Jingdong is Bringing Fresh Produce to Their Customers from New Zealand

It seems like everyone is trying to eat healthier now and this is especially true in China where there has been an increase in the demand for healthy food like fresh fruit. is making it easier for their 300 million customers to access fresh fruit from countries like New Zealand. Recently, Jingdong sold their first harvest of kiwifruit that they had imported from New Zealand. New Zealand is known for its high-quality produce and customers in China were excited to be able to add it to their diets. Data showed that the demographic purchasing the most imported fresh produce are mainly middle class, younger people who are putting a lot of focus on their health.

In 2018, fresh produce from New Zealand sales has increased by around 80 on Jingdong alone. While is currently selling kiwifruit and apples from the country, there are plans to increase the types of produce that are sold by the retailer in order to give their customers more options while they are trying to eat healthier. The company selling their kiwifruit to Jingdong is known as Zespri and they have been partnering with the site since 2017. The apples being sold on from New Zealand are from Rockit Global who just recently opened a flagship store on the site. This produce is not just available online, they can also be purchased offline at their new brick and mortar stores. People in China are demanding high quality produce that is still fresh which makes a great distributor as their logistics system is one of the most advanced in the world.

Jingdong is excited about the partnerships that they have formed with these companies are looking forward to where they will go next. is focused on being able to provide their customers with the products with a high degree of transparency. Quality is important and more than ever consumers are demanding to know where their purchases are coming from. There is already a strong following for the products that the retailer is importing from China and this demand is expected to keep growing.


OSI Group and McDonalds Hamburger Collaboration

OSI Group and McDonalds are partners when it comes to making hamburgers. Ever since the first McDonalds was set up, OSI Group was the one supplying meat products to them. This collaboration has become such a huge success that OSI was forced to set up a factory that would provide meat products to McDonald’s. This factory is called the Gunzburg factory located in the US. The Gunzburg factory is a huge franchise that makes all the meat patties and hamburgers for McDonald’s chains in the world. A brief visit to the factory was arranged to see the whole meat process and the safety of the food. This visit came up after several allegations that the restaurant’s hamburgers contain preservatives.

These allegations were brought up by one David Whipple who experimented on a hamburger by placing it in an enclosing for fourteen years. According to Whipple, the hamburger had not rotten even after locking it away for fourteen years. McDonlad’s came forward after these allegations and stated they did not use any preservatives for their hamburgers. We had to go to the factory and see firsthand if this statement was true. At the factory, we were required to wear a protective garment to avoid food contamination in case we came in contact with it. All the staff members also had on their protective garments while handling the meat.

The meat was first checked manually for bones and then packed into crates. The meat in crates is then transported to the meat processor where it is minced into a fine mixture. The meat processor machine also checks for bones in case any were left out during the manual checking process. Once the meat has been minced another machine is used to make it into hamburgers. The machine is used because it ensures precision and all the hamburgers are the same size and consistency. The hamburgers are then checked to ensure they have the right fat content. These are tested in the lab that is in the factory. After the visit, we were able to conclude that the McDonald factory does not use any preservatives for their hamburgers.


Agera Energy Won’t Let You and Your Energy Down

A utility company that specializes in natural gas supply and electricity services that are very accommodating and cost-effective is known as Agera Energy. The aim of the company is to be your guide in saving and using energy in the proper manner. Learn more about Agera Energy at Crunchbase.

It will empower and educate you in making the wisest decisions when it comes to your energy supply and services. Agera Energy values customer service and to them, it is all about the kilowatt hours. The company has been recommended by residential owners and small and big business owners for the way they handle energy supply and costs. Agera Energy’s well-trained professionals know that energy is a huge expense especially to homeowners and business owners which is why they value their customers by giving them the cost that they truly deserve. Follow Agera Energy’s profile on


Agera Energy saw the opportunity to be different from other natural gas and electricity suppliers, trusting them to do all the responsibility is the key.


Sharon Prince Spearheads Grace Farms Vision to Stimulate New Perspectives

Grace Farms is characterized by serene landscapes of rolling vistas, scenic backdrops and surprising natural wonders providing its visitors with a masterful natural experience. Helmed by Sharon Prince, it seats on a 80-acre of land aiming at inspiring thoughtful introspection, garnering unexpected outcomes, insightful conversation, and bringing people from all walks of life together. Through Grace Farms’ Nature initiative, Earth Day is an annual event held to promote awareness on the importance of restoring wilderness, maintaining ecosystems as well as infrastructure to allow native species to thrive in their habitats, and developing sustainable environments for wildlife.

Grace Farms also boasts Habitats and Home workshop designed for parents with children between the age of three and ten. Children get a chance to learn about animal communities and how animals build homes.

The new kind of space has more than 75 species of birds. It offers visitors an opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of different native birds. During its Earth Day celebrations, it promotes face-to-face communication which is often lost in the busy life of the modern world. People celebrates the natural wonders during the event and patrons will participate in the memorable day.

Recently, the President and Founder of Grace Farms Foundation, Sharon Prince, shared her thoughts about the unique space through the foundation of the blog. She shared ways the foundation is bringing real change to the world through propelling education, conversation through design, insight, relationship with nature, as well as a symbiotic flow. She described Grace Farms as having an open architecture seating on an 80-acre expanse extending to cue discovery. The restored meadows, native habitats, more than 80 sighted birds, and roaming pollinators inspires a sense of awe. The foundation aims at stimulating new perspectives through an environment which combines different aspects of outdoors and indoors to cultivate a peaceful as well as welcoming environment for all.

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Taking A Look: Unroll.Me

In this particularly fast-paced world email has become one of the fastest ways to keep in touch with people. One of the things that people like about email is that it can be sent and received in a moment’s notice. People and businesses receive a few to hundreds if not thousands of emails each day. One of the things that overwhelm a person is the amount of junk mail that can pile up. Lianne Cassavoy took a look at Unroll Me and she gives people an honest take on the service.

She says that there are many things to like about the service and one thing that could be improved. She says the way the service works is by scanning an email to look for subscriptions the person has. This initial scan of the account only takes a few minutes and can be completed quickly. She says the service works for Gmail, Yahoo, and Google right now but more services may be added in the future.

One of the things that Lianne really liked about the service was that she could schedule when her daily email can come. This can save people and businesses a lot of time rather than going through an exhaustive list. One of the things that she found was that some of her colleagues’ emails were being put in the subscription the service can be told to place those emails in the inbox.

She says that if you have more than one email each one has to be put in separately to Unroll Me. This way the service can determine which accounts the user has are still active. One of the things that can be improved on the service is the list of emails. There should be a priority list so people can find the email they need quickly rather than sorting through hundreds at a time.

She says the service has promise but it needs to be able to keep priorities in place. If the kinks can be sorted out in the coming months Unroll.Me is a service that could really come to the forefront of battling junk mail.

Why does Jason Hope support anti-aging research?

Jason Hope is a futurist, author, and philanthropist. As a futurist, he is able to predict the technological innovations of the future. As an author, he has published an eBook that educates the people about the internet of things. Jason also loves helping the less fortunate in society. He has worked with various organizations that are interested in using technology to make human life better. There are technological innovations that if accomplished can help the people to live better lives than ever seen before. One of such initiatives is anti-aging research.

Rejuvenation technology

Jason Hope is supporting rejuvenation technology. He believes this technology has the potential to change the way people approach the treatment of old age diseases. These are diseases that make it impossible for human being to live a healthy and happy life until demise. Many people in the retirement age are suffering from numerous old age diseases. The diseases include Alzheimer’s disease, Parkison’s disease, cancer, diabetes, and others.

Any human being who is facing such diseases is likely to lead a miserable life. Unfortunately, this is a stage that almost every human being has to go through. Old age cannot be alienated from old age diseases. In most cases, they came as a package. These diseases lower the quality of life making affected people lead miserable lives at a time when they should be enjoying their retirement.

Anti-aging research

Hope is interested in addressing this issue. He believes that every human being deserves an opportunity to live a better life even in old age. To eliminate old age diseases, then human beings must deal with the cause of these diseases. Jason Hope with the help of SENS Research Foundation, a nonprofit research organization, currently carrying out research that could see the lives of the people change. They are looking for an anti-aging drug that will stop or slow the aging process in human beings.

Jason Hope is hopeful such a drug could be the best solution to the challenges that people are facing with old age diseases. Such a drug will bring quality into human life and even make it possible longer lifespan for human being possible.


Jeunesse Global Delivers New YouTube Videos

Social media is an excellent way for companies to advertise new products and services. Jeunesse Global is a thriving health company that offers numerous products to customers. Over the past decade, the company has expanded rapidly. Jeunesse Global recently announced the launch of a new YouTube channel. This new channel is designed to help educate consumers about health and wellness.


Jeunesse Global publishes several videos each month on the new channel. The videos are fun to watch and are also educational. As a result, the company already has thousands of subscribers on the YouTube channel. Anyone who wants to learn about living a healthy lifestyle should watch some of the videos. The videos provide detailed information and easy tips to follow. Some people enjoy writing questions in the comment section to be answered on a future video.


Jeunesse Global also uses the YouTube channel to advertise new products. The company is known for developing several new products each year. With the rapid growth of the company, developing new products is vital. Consumers expect that products from Jeunesse Global will be both affordable and effective.

New Products

Jeunesse Global recently launched a new energy drink designed to help people feel more energetic. Many people struggle with low levels of energy throughout the day. There are various causes of daily fatigue. Some people live an unhealthy lifestyle. Others do not get adequate rest each night.

The new energy drink is made with natural ingredients. As a result, the energy boost is sustained throughout the day. Most current energy drinks only provide a quick increase in energy that immediately fades away. Anyone who wants to increase their productivity should try this product.

Jeunesse Global also announced a new subscription service. Any customers who subscribe to receive monthly shipments can save a lot of money on products each month.

Louis Chenevert- Former CEO at UTC

Louis Chenevert is a business executive who has set the best leadership record at United Technologies Corporation. He served as the CEO of this company for over half a decade and brought unprecedented changes in the company. It is through his leadership that this company managed to rise to the top of the American corporate sector. As one of the companies that are making the highest returns in the world, it needs a leadership team that is committed to the growth of the company. This is not a position that can be taken by someone who has no track record or the willingness to deliver. For a company that is recording billions of dollars in returns every year, the senior leadership needs to be well experienced to handle the operations of large scale nature.


Louis Chenevert joined UTC at a time when the company was in dire need of a leader who could set the foundation for long term growth. The world economic situation was in turmoil due to the financial recession of 2008, but he still went ahead to do magical work. He ensured that despite the depressing economic conditions, this business was still making sufficient proceeds. He had the requisite knowledge to lead the company through the tough economic phase. He accomplished his goal of ensuring that the company performed well until 2014 when he left.


Although Louis Chenevert became CEO in 2006, he had been with the company since 1993. He had worked with Pratt & Whitney, one of the businesses that make up UTC. It is through P&W that he managed to accomplish a lot. He changed the way things were done in this company by making the production work more efficient. He reduced the production time for a jet engine from two years to nine months. He was also behind a series of other achievements that saw the company lay a strong foundation that will move the company to a new level of growth.


Louis Chenevert is now working as an advisor with the Goldman Sachs. His experience makes him one of the successful leaders in business who can show others the right direction.

A History of Food Supplier Company OSI Group

OSI Group is the leading food product supplier for restaurants and retail companies that sell food products. Today, the company has thousands of employees and 65 locations throughout the world. The company started out with humble beginnings as it was founded by an immigrant family and would then expand into an international conglomerate. Over the last century, OSI Group has been a top supplier of food products and also a company that has emphasized sustainability and environmentally friendly policies. As well as being involved in environmental sustainability, OSI has also been a leader in innovation in the food service and retail industries.

At the beginning of the 20th century, OSI Group was founded by an immigrant named Otto Kolschowsky. He started up a meat retail and butcher shop in Chicago, Illinois. Within the first two decades of the business’ existence, it established itself as a very successful local small business. It would first be named Otto & Sons. During the decades leading up to and during World War 2, Otto & Sons would continue to thrive as a local business in the Chicago area. After World War 2, Otto & Sons would complete a transaction that would change the food industry for decades to come.

During the 1950’s, a number of small restaurants began to start up in suburbs all over the United States. One of these restaurants was McDonalds. This restaurant looked to sell hamburgers to consumers and was looking for a supplier. Otto & Sons met with the McDonalds founder Ray Kroc to become a beef supplier. Once the meeting with the two companies was finished, Otto & Sons would serve as the primary supplier of beef products for McDonalds. This one agreement would allow OSI Group to begin its rapid expansion.

In the coming decades, OSI Group would begin to expand its facilities to other parts of the Chicago metro area. It would then begin to expand to other parts of the United States. Once the company was finished expanding to other parts of the United States, it would then set its sights on other parts of the world. Over the next few decades, OSI would establish locations in China, India, Australia and Europe.

Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda recently completed an interview about his work with his company KOI IXS. In his interview he talked about the things that he does on a daily basis as well as how he has helped himself and the company become successful. He talks about how this company changed his life and how he used it to change the lives of others. This article is going to give you a look into that and so much more.

Edwin Miranda starts every day out by checking his emails. He always wants to make sure that he is doing everything that his clients need from him so checking his emails from clients every morning keeps him on top of things. He also has a daily meeting with staff first thing every work morning to make sure that everyone stays on top of things.

Predictive Marketing is something that really excites Edwin Miranda. Technology is something that is constantly changing. Technology is helping companies be able to predict the results of their sales and this is very exciting to Edwin Miranda. Edwin Miranda always trying to do his very best for his clients. He stays passionate about his job and this helps him to become successful.

Edwin Miranda is a hard-working entrepreneur who will not stop until he becomes successful. He has worked at a few different companies before settling on creating his own company KOI IXS. Edwin Miranda worked as hard as he could to make sure that KOI IXS became successful. He wanted to see the company succeed and grow. Edwin Miranda was already pretty successful when he started up KOI IXS but his success really took off when he started the company. Edwin Miranda and KOI IXS are going to continue to grow and gain success for many years to come.

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