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With the right education, it is possible for women to get the best working positions in the market. It is not the role of men to occupy the positions in corporate leadership anymore. Companies have acknowledged that women have the same ability to deliver when given the motivation needed in the office. Jana Messerschmidt represents the successful women who have found their way in the hearts of many people. As a partner in a company called Lightspeed, Jana is a vital feature in the company, and she is helping the company to serve customers better than in the past. The successful organization focuses on early stage investments in the United States. With her expertise skills in the world of technology, Jana Lightspeed has helped many companies to significantly grow and reach their goals in the investment world. What people do not know is that the businesswoman is the co-founder of a company that helps women in startups to reach their targets. The institution is known as ANGELS, and it has done well because of the presence of Jana Messerschmidt.

One of the key features that have set Jana Lightspeed from all other executives in the market is the fact that she had the right academic papers. Before she joined the complicated market, the businesswoman had to get prepared well because she knew the kind of challenges she was going to face when serving in the male dominated market. With the education she has, the businesswoman has been developing partnerships, building companies from scratch and developing relations for business activities. The fact that she has a young family doesn’t stop her from being a leader in the company she serves. The role of partner is very demanding in a modern company, but Jana Lightspeed has always delivered the results the stakeholders need.

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Ashley Lightspeed: Building An All-woman Venture Capital Empire

Much of the success seen throughout the technology start-up industry has primarily been due to the services of venture capital firms. Venture Capital firms are often the number one route that start-ups take in order to gather enough funding. Although at first seen as a risk, Venture capital firms have certainly seen the benefits of their investments. One of the leading figures in the venture capital industry is Ashley Lightspeed, one of the high ranking partners at Lightspeed Venture Capital. Although very humble about her career, Ashley Lightspeed has worked with a number of large venture capital firms, many right after earning her degree from Duke University. We recently sat down with Ashley Lightspeed to learn more about her career and life as well. See articles at

Where did the idea for Lightspeed Venture Capital come from?

According to Ashley Lightspeed, Lightspeed originated from simply not having the time to work with Thumbtack (Her former employer) as a full-time employee due to her enrollment at Stanford. Furthermore, Ashley did not want to quit and therefore would work on side projects to maintain that presences in the field. One day, however, one of her former colleagues recommended her service to various companies. Long story short, she would end up creating a whole company that was just meant to be a part-time job.

How have you made your ideas possible?

Ashley states that having an architect as a father certainly helped her in figuring out the best way to build on an idea. The motto goes, measure twice, cut once, a philosophy that she still utilizes till this day. Ashley goes on to say that although different to architecture, her version of the saying is practice through prototyping a product and finding how it will be presented to the public. Only after all the test and data have concluded a positive factor will the product be release.

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