Getting to Know Aaron Lupuloff

Aaron Lupuloff is the Executive Director of Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation. What does that mean? Lupuloff is an executive charged with making big management decisions. However, in his role at GCPS, Lupuloff also makes it a point to interact with the public. While his job title is impressive, Aaron Lupuloff is not aloof and impressed with himself. He takes a keen interest in fundraising.

Like all school systems, Gwinnett County’s public schools face funding challenges. GCPS has a very diverse student population. This is a huge strength. It’s one of the reasons GCPS is such a high achieving system. GCPS students excel in the classroom, the lab and on the sports fields. The diversity within the GCPS system includes economic diversity. Students at GCPS come from upper, middle and working class families. Some of their families have been in Gwinnett County for generations. Some are newcomers to the USA.

GCPS owes it to make school the best possible experience for the most students possible. That’s one reason executives like Aaron Lupuloff know fundraising is important. If they’re going to provide the best for all students, executives must not be afraid to ask the community for assistance. School fundraising is not so much a charity endeavor as an investment in the future. The GCPS students benefitting from donations today are the nurses, lawyers and educators of tomorrow.

Aaron Lupuloff is one of the figures who’s helped raise over $450,000 from the county for the public school system. After a long career in management for companies like Bear Stearns/JP Morgan, Lupuloff has made it a point to give back. Along with his wife, Jan, he sits on a number of boards of directors. In addition to their work with GCPS, the Lupuloffs are heavily involved in the University of Georgia system.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick Law Firm Philanthropic Activities

The corporate world is always encouraged to take part in activities of giving back to the community. Kisling, Nestico & Redick, a law firm based in Ohio is a perfect example of firms that offer help to their neighboring community. The firm works tirelessly to provide legal services to those who have suffered or have been impacted by personal injury accidents. The law firm has vast experience in providing exceptional legal services to Ohio residents. The firm has experienced tremendous growth due to its strong desire to serve its clients with humility, respect, and dignity.

Prior to providing quality legal services, the firm also offers philanthropic efforts to the neighboring communities. Recently the firm managing director, Rob Nestico steered a donation of food to Greenbriar middle school. According to the attorney, the food will go a long way in helping kids during the spring break. Kids who came from underprivileged families will, therefore, have adequate food.

The law firm donated ready and preserved food. The donations included cheese, bread, fruits, peanut and 60 grocery bags filled with macaroni. To ensure that they offer their donations to the most deserving kids, they contacted the school district director to direct them to the most deserving school.

Just a few weeks after donating to kids of Greenbriar school, Kisling, Nestico & Redick law firm took another mighty step of serving the community children in need of help. The firm did this through its KNR cares about helping kids in need campaign. They planned fun activities for the kids by organizing a team to take part in the portage lakes polar bear jump.

This event started way back in 2014. The event kicked off with 70 participants who were brave enough to take a plunge in icy waters. This event supports charitable activities such as supporting foodbank. The main aim of the event is to raise money for the food bank and solve hunger problems in Ohio.

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Keith Mann’s Philanthropic Undertakings to Help the New Generation Leaders

Keith Mann, who is the proprietor of the Dynamic Search Partners, recently announced that he would be launching the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievements. This bursary will be an award that is dedicated to helping future generation leaders. Mr. Keith Mann and his wife Keely collaborated with the Uncommon Schools, which are headquartered in New York City, to ensure that the scholarship is successfully implemented. One student from the Brookline-based Uncommon Schools’ high schools will benefit from the bursary every year. Uncommon Schools is the founder and controller of various highly ranked chartered government schools that assist students from humble backgrounds in attending and graduating from college. The institution has about 44 charter schools under its management, and its services help close to 14000 students in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts.

Individuals who would like to benefit from the scholarship should write a 1000-word essay that explains how acquiring a college degree will facilitate their career objectives. Students from poor backgrounds will take advantage of the bursary by attending college. Senior students who will be graduating from the Brooklyn-based Uncommon Schools are allowed to apply for the scholarship. The winner of the award is given 5000 dollars to be used as tuition fees.

Keith Mann is a thriving entrepreneur and a renowned philanthropist. He has been active in the executive search sector for about fifteen years and is committed to acknowledging the potential leaders of the next generation by empowering them to join organizations that can support their success. Mr. Mann has ample knowledge in reimbursement of hedge funds, contracting, and staffing strategies. He noted an unutilized gap in the fast-rising hedge fund market and in 2002, he founded the Alternative Investment Practice in Dynamics Executive Search.

In 2006, Keith joined the private equity sector. He then established the Search Partners (DSP) in 2009, and it is currently one of the top executive search companies. The operations of DSP majorly focus on alternative investment companies. Mr. Mann currently serves as the firm’s CEO, and he controls all its undertakings. DSP seals more than 200 orders from its customers each year, and it works with various businesses in the alternative investment sector in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

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