SARS epidemic swept China Qiangdong decided to take business online. Today it is a billion dollar business serving consumers in Asia, Australia, and Europe. JD is a front runner in advancing technology and is known for pioneering tech like blockchains and commercial drone delivery.

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Article Title: Bhanu Choudhrie And Effective Marketing

Bhanu Choudhrie makes certain to lead a holistic life, as Bhanu Choudhrie leads a life which accounts for many different matters, he can make sure that he is building and creating a better world.

By supporting small business Bhanu Choudhrie increases weatlh and helps other people to become like Bhanu Choudhrie over the long-term.

Bhanu Choudhrie has seen that innovative companies can bring about great products and can have productive branding.

New Products

The company has breathed new life into its operations by launching its own line of gluten-free flour to meet the requirements of a crop of picky eaters.

With it, it has also offered up paleo options that comprise of cassava root, coconut and almond. This has went on to show that despite being “old”, the firm is still very relevant, and also self-aware to the point where it knows how important a role does innovation play in its overall operations.

The testing kitchens seem to be consistently at work, and that has led the firm to continue offering new products such as the items mentioned above. Under the leadership of its CEOs, it aims to maintain the traction and bring even further advancements to the table with continued focus on development mechanisms.

Effective Branding

As mentioned above, General Mills seems to be the largest competitor for King Arthur Flour, while Hometown Food takes the cake with its Pillsbury branding.

But King Arthur Flour has been changing that picture for the better. It currently boasts of approximately 340,000 followers on Instagram, which is a whopping 10,000 times more than General Mills’ 3,000 Instagram followers, and almost the same as Pillsbury’s 350,000 followers on the same platform.

That change has come only in recent years, where the current leadership put down mechanisms to make itself known through the world of tech to appeal to a larger audience.

The next step in this journey is to redo the familiar logo. But according to the leadership at King Arthur Flour, that is something which is a very extensive task, and might take some time to take place.

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Felipe Montoro Jens – Speaks of Brazil’s Development

It was in the year of 2018 that public-private partnerships received a distinguished award. The award’s purpose is to recognize and honor the work of business partnerships in the country. The Frei Caneca Convention Center hosted the awards ceremony in Sao Paulo.

There are professional teams of public-private partnerships that are at the very heart of numerous complex and huge PPP deals that span the globe. These legal professionals task themselves with providing legal, comprehensive, strategic, and commercial legal services and advice for PPP project financing. Read more about Montoro Jens at

Felipe Montoro Jens has clients that include developers, lenders, operators, contractors, equity investors, and engineers to name several. Felipe Montoro Jens and his group also provide real advice concerning real estate law, taxes, labor, and environmental concerns. His company maintains offices around the world.

Felipe Montoro Jens is on the board of several Brazilian companies, and has consulted with a complete score of business enterprises during his career. He began his college education in 1998 at Oregon University. However, he switched to UC Santa Barbara. He has a Spanish and history degree. He received his Master’s degree in Kinesiology. Jens can also add a graduate degree in Business Administration to his educational achievements.

Brazil recognizes Felipe Montoro Jens for his financial expertise. One of his main areas of expertise is infrastructure. He consults on numerous projects throughout Brazil, and commands respect for his ability to advise on business deals between private industry and his country’s government. These arrangements are public and private partnerships, or PPP.

Jens remains focused and busy, and his days consist of meetings and conference calls with institutions. He also reviews numerous contracts, reports, and agreements on a daily basis. Felipe Montoro Jens notes Brazil’s historical shift ties into the country’s infrastructure. Infrastructure is necessary for the development of Brazil. Privatization is also a necessary process for addressing the many investment demands of the country. Learn more:–felipe-montoro-jens-os-vencedores-do-premio-ppp-awards-2018-revelados-em-dezembro&partnerid=69&releaseId=195210

Jeunesse Global Hosts Expo To Promote Its Vision

There are few things that get people as excited about a company, an idea, or a brand as much as having an expo of that company, idea, or brand. People like to get together with other like-minded individuals and try to celebrate the thing that makes them all similar. They like to learn from others about the reasons why they are excited about the same concepts. 

About Jeunesse Global

This global health and beauty brand got its start from the minds of two formerly retired individuals who decided that they had more to offer the world. They have set it up to run through a distributor network of individuals who have their own stake in the company. Anyone can sign up to begin selling and promoting the brand and make a little extra money for themselves along the way as a result. Therefore, Jeunesse Global is the kind of brand that stands out as different from the rest. 

Inspiring Jeunesse Leaders

There are going to be some of the top Jeunesse leaders from around the world at the expo looking to share their ideas with you. They are going to explain what they have done to make their own Jeunesse Global business successful in their part of the world and what strategies you may be able to borrow from them. 

Those who seek greatness often look to those who have already reached that goal. The expo is the perfect opportunity to get a peek at what some of the very best of the best have to say about their Jeunesse business and what they have managed to do (more info can be found here).  

Meet The Founders

Want to be really inspired? How does meeting the founders of the entire Jeunesse Global empire sound? They clearly have a lot to offer you in terms of learning from their experience. They have taken their idea for starting a health and beauty brand and brought it to the world. They did this all while being at retirement age! It is a great testament to the idea that it is never too late to chase your dreams.

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel- the Doctor who helps with Minor Cases

Dr. Eric Forsthoefel is an emergency doctor who works at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital in Florida. Having worked for a long time in the medical field, Dr. Forsthoefel has supervised hundreds of non-urgent situations at the emergency center. 

The Doctor says that this situation is caused by the fact that many people do not have access to primary health care. Because of this, many patients go to emergency centers seeking help. Dr. Forsthoefel said that it doesn’t matter how minor the cases may seem to be. As doctors, they always act to help.

In this pursuit, each patient that arrives in the emergency center will find that the medical personnel is ready to help. These include physicians, nurses, techs, and a host of support staff. Indeed, every such patient usually requires a bed. Dr. Forsthoefel, however, says that the increasing nature of such non-emergency cases flocking emergency centers is indeed a problem to ponder. It is a new challenge because resources that ought to go to emergency treatment eventually get used by relatively minor cases.

The entire staff that works at emergency centers end up feeling the heat. Regardless of the situation, Dr. Forsthoefel says, the team at emergency departments continue working hard to maintain efficiency and offer the best care. He says that it is understandable that many people face different kinds of barriers in attempts to access primary health care. 

Whatever the case, this is a challenge because non-emergent, chronic situations now consume time and resources that should be channeled towards acute and emergency cases. Because of this, emergency departments in many hospitals have become less effective and inefficient. It is often challenging to keep the flow of patients manageable. 

Indeed, Dr. Forshoefel says, this situation is becoming critical by the day. Just like Dr. Forsthoefel, many other caregivers and doctors across the US and Florida specifically have expressed similar sentiments. They say that the impact of minor medical cases being turned over to emergency centers is becoming a matter that should be urgently addressed. This is because it is has become a real problem, and the frequency increases.

Jingdong is Bringing Fresh Produce to Their Customers from New Zealand

It seems like everyone is trying to eat healthier now and this is especially true in China where there has been an increase in the demand for healthy food like fresh fruit. is making it easier for their 300 million customers to access fresh fruit from countries like New Zealand. Recently, Jingdong sold their first harvest of kiwifruit that they had imported from New Zealand. New Zealand is known for its high-quality produce and customers in China were excited to be able to add it to their diets. Data showed that the demographic purchasing the most imported fresh produce are mainly middle class, younger people who are putting a lot of focus on their health.

In 2018, fresh produce from New Zealand sales has increased by around 80 on Jingdong alone. While is currently selling kiwifruit and apples from the country, there are plans to increase the types of produce that are sold by the retailer in order to give their customers more options while they are trying to eat healthier. The company selling their kiwifruit to Jingdong is known as Zespri and they have been partnering with the site since 2017. The apples being sold on from New Zealand are from Rockit Global who just recently opened a flagship store on the site. This produce is not just available online, they can also be purchased offline at their new brick and mortar stores. People in China are demanding high quality produce that is still fresh which makes a great distributor as their logistics system is one of the most advanced in the world.

Jingdong is excited about the partnerships that they have formed with these companies are looking forward to where they will go next. is focused on being able to provide their customers with the products with a high degree of transparency. Quality is important and more than ever consumers are demanding to know where their purchases are coming from. There is already a strong following for the products that the retailer is importing from China and this demand is expected to keep growing.


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