Bhanu Choudhrie Of C&C Alpha Is An International Investing Expert

Bhanu Choudhrie was born in New Delhi, India, and has grown into a successful entrepreneur, business leader, and philanthropist that has traveled around the world. He founded C&C Alpha Group, a middle market investment firm that specializes in aviation, banking, real estate, hospitality, and healthcare. Through his agency, Bhanu is able to help companies mature and build the necessary funds through strategic investments to become major corporations.

Bhanu’s academic career ranges from Harvard Business School to Boston University, and he started his career upon earning his International Business and Marketing degree at JP Morgan. This was a valuable internship for Bhanu Choudhrie, but it was ended in 2000 when he moved to London from the United States in order to help develop a startup company in the family, C&C Alpha Group. Nearly two decades in the running and C&C Alpha is still going strong as Bhanu Choudhrie leads as the CEO.

C&C Alpha is not the only company that Bhanu Choudhrie has founded in his career, he also founded Alpha Aviation Group in 2006 as a subsidiary to C&C Alpha. As a partner of Prescient Systems & Technologies, Alpha Aviation Group aims to fill pilot roles in the aviation industry through dedicated training at modern facilities. Alpha Aviation, under the direction of Bhanu, has formed a network of partnerships around the world with a number of commercial airlines, including Boeing, Cebu Pacific, Airbus, Jet Airways, VietJet Air, Air Arabia, and more.

As a dedicated achiever and the director of several companies, Bhanu has never been afraid of hard work, but he has also taken the time to surround himself with valuable support systems. Bhanu works closely with his family, and he built relationships with a number of business professionals, which has helped him create strong management teams. A strong management team can take investments further and running longer investments becomes more viable, which has been a common tactic for Bhanu as an investor over the years.

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Ashley Lightspeed: Understanding Nuances in Business

Ashley Lightspeed will likely look at a large corporation like American Express. Why? Well, for one, the company has increased its gross profit on a yearly basis. That is astounding, even when other businesses seem to slow down. She would also be interested in other aspects of the company. Ashley Lightspeed may be interested in how American Express came to be and why it is still around today making acquisitions like the on that is presented below.

One thing that would be interesting to know about American Express is the fact that it was involved in the shipment of goods and financial instruments but it would quickly branch out financial services within about ten years of its starting. Read more about  Ashley Lightspeed at

There are a variety of reasons why this is so. First, the founders were involved in the financial services sectors. They would roll out their service in 1857. Where did they start?

In the money order business of course. Something that Ashley Lightspeed would want to watch out for is the fact that American Express would step into a sector that was already in business by other firms. Did you know that the Post Office would be one of the first one’s to have money orders? American Express stepped in and saw that it could compete on that service as well.

Needless to say, the company would do quite well. People within the firm would also discover that they didn’t like some things taking place within the world. See, one of the partners would see, when abroad, that he wasn’t able to be liquid when he was overseas, it just was impossible to be seen as trustworthy and a man of honor. He knew that he needed to come up with a solution. He wasn’t the only one having these problems. This would lead to an innovation. To learn more about Ashley lightspeed, visit at

Eric Lefkofsky and Medical Care Matters

The widely known Milken Global Conference took place not too long ago at the end of April in 2019. It was on a Monday. There were all sorts of prominent figures in attendance at this major event as well. Eric Lefkofsky is just one significant example. He’s the Chief Executive Officer and faithful Founder of a business that’s referred to as Tempus. Tempus, in brief, is a prestigious technology firm that concentrates on molecular and clinical details of all kinds. The Milken Global Conference revolved around one massive topic. Its guests discussed whether or not the most sizable businesses on the planet had the ability to rescue the medical care scene. Lefkofsky had a lot to say during the event, too. He spoke right next to a woman by the name of Margaret Anderson.

People had many comments during the event. Some people indicated that the medical care system in the United States doesn’t make other nations feel any sort of jealousy. There were individuals who stated that healthcare results in the United States were deteriorating with the passing of time as well. Lefkofsky states that the vast majority of sizable businesses out there are putting a lot of consideration into all kinds of medical care matters. He’s more than aware of the realities of the expenses that are linked to healthcare components in the United States and beyond. Lefkofsky stated that medical care is the international economy’s most substantial component at this moment in time. He suggested that the majority of human beings consider contemporary healthcare practices to be rather unreliable. Lefkofsky is a professional who speaks to people in a manner that expresses eloquence. He contemplates all of the words that come out of his mouth with great care. He likes to speak in a manner that’s measured.

Mark Holyoake Is An Investor And Entrepreneur Who Has A Knack For Rebuilding Companies In The Food Industry

Mark Holyoake has made many successful investments over the course of his life. When the fishing industry in Iceland was falling apart, he saw an investment opportunity that others were not willing to take a chance on. This opportunity was Iceland Seafood International, and over the course of a decade, he helped to build the company up into the success it currently is today. During that time, he was the company’s largest shareholder, and he continued to stay connected with it when it went public during the mid 2010s. He has been able to bring together many different fishing ventures in Iceland to support the success of the nation’s fishing industry, and this has gone a long way towards improving it.

Mark Holyoake has continued to watch the progress of Iceland Seafood International as it becomes more and more successful. In 2018, the company purchased Solo Seafood, which has helped to make it an even stronger venture in Iceland’s competitive seafood industry. The company has many investors, and this is part of what has continued to make it strong. As a foreign investor, Holyoake has managed to succeed where many others have failed. The seafood company is now looking ahead with an optimism it hasn’t had in many years. Holyoake served on the board of Iceland Seafood International for close to 10 years but recently decided to step away from the position.

Mark Holyoake was born in the early 1970s, and he attended the University of Reading. He earned his business degree at the university and went on to become a real estate investor.

He created Oakvest during the mid 2000s, which is a company that focuses on acquiring and developing properties as well as managing various properties. Holyoake has always been gifted with an ability to put together successful teams that can propel a company forward. He recently commented that he has gained enough experience within the seafood production industry to understand what a company in the sector needs to do to succeed. He is excited about future possibilities in the industry and is looking forward to being able to help improve the infrastructure, business strategy, and growth of another private food company.

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The Bright Past, Present, and Future of Mark Holyoake

People like Mark Holyoake have been casting their influence unto the country for many years, and the fact that they have been able to work so consistently over the years to develop the fields that are growing around them is extremely admirable.

Mark Holyoake has always taken to people who clearly have passion for their craft in life, as he believes that these people are the most likely to impact the future of the modern world. It is human culture that seems to inspiring future generations the most, and he has a plan to tap into that energy for business expansion. Of course, this expansion is not for his own benefit. In his eyes, he is merely a vehicle for the positive message Icelandic Seafood International has been trying to spread ever since their founding. Because he considers himself to simply be a conduit for good intentions, he does not worry too much about the possibility of getting caught up in ego. One of the things Mark Holyoake does to ensure that he does not let his ego get the best of him is to limit the amount of money he makes.

While he is aware that many people like to keep their earnings high, he believes that having access to too much money for personal use at a time can be unhealthy for the human mind, and it is often better to limit your spending budget. Because of this, Mark Holyoake is pushing for a culture that is more aware of the resources around them and how best to utilize them. He wants to design a future wherein everyone involved has access to constant improvement within their lives, and if they simply dedicate themselves to the art of their craft, they can be sure to see a future as bright as the one he faces.

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Steve Ritchie Has Become A Big Name In Pizza

Papa John’s is still one of the biggest names in pizza throughout the entire world as the 3rd largest company that delivers the food favorite. While the company may have been going through a rough spot, their new CEO Steve Ritchie has been pulling out all the stops to prove that they are ready to make the changes that are needed to satisfy both their customers and their shareholders. One of the areas that Steve Ritchie has been focusing on since being named CEO early in 2018 is creating a diverse and inclusive environment throughout the entire company and things are looking great.

While there is still a lot of work that Steve Ritchie has to do to help the company meet its goals, he is well on his way to the path of success and it appears that he doesn’t have any plans to slow down. He has been keeping himself busy by visiting different Papa John’s locations in the United States to see how they operate and what the people in the community think about the business. Throughout his years in business, he has learned that knowledge is power and he is going into this monumental task as prepared as possible.

Steve Ritchie is not a new name to Papa John’s as he has been with the company for more than 2 decades since 1996. When he began working with the company, he was working in customer service helping customers place their favorite pizza orders. Quickly, he began developing a love and passion for the brand and worked his way through the ranks in different positions until eventually, he was able to achieve the top spot in the company. He states that the most important ingredient to the pizza and the company is their people and he wants to create a better environment for everyone involved.Read more about Steve Ritchie Papa John’s:

What Is Happening In The Interesting World Of Equities First Holdings In Australia

Equities First Holdings are delighted to report that EFH has initiated into a business transaction with Environmental Clean Technologies Limited. This transaction will supply financing to be utilized in the expansion of extensive projects in India. ECT is listed on the Australian stock exchange. ESI is a Melbourne based organization that concentrates in engineering and managing on a business basis for profit. This Australian cutting edge company focuses on coal treatment of raw materials. This procedure develops physical or chemical characteristics and iron manufactured technologies. The financial backing ECT received from Equities First Holdings will be used to benefit the funding of 30 million dollars. This extraordinary amount will be applicable for investigation and advancement facility in India.

Environmental Clean Technologies is an inventive company with a dependable management alliance ready to go. Together they have organized an excellent laid-out brainstorm for the future breakthrough. Equities First Holdings is honored to be able to contribute the capital needed to assist ECT reach the necessary financial objectives. The plan is to proceed with the work of deciphering the code. This code involves the emerging power and minerals along with a manner of achieving a task applying technical methods.

Environmental Clean Technologies acknowledges that Equities First Holdings is the world’s ruler and having them participating in the funding of the Indian venture is crucial. It is critical to controlling the consequences in being on-track and on-time. The Australian Equities First Holdings group has conveyed themselves in a extremely professional demeanor. As well the associates acted with honesty. They have been a tremendous support in their accomplishments in setting up this contract.

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Oren Frank Explains Why There Is Need for Affordable Mental Healthcare Services

Personality disorders, eating disorders, depression and addition are some of the threatening issues in the modern world. People have too much pressure from life due to lack of jobs, in addition to drugs and peer pressure among others. Therefore, mental health care is becoming a necessity for many. Oren Frank together with his wife Roni founded an online platform where people could access mental healthcare.

Connect with Oren Frank by visiting his linkedin account

The couple was inspired to start the platform after visiting a couple’s therapist. They found the session so amazing and insightful. They then thought of a platform where everyone could access cost-effective therapy services. It is then they decided to come up with a platform where people could access mental health service at a fair price. TalkSpace is an online platform whereby you text and a member from the team responds to you via a text.

TakSpace therapy services can be accessed anywhere, anytime. Therapists are always waiting to help you. You simply explain your issues to them, and they select the best therapist for you. Oren Franks notes that the therapists are highly qualified and licensed by the therapist’s professional body.

Oren Frank slogan is “therapy for all”. After the couple therapy, he discovered that mental health care is a moral right. In a recent study, it was found that 1 out of 5 people in the United Kingdom suffer from mental illness. The study also found that severe mental illness is likely to develop complications such as heart disease, diabetes or any kind of cancer.

According to the world health organization, most people don’t understand the consequences of suffering from mental health. Depression was found to be the leading cause of disability in the world. Oren Frank goal is to offer affordable and convenient mental healthcare services. This means that one can access the service any time of the day from any location. Find out more:

Shervin Pishevar And Economic Education

When Shervin Pishevar engaged in a 21-hour tweetstorm in February 2018, he made a variety of predictions about economic and political things. In the subsequent months, it has become clear that Pishevar makes fairly accurate predictions that bear up under scrutiny. Just for one example, Pishevar predicted that Facebook and Apple would prove to be unwieldy and unable to meet the challenges of the modern economy. Sure enough, both companies have experienced serious financial difficulties in recent months.


Because Shervin Pishevar was a successful venture capitalist and super angel investor, Pishevar has certainly become one of the most talked-about influencers in the financial sphere. In the midst of his tweetstorm, Pishevar made a variety of predictions dealing with some of the most important companies dominating the stock market today. Over the course of 50 tweets, Pishevar attempted to construct a coherent predictive narrative for the next couple of years. Pishevar predicted a financial storm of sorts, a storm that would make the age of cheap money a thing of the past. While Shervin Pishevar predicted some financial difficulties for this nation, he didn’t go so far as to predict a major financial meltdown. In the year since Pishevar’s tweet storm, a lot has happened in both politics and global finance. President Donald Trump continued to prosecute his trade war against China. Despite facing enormous domestic political uncertainty, British prime minister Theresa Mays is continuing the contentious Brexit negotiations. Although Shervin Pishevar never claimed he could predict every aspect of economic development, he certainly seems to have guessed right about some of the most important financial trends of the past year. If Pishevar continues to show such insight in the years ahead, he should be able to lead and remain a key influencer in important social channels.


Even the most accurate predictors of the future are known to make mistakes from time to time. Even financial wizards like Warren Buffett are prone to make errors upon occasion. Nevertheless, experienced finance gurus are typically ready and willing to help people learn about the various trends that affect the stock market in 2019. During this time of relative financial security, quite a few people are using the Internet to educate themselves about economic issues.

Doe Deere; An example of perseverance and success

Russia but she had her eyes set elsewhere. Through music and the media at the time she began to see the United States as a place where she would be able to escape her troubles and have an opportunity to succeed. At 17 she got the chance to move to the United States along with her mother and sister. They landed in New York and with them being immigrants and having a difficult time transferring over her mother’s credentials as an accountant they had no choice but to live off of their savings while her mother would clean other people’s apartments and she walked dogs to help pay their bills, but unfortunately it was not enough.

After some time, the three of them had to go to a homeless shelter because of their financial troubles. They kept working and saving their earnings in order to have enough to move into their own place. They got in contact with a non-profit organization that helped her mom get a job as an accountant, helped her get into FIT a fashion based college in New York because while in the shelter Doe would sketch out ideas of fashion and clothing designs, and the social worker also helped Doe’s sister get a full scholarship to Columbia University in New York City as well.

Xenia Vorotova became Doe Deere in the year 2000 and in 2008 she founded her own make up company called Lime Crime. Through this company Doe Deere helped empower many women and inspired women to express themselves and hold back. She has now been in business for 20 years and her company is doing very well. She makes emphasis on the fact that a woman who was homeless and living in a shelter not giving up on her dream to be successful she was able to make it to where she is now. She is very thankful for the opportunity she had in America to be able to pursuit her dream.

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