CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray And CCMP Capital Really Changed My Life

I needed to find a place to invest, and that is why I actually put my trust in Stephen Murray and CCMP Capital first. I knew for a fact that I was going to have to have real assistance, and the only way to get that assistance was to contact the best. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

I got a name from a friend who told me to talk to Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. I was not able to get in touch with Stephen Murray because he took a leave of absence and fell suddenly ill. However, the broker I talked to at CCMP Capital was trained by Stephen Murray. He made me feel like I was in the right place, and he gave me a lot of ideas for investing.

I got started with more than one fund at CCMP Capital, and I even got into the tail end of the large fund that Stephen Murray created before he passed away.

I was honestly honored to be given a chance to get into this fund, and I knew that I would be able to make more money because of the confidence that was exuded in the office at CCMP Capital. I could tell that Stephen Murray had done a lot of good work with his team, and that team was now helping me.

I got very excited because I was able to start seeing a change in my finances, and I had so much money coming back that I could invest it in new business deals. This was how I was able to keep expanding, and then I got my broker to make a separate account just for my businesses.

I was never able to meet Stephen Murray, but the weight of the work that he did sits with me every day. It is clearly making my finances that much better.

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