Isabel dos Santos is Included with Other Successful Women of Color

Isabel dos Santos has received some attention for the things that she has accomplished, and she has been recognized along with other women of color who have done great things. She is included in lists with successful people like Michelle Obama. Michelle Obama has been recognized for the work that she has done to help children be healthy. Michelle Obama was not only the First Lady of the United States but she put a lot of time and effort into her Let’s Move! initiative to help children get active. She worked to bring healthier foods into schools and she tried hard to help the children in the United States live in a healthier way.

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Angola em diálogo e cooperação aqui na #CIIE sobre a exportação como uma área que pode transformar a economia angolana 🇦🇴. Com o Embaixador de Angola na China, João Salvador dos Santos Neto, e o Secretário de Estado das Pescas da República de Angola, Carlos Martinó Cordeiro. A confiança das outros países em Angola vai ser fundamental para captar investimento e termos uma verdadeira aposta na importação para esses países de produtos diversificados vindos de Angola. Hoje já exportamos a nossa Luandina para a China. Mas podemos crescer ainda mais. Imaginem os empregos que podemos criar, como podemos fazer crescer as nossas empresas, como podemos gerar valor… Esse é o caminho 💪🏾 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Sodiba #CIIE #China #Angola #Lundina #ANossa #business #proudlyAngolan Angola united here at #CIIE, discussing export as an area that can transform the Angolan economy 🇦🇴. With the Angolan Ambassador to China, João Salvador dos Santos Neto, and the Secretary of State for Fisheries of the Republic of Angola, Carlos Martinó Cordeiro. The confidence of other countries in Angola will be fundamental to attract investment and to import diversified products from Angola to these countries. Today we already export our Luandina to China. But we can grow even more. Just imagine the jobs we can create, how we can make our companies grow, how we can create value … That’s the way to go 💪🏾

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Oprah Winfrey is one of the women of color who has been noticed right along with Isabel dos Santos. This woman is best known for her work on television but she has also brought about positive changes in the world through other work that she has done. This woman has used the organization that she put together to help out in times when disaster relief was needed. Oprah Winfrey has also helped girls in South Africa by creating a leadership academy for them there.

Isabel dos Santos has given to others through her work to provide equal access to educational opportunities. She has helped her company partner with educational institutions around the world so that those who are looking to learn will have the opportunities that they need to do that. She has helped send farmers to school so that they can grow in knowledge. She has made new opportunities available for people who would not be able to learn without help from someone like her. To know more about her click here.

Isabel dos Santos has dealt with sexism both while growing up and while starting her career. She has seen the decisions that she has made be questioned by others. That has not stopped her from moving forward and accomplishing a lot. This woman is Africa’s richest woman and she is a successful businesswoman.

How Can Isabel Dos Santos Improve Education In Africa?

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Só podemos caminhar para um mundo justo quando os nossos meninos e meninas tiverem as mesmas oportunidades desde cedo. As raparigas são muito mais do que ajudantes em casa. Podem ser as futuras presidentes de bancos, ministras, embaixadoras de uma associação internacional que vai fazer a diferença. Há um mundo de oportunidades! O nosso dever enquanto geração mais velha é lutar pelos seus direitos 🙌🏾 A educação é um dos caminhos para garantir que produzimos uma nova geração de jovens informados e qualificados para contribuir para as suas comunidades, Angola e África. Meninos e meninas, sem excepção 📚 #SharingbyIsabeldosSantos #Educação #Angola #África #genderempowerment #igualdadedegénero We can only step forward into a fair world when our boys and girls have the same opportunities early on. Girls are much more than house helpers. They may be future bank presidents, ministers, ambassadors for an international association that will make a difference. There is a world of opportunities! Our duty as an older generation is to fight for their rights 🙌🏾 Education is one of the routes to ensuring that we produce a new generation of young people who are informed and skilled enough to contribute to their communities, to Angola and Africa. Boys and girls, without exception 📚

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Isabel dos Santos is the richest woman in Africa, and she is also a proponent of building the African economy. She knows that businesses need to put money into the economy, but she also knows that education plays a big part in how kids will grow with Africa. There are a few things that she does to make this a much better place to live, and each of them can be life-changing for a child in a small village. Visit her facebook page to learn more about her platforms.

Bringing Jobs To Africa

Isabel dos Santos works with many companies on their board of directors or as an investor. She has long been committed to making sure that the people who are getting jobs in technology and industry can be native Africans who were hired locally. She wants to see offices of her companies grow so that more people can make money and support their families.

Getting Kids Into School

Getting kids into school is a large part of how Africa can grow. When people meet with Isabel, they will learn how she has made big efforts to take care of school children. She is giving to charities that want to build and support schools, and she also wants to ensure that all these children know that they can find a college that will prepare them for the future.

The Economy Is Thriving

The economy of Africa is thriving, but that does not mean that it has stopped growing People like Isabel dos Santos want to see the African economy grow more so that they middle class can thrive. She also gives to charities that help women start businesses or get an education. Because of this, she can help women get out of small villages, leave abusive relationships, and support their children. Even a micro-loan can go a long way to helping someone have the very best life.


Isabel dos Santos is one of the most important businesspeople in all of Africa. She is investing in the future of Africa while also giving to charities that can support the people who need it most. By doing this, she can help the economy grow. Source:

The Successful Journey of Ashley Lightspeed

Ashley Lightspeed has accomplished a lot in her career at a very young age. Over the years she has worked with several companies helping them attain their full potential. Ashley has assisted in the success of each one of these firms. As a kid, she showed great interest in the growth of business projects and the creation of quality goods and services. Ashley loved sitting with her dad, who was an architect, watching him create prototypes and sketching buildings.

Ashley always dreamt of becoming an architecture one day, though her mindset later changed and she developed an interest in business development, Ashley is at the top business building and construction. Ashley Lightspeed currently works at Lightspeed Ventures as one of the board members. Lightspeed ventures are among the few ethnic ventures capital which appreciates cultural diversification. Ashley’s role at Lightspeed Ventures enables her to use her skills and experience to the maximum. Get the latest update on her twitter to find out more.

She efficiently uses her great ideas and expertise in product development to come up with great business projects as well as valuable goods. Ashley has assisted Lightspeed Ventures in widening their ethnicity by encouraging for the employment of more female employees. According to Ashley Lightspeed, women are a significant asset in the business market. Ashely Lightspeed has worked with several prominent companies over the years. She has played a significant role in the development of the financial sector.

Ashley’s career life began after she had graduated from Duke University. Ashely Joined Bain and Company where she gained experience and broadened her knowledge on business running’s. Ashley learned new ideas that are quite useful in business development. After working with Bain and Company for a few years, she joined Thumbtack. The company’s primary focus is to link up business experts with ordinary business personnel. Through Ashely’s help, the company’s event planning platform is currently among the business in that category.


Ashley Lightspeed: Understanding Nuances in Business

Ashley Lightspeed will likely look at a large corporation like American Express. Why? Well, for one, the company has increased its gross profit on a yearly basis. That is astounding, even when other businesses seem to slow down. She would also be interested in other aspects of the company. Ashley Lightspeed may be interested in how American Express came to be and why it is still around today making acquisitions like the on that is presented below.

One thing that would be interesting to know about American Express is the fact that it was involved in the shipment of goods and financial instruments but it would quickly branch out financial services within about ten years of its starting. Read more about  Ashley Lightspeed at

There are a variety of reasons why this is so. First, the founders were involved in the financial services sectors. They would roll out their service in 1857. Where did they start?

In the money order business of course. Something that Ashley Lightspeed would want to watch out for is the fact that American Express would step into a sector that was already in business by other firms. Did you know that the Post Office would be one of the first one’s to have money orders? American Express stepped in and saw that it could compete on that service as well.

Needless to say, the company would do quite well. People within the firm would also discover that they didn’t like some things taking place within the world. See, one of the partners would see, when abroad, that he wasn’t able to be liquid when he was overseas, it just was impossible to be seen as trustworthy and a man of honor. He knew that he needed to come up with a solution. He wasn’t the only one having these problems. This would lead to an innovation. To learn more about Ashley lightspeed, visit at

Jay-Z Thanks Desiree Perez Contributing to His Success

Desiree Perez

While the entertainer stands in the spotlight many others who contribute to the performer’s success labor in obscurity. Chief Operating Officer of ROC Nation Desiree Perez is an example of someone whose contributions to the entertainment industry go largely unrecognized. Under Perez’s stewardship, ROC has become a premier talent agency.

Having all the talent in the world is useless if no one knows when or where you are performing. Keeping the talent in the spotlight literally and figuratively is part of Desiree Perez’s job. Her duties include arranging the advertising, interviews, and other promotional events that sell tickets and CDs.

Desiree Perez

Every year Billboard magazine honors 120 women for their contributions to the music industry. In 2018 Desiree Perez was honored as one of the music industry’s most powerful female executives. Factors that led to Perez’s recognition was ROC Nation’s efforts on behalf of criminal justice reform. Keeping the America Festival in Philadelphia and the successful release of an album by The Carters.

Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter and Desiree Perez have worked together for two decades. The rapper refers to Perez as his “secret weapon“. To express his gratitude for the contributions she had made to his career both on stage and in the world of business (he is one of ROC Nation’s co-founders) Jay-Z hosted a dinner honoring Perez. The venue was a private room at the New York City restaurant Fresco by Scotto.

Jana Lightspeed, A Role Model For Young Women

With the right education, it is possible for women to get the best working positions in the market. It is not the role of men to occupy the positions in corporate leadership anymore. Companies have acknowledged that women have the same ability to deliver when given the motivation needed in the office. Jana Messerschmidt represents the successful women who have found their way in the hearts of many people. As a partner in a company called Lightspeed, Jana is a vital feature in the company, and she is helping the company to serve customers better than in the past. The successful organization focuses on early stage investments in the United States. With her expertise skills in the world of technology, Jana Lightspeed has helped many companies to significantly grow and reach their goals in the investment world. What people do not know is that the businesswoman is the co-founder of a company that helps women in startups to reach their targets. The institution is known as ANGELS, and it has done well because of the presence of Jana Messerschmidt.

One of the key features that have set Jana Lightspeed from all other executives in the market is the fact that she had the right academic papers. Before she joined the complicated market, the businesswoman had to get prepared well because she knew the kind of challenges she was going to face when serving in the male dominated market. With the education she has, the businesswoman has been developing partnerships, building companies from scratch and developing relations for business activities. The fact that she has a young family doesn’t stop her from being a leader in the company she serves. The role of partner is very demanding in a modern company, but Jana Lightspeed has always delivered the results the stakeholders need.


Ashley Lightspeed: Building An All-woman Venture Capital Empire

Much of the success seen throughout the technology start-up industry has primarily been due to the services of venture capital firms. Venture Capital firms are often the number one route that start-ups take in order to gather enough funding. Although at first seen as a risk, Venture capital firms have certainly seen the benefits of their investments. One of the leading figures in the venture capital industry is Ashley Lightspeed, one of the high ranking partners at Lightspeed Venture Capital. Although very humble about her career, Ashley Lightspeed has worked with a number of large venture capital firms, many right after earning her degree from Duke University. We recently sat down with Ashley Lightspeed to learn more about her career and life as well. See articles at

Where did the idea for Lightspeed Venture Capital come from?

According to Ashley Lightspeed, Lightspeed originated from simply not having the time to work with Thumbtack (Her former employer) as a full-time employee due to her enrollment at Stanford. Furthermore, Ashley did not want to quit and therefore would work on side projects to maintain that presences in the field. One day, however, one of her former colleagues recommended her service to various companies. Long story short, she would end up creating a whole company that was just meant to be a part-time job.

How have you made your ideas possible?

Ashley states that having an architect as a father certainly helped her in figuring out the best way to build on an idea. The motto goes, measure twice, cut once, a philosophy that she still utilizes till this day. Ashley goes on to say that although different to architecture, her version of the saying is practice through prototyping a product and finding how it will be presented to the public. Only after all the test and data have concluded a positive factor will the product be release.

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